Muzzles For Dogs

Muzzles For Dogs

No matter how much we love our pets, sometimes we have to resort to restriction of their freedom. It’s about using a leash and a muzzle. A muzzle is worn to reduce the danger from your dog to those around you. Unfortunately, we do not fully know what our pets have in mind. In addition, there is a law on muzzles for dogs in public places.

How to pick a muzzle?

Each dog is individual. In addition to the characteristics of the breed, they are distinguished by their temper and character. Therefore, the muzzle for your four-legged friend should be chosen correctly and correspond to the peculiarities of the dog. For example, the muzzle for the shepherd dog will have an elongated shape, repeating the outlines of the head, and the muzzle for the bulldog will be square. How to choose a muzzle, you can learn by reading this article.

Muzzles for dogs are divided into reticular and deaf. Deaf persons absolutely exclude the possibility of being bitten. But they are not recommended to wear in extreme heat, as they prevent the dog from cooling the body through the oral cavity. Deaf muzzles are worn on evil dogs or if they are in crowded places.

By type of material muzzles are leather or synthetic, plastic, metal.

Leather muzzles are a versatile option. Such a muzzle will not cause allergies, will not rub the face, will not freeze in the cold, and in the heat will not overheat like metal. In addition to all the leather muzzle is pretty light.

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A metal muzzle of all kinds provides the best air exchange, and its degree of protection is not reduced. In such a muzzle a dog can even drink. The downside is that in the cold or heat this type of muzzle can bring a dog inconvenience. To avoid this, it must have a special lining so that the metal parts do not come into contact with the dog’s muzzle. It is not recommended to wear such a muzzle when training for protection, the dog may injure the face on metal rods.

Plastic muzzles use a short time during hygienic procedures (claw trimming, bathing) or being at the veterinarian. They are lightweight, inexpensive, the dog breathes freely and easily in them. Plastic is easy to clean and dries quickly.

There is another type of muzzles – this training muzzle, consisting of leather and steel plates. This design protects the dog’s face from shock during exercise.

Muzzles For Dogs

Muzzle do it yourself

How to teach a dog to a muzzle?

If your dog first saw the muzzle, the main thing is that it does not immediately perceive it negatively. Therefore, to force the animal is not necessary. Put a piece of treat in the muzzle, let the dog try to get it. With a positive result – praise. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times daily during the week. Then you can try to fasten a muzzle on your head. Never take it off until the dog calms down. First, put on the muzzle for a short time, and then increase the duration until the dog becomes completely addicted to wearing the muzzle.

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