You Should Know What To Do If The Dog Has Eaten Chicken Bone.

Most dog breeders believe that a pet can and should be provided with bones as often as possible. Few people understand which of them can be entered in the diet, and in what form.

After all, in fact, even an ordinary bone can cause an animal to feel unwell and even die. Have you got a dog? Then remember: in no case, never under any circumstances feed her tubular chicken bones.


There are cases that the owner lost the animal from the view, did not keep track of it, it climbed into the trash can and ate bones. Also, good guests can treat a pet off the table, without thinking about the consequences. How to understand that the animal ate bones? You can determine this by its state:

  • Lack of appetite;
  • Lethargic condition;
  • Discomfort, anxiety;
  • Pitiful whining;
  • Cough;
  • Profuse salivation;
  • Vomiting;
  • Constipation;
  • Blood in feces;
  • Bleeding.

Complications can be of varying severity. But in any case, the dog should be shown to the doctor.

The consequences of the state of the animal from the eaten bones:

  • Animal can traumatize the throat. And not just to scratch the mucous, but to pierce it with a sharp bone. If this happened in the area of ​​the vocal cords, where there are many vessels, then bleeding may begin.
  • Pet can swallow a bone damage the trachea. It is very dangerous. If the veterinary clinic is far away from you, then you will not have time to save him. He will die from bleeding, or choke with blood.
  • Suffocation. The bone gets stuck in the teeth, and the dog can choke on its own saliva. Need urgent and timely assistance.
  • By swallowing bones she stuck in the stomach. For this reason, the dog begins to vomit. There is a threat of death from dehydration. Since along with vomiting, the bone does not leave the body. This problem is solved only operable way.
  • The accumulation of bones. In this case, the small bones clog the stomach and do not move further along the esophagus. The metabolism of the dog is disturbed over time. The animal may die from either bleeding or obstruction.
  • Perforation of the small intestine. This also leads, like most of the cases described, to bleeding. The animal urgently needs surgery and long-term recovery after it.
  • Closure of the colon. The bones, which are practically digested, create a plug in the intestine. The animal has difficulty emptying and begins to suffer from constipation. When you have a bowel movement, it is in pain and, along with the feces, a little blood can flow out.
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What if choked?

You Should Know What To Do If The Dog Has Eaten Chicken Bone.

The first thing to do is calm yourself and not panic. Look around the animal calmly and see how big the problem is. If you see that your dog has turned blue, and she has difficulty breathing, then specialist help is urgently needed.

Attention! Nothing to pour into the throat of the animal can not be, it can be broken reflex swallowing, and it just chokes.

If it is impossible for a specialist to address, then proceed to help yourself. Please note that actions with large and small breeds of dogs differ from each other.

Puppies and small breeds

Algorithm action to help small breeds:

  1. Sit the animal on your lap.
  2. Press to your chest.
  3. Place the fist of one hand in the place where the chest area passes into the stomach.
  4. Hold your head with your left hand.
  5. Squeeze the animal, translating the push up.


Algorithm of action to help large breeds:

  1. Stand behind the dog.
  2. Wrap her arms under the rib cage.
  3. Place the fist of the right hand under the sternum.
  4. With your left hand, wrap your torso and grip the elbow of your right hand.
  5. Start squeezing.

Usually it lasts about 4-6 times, and the dog is released from the bone. But if this does not happen, then immediately call a specialist.

If you see that the bone is at the very beginning of the esophagus, then you can remove it manually. To do this, open the dog’s mouth and press the tongue well with a spoon. Using tweezers, gently pull out the bone. The main thing is not to push it further.

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If you manage to remove it, watch the animals. In case of blood in the saliva, promptly deliver the pet to the vet.

Swallowed without choking

In this case, you must prevent the moment when the bone can cut the walls of the stomach. We need to act immediately, without delay. No need to wait for the dog to go to the toilet to check her stool. You must be proactive.

Experienced dog breeders recommend immediately giving the dog a piece of wax candle. The size should be one that the dog easily swallows. You can give up to three times a day. The wax quickly begins to melt in the body and envelops the walls of the esophagus, the bone itself.

Then you just have to monitor its condition. In case of deterioration, seek medical attention immediately. There are some points that can not be exactly done:

  1. Do not induce vomiting in dogs. Otherwise, cramps can only make it worse. Stone will scratch the stomach wall.
  2. Give up the idea of ​​a laxative for the same reason.

How to prevent?

Only the owner of the animal can take all those actions that will help prevent the dog from eating the bones:

  • Keep a bag of garbage from which the dog can steal the desired delicacy, out of reach;
  • Keep the animal away from garbage cans, near which residents could leave food for stray animals;
  • Warn guests not to throw bones off the table to your pet;
  • Teach children not to feed the dog chicken bones.
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The most important thing is the proper upbringing of the pet. A well-educated dog will not climb through landfills in search of food, will not take food from others.


How the dog reacts to the eaten bones depends only on its characteristics. Of great importance is how much she ate, size, their shape.

One dog can react completely calmly, easily digest them and have no consequences. The other will quickly feel bad, vomiting may begin, and the condition will deteriorate sharply.

Adhere to proper nutrition of the dog, do not allow yourself and others to pamper her in order to avoid negative consequences. But always be fully armed to provide timely assistance to your pet in time.

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