Samsung S821 Replacement Drum Bearing Video

1) Table of Contents

1. Specifications

1-1. Precautionary measures

1. Do not allow the customer to repair the product themselves.

This can cause personal injury or product damage when serviced by unqualified personnel.

2. Turn off the power for the device before servicing.

Keep in mind the possibility of electric shock.

3. Do not use tees or extension cords.

The power outlet may be overloaded, which may cause overheating.

4. Check for damage to the plug or outlet.

Replace them immediately if there is damage. (This may result in electric shock or fire)

5. Verify that the product is properly grounded.

Lack of grounding can cause electric shock.

6. Do not use water and products based on it to clean the internal elements of the product.

This may cause electric shock / fire or shorten the life of the product.

7. Wiring harnesses must be dry and properly connected during repair.

It is necessary to exclude any external influence.

8. Remove dust and dirt in the product, especially from electrical components and connections during servicing.

Protection against the possibility of fire due to breakdown, etc.

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9. Check for water marks on electrical parts, connections, etc.

Replace parts and / or wipe dry water.

10. Checking the correct assembly after maintenance.

Verify that the product was assembled in the same condition as before service.

11. Do not pull on the power cord; unplug it only by holding the plug.

Beware of electric shock or fire if the power cord is damaged.

12. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet if the washing machine is not in use.

Beware of electric shock or fire during a thunderstorm.

13. Do not use or place flammable materials (including gasoline, alcohol, solvents, etc.) near the washing machine.

Flammable materials can cause an explosion or fire from a spark.

14. Do not place containers of water or wet laundry on the washing machine.

This may result in electric shock or fire, or shorten the life of the product if water enters the washing machine.

15. Do not install the washing machine in a place where it may be exposed to snow or rain, etc.

This may result in electric shock or fire and shorten the life of the product.

16. Do not press the control buttons with sharp objects such as pins, needles, etc.

This may result in electric shock or other problems.

17. Check that the washing machine is aligned horizontally on a hard floor and installed correctly.

Vibration can shorten the life of the product.

18. Always use wire connectors.

If the wires are connected without connectors, this can lead to short circuits.

19. When servicing and opening the washing machine, put the notebook on the floor and tilt it slowly to its side.

If the washing machine is placed on the front panel, internal components may be damaged.

2. Safety devices

  • We use 5 devices for the safety of users, so that the operation of the washing machine is safe.
1) Balancing device (control module)
  • With an uneven layout of the laundry, to prevent noise and vibration, the imbalance detection sensor helps to evenly spread out the laundry and continue the spinning process.
2) Overfill protection device
  • The device is activated as soon as the water level exceeds 2/3 of the door level, the supplied water starts to drain automatically, an overflow error message is displayed on the panel.
3) Temperature control devices (thermistor)
  • To prevent exceeding the set temperature, the TERMISTOR constantly measures the temperature of the water in the machine and ensures the operation of the machine at a temperature set by the user.

Video: Samsung S821 Replacement Drum Bearing Video

4) Overheat protection
  • If the THERMISTOR is malfunctioning or malfunctioning, if the TEN is overheating, the built-in protective thermal fuse automatically cuts off the power, ensuring safe operation.
5) The function of protecting clothes from delicate fabrics (control module)
  • To protect clothes from delicate fabrics, the machine controls the temperature of the water entering the tank. If the temperature is above 50 ° C for the “Wool” and “Delicate wash” cycles, the machine will drain the water and an error message will be displayed on the panel.

3. Location of components of the washing machine

Samsung S821 Replacement Drum Bearing Video

Fig. 1 Location of washing machine components

Samsung S821 Replacement Drum Bearing Video

Fig. 2 Location of washing machine components

4. The control panel

Samsung S821 Replacement Drum Bearing Video

Fig. 3 Control Panel

  1. Detergent dispenser tray
  2. Indicator panel
    Displays wash progress and error messages on LED lamps.
  3. Program button
    Press the button to select one of the six available wash programs.
  4. Temperature button
    Press the button several times to switch the available water temperature options
    (cold, 40 ° C, 60 ° C and Bio 60 ° C).
    Bio 60 ° C: To increase the washing efficiency, heat for 30 minutes.
  5. Spin speed selection button
    Press the button several times to toggle the available spin speed options.
  6. Start / Pause
    Click to pause and restart the program.
  7. (On / Off) button (On / Off)
    Press once to turn on the washing machine, press again to turn off the washing machine.
    If the washing machine stays on for more than 10 minutes without any button operation, the power automatically turns off.

5. Main functions

1) Auto power off function
  • After turning on, the auto-off function will automatically turn off the power if you do not press the function select button within 10 minutes
  • After selecting the function, auto power off will automatically turn off the power if you do not press the Start / Pause button for 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes after the end of the last function, auto power off will automatically turn off the power if you do not press the function selection and start button again.
2) Door open control function

If the door is opened during operation, all operations are paused and an error message will be displayed on the open door and an error sound will sound.

A door open error can be fixed by closing the door. Machine operation will continue from the interrupted place.

3) Non-spin function
  • If this function is selected, operation will be completed after the last rinse.
4) Power outage compensation function
  • If a power failure occurs during operation, the operation information will be stored in the machine’s memory (EEPROM), as soon as the power is restored, operation will continue.
  • When the power is restored, the washing machine will start working from the interrupted place, for rinsing / draining the process will start again.

Fig. 4 Power Outage Compensation Function

5) Function of checking the operation of the water heater (TEN)
  1. This function starts when the heater does not work correctly (the function starts checking the heater 1 minute after the heater starts working)
  2. The initial value (A1) of the thermistor compared to the value (A2) of the thermistor after 2 minutes (Y = A2-A1)
    – If after 10 minutes the temperature difference (Y) is less than 2 ° C, the LEDs “”40 ° C / Bio60 ° C“.
  3. The initial value (A1) of the thermistor compared to the value (A2) of the thermistor in 2 minutes (Y = A2-A1). If after 2 minutes the temperature difference (Y) increases by more than 4.5 ° C (0.2148V), the LEDs “”cold / Bio60 ° С“.
  4. In this case, with the error “40 ° C / Bio60 ° C“(Heater does not work) and”cold / Bio60 ° С»(Overheating) messages are indicated on the display, and all work processes are stopped.
  5. The action of the heater continues for the time provided by the program, if the heating is canceled, the rest of the washing continues to go without heating.
6) Fuzzy washing functions (determination of the amount of linen)
  • After the initial stage of the gulf of water ends, the linen absorbs part of the water, the water level drops, there is a need for additional topping up to stabilize the level.

The processor determines the amount of loaded laundry by the number of additional toppings of water and, after stabilizing the water level, starts washing. In the “Cotton” modes, if additional water topping up occurs more than 3-4 times, the processor sets the default condition “high water level”, if water has been added 1-2 times, the average level is set if 0. low water level. The heating time and rinsing time depend on the above data.

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