Xiaomi Redmi Note Power Button

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi offers its customers two main lines of gadgets:

  • Mi (including MiPad, Mi Note, etc.). These are top-end modern devices in various sizes;
  • Redmi (this includes many models from Redmi 1s to Redmi 4 X).

All of them are characterized by ample opportunities at an affordable price that goes well with performance.

Despite the fact that the Redmi series combines budget smartphones, the company pays a lot of attention to the build quality and operation of its devices. Therefore, even for little money, anyone can get a really high-quality gadget.

But, as always, among any serial models there are devices with a factory defect, or a breakdown can happen during operation (after all, no one is safe from this).

So, some users on the network complain that after some time of use a very unpleasant bug appears. the power button does not work on the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone.

It should be separately noted that the main elements of interaction with the device are touch (these are the buttons “back”, “home” and “menu”), and the hardware ones are volume control and turning on the smartphone (screen lock).

The exception is only one model. Xiaomi Redmi Pro (it is equipped with a hardware Home button, combined with a fingerprint scanner).

Complaints happen to both those and those, but in the case of the latter (hardware) much more often due to their obvious vulnerability (any mobile connections are at great risk of moisture, mechanical failure, etc.).

In addition, the touch buttons can be quickly replaced with alternative “soft” (soft) keys. For example, using the Button Savior application or similar.

The lower part of the screen will be used as an alternative to the buttons on the touch panel (completely duplicate the location and functionality).

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Therefore, we dwell in more detail on hardware buttons in Xiaomi smartphones Redmi series.

Reasons for failure are standard as always:

  • Premature wear,
  • Mechanical damage,
  • Moisture or dust
  • Poor loop contact (this also includes oxidation and poor-quality soldering).

No software bugs were noticed.

How to fix broken buttons on a Xiaomi Redmi smartphone

Video: Xiaomi Redmi Note Power Button

The easiest and fastest way to repair is to replace the cable with the buttons, but it requires a spare module.

The cheapest, but time-consuming. disassembly with cleaning contacts and checking the chains for soldering quality.

While comprehensive cleaning is available for the most part to employees of service centers and private workshops (due to the availability of the required tools and devices), the first procedure (with a simple replacement of the assembly) is quite possible for do-it-yourself implementation.

  • Flex cable for Xiaomi Redmi buttons (depends on the device model, the cost ranges from 200-400 rubles.),
  • A set of screwdrivers for working with small screws,
  • Tweezers,
  • Plastic shovel (pick),
  • Suction cup (not for all smartphone models).

The sequence of actions on the example of Xiaomi Redmi 3:

  1. The device turns off, the SIM card is removed from the slot along with the tray.
  2. With a spatula, a cover is pushed around the entire perimeter and removed from the body.
  3. The protective indicator is removed (concurrently it is an indicator of moisture; when exposed to water, it turns pink).
  4. In the upper left corner (from the side of the buttons), the retaining screws are untwisted and the protective cover combined with the antenna is removed.
  5. Access to the block of keys opens. The loop is disconnected and the button block is removed.
  6. Replaced by a new / working one.
  7. Assemble in the reverse order.

Xiaomi Redmi Note Power Button

On other models, the disassembly process may vary, for example, on Xiaomi Redmi 4X you may need a suction cup, and the case and display additionally hold 2 screws. Xiaomi Redmi 3S has a loop antenna from the cover to the body, etc.

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Other nuances

Inoperative buttons can be associated with water entering the case. In this case, deeper disassembly and comprehensive cleaning of the device using cleaning agents (solvents, alcohol, etc.) are necessary.

In some cases, the idle buttons do not allow you to restart the smartphone, which can be done by directly disabling the loop of the battery controller.

After returning it to its place, the phone can be turned on already from the buttons (in some cases, this procedure can even “revive” the key block without any other actions).

We clean the contacts and put the board in place

Even after installing obviously working buttons, the phone may refuse to turn on. This can happen, for example, because the battery was completely discharged and the internal protection of the controller worked.

You can access the battery directly (bypassing the controller). After restoring the charge level to the required, the power on function from the button may become available again.

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