Xiaomi Redmi Laptop 5 Computer Connection

How to connect Xiaomi to a computer? It would seem that it could be simpler. took a USB cable and connected the PC to the smartphone. Typically, in such cases, Android devices are detected and connected automatically, but what if this does not happen? There are several ways:

Method # 1

When connecting a computer to a smartphone, a notification about the connection will appear on the latter, which disappears after a few seconds. If you do not have time. open the curtain and press.

Xiaomi Redmi Laptop 5 Computer Connection

A new window “Using USB” will open and here you need to select the file transfer mode.

Xiaomi Redmi Laptop 5 Computer Connection

If this does not help, read on.

Method # 2

You need to go into the phone settings, then additionally > for developers > USB debugging. enable. This may help, but there are times when the “for developers” item is missing. Often this happens due to the operation of the antivirus program.

In this case, resetting to factory settings will help you. First, do not forget to save your data to the media, as it will be deleted.

Method number 3

Another option is to go to the Start menu on the PC > Devices and printers and select the model of your smartphone there (if it appeared), for example, Xiaomi Redmi 3. Point the cursor at it and right-click (RMB) > troubleshooting > update driver.

Next, go to My computer and there should appear an icon with access to the phone’s memory.

Method number 4

For this method, we need the Android terminal emulator program. It can be downloaded from the play market. After that, we connect the smartphone to the PC and there are 2 options:

If you want to connect your phone as a media device (MTP):

  1. Open the terminal and write su, then click confirm.
  2. We write setprop persist.sys.usb.config mtp, adb and press enter.
  3. Now we write reboot, press enter and restart will start,

To connect in USB mode:

At the second point we introduce setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage, adb

This method has helped many owners of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Redmi 2, Redmi 3 pro, Mi Max, Redmi 3s phones, so try, maybe this will solve your problem.

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Doesn’t help at all. Redmi 4A 32GB

I am shocked by this Chinese craft! The native MiPCSuite does not work on redmi note 4! But third-party software determines the phone, etc.

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a similar situation, neither with the native cord, nor through the developer,

Video: Xiaomi Redmi Laptop 5 Computer Connection

Method 4 did not help on Redmi Note 4X. the terminal emulator does not execute the listed commands.
Option 3 too. troubleshooting does not offer to update the driver. it checks itself and writes that no problems were found.

The first 2 options, respectively, do not fit by definition, otherwise I would not be looking for an answer to this question.
The question is, how to change Avast antivirus so that the menu item For developers appears? And then I don’t want to leave for factory settings.

The same situation, besides how do I get the information that I need from the phone and at the same time I can not connect to any PC?

Here in another place I found how to enable the mode for developers. There is nothing to do with the antivirus.

NOT working, resets

SUPER! The first method helped. And in the instruction on 34 pages there was no place for three lines! Using another link on the Web, at first I read a long and tedious instruction with suggestions such as reinstalling firewood or even (!) Return to the factory settings. Thank you so much,
In whose name should I send the check? &# 128578;

quite simple thanks)

SU team fails.

Thanks a lot! The first way worked!

You can also use software like MyPhoneExplorer and connect via WiFi

Thanks. Only your way helped me.

Xiaomi RedMi 5 helped with the first tip. thanks

And with Windows XP, which of these methods works?

Via wifi.
We call Explorer, call up the Menu at the top left (three horizontal lines) and select FTP in the menu. We see the server address, write on a piece of paper. Now on the desktop, we type this address and find ourselves directly in Xiaomi Explorer. This is if the router is turned on, Wi-Fi is present, the smartphone is turned on and transferred to FTP mode.

Thanks. It helped on Mi8, 128 gb.

On MI5, method number 4 helped.
Thanks to the author.

Yoshkin cat. Where have you been before. The computer saw all the phones and xiaomi completely ignored it. I broke my whole head.

Thanks. I connected the phone in the first way, but the computer does not see the SD card in which the photo is. What to do?

Thanks! It helped me on redmi note 3.

Redmi 5a does not connect to the laptop with win 8.1. Nothing from the instructions helped. Developer mode, USB debugging, MTP.

I have the same problem on MI 6, and the battery stopped charging quickly ((and everything after upgrading to MIUI 10

How to transfer photos from Redmi 6A to PC.

After connecting to a PC, go to My computer. find your smartphone there and look for the DCIM folder

Thanks, Method 1 helped

Friends, I took the cord from my old phone, microusb, and it worked! A window appeared on the phone where you can select file transfer! I used an adapter from tipe-c to microusb for the cord! It didn’t work out differently! In general, change the cord

I have two Redmi 4a and 3 smartphones. After updating the latest version of Win10 64 (version 1809), the Redmi 3 on the computer is no longer detected in the system, and charging is in progress, it is visible through MyPhone and the conductor does not see it, and of course it is impossible to use it through the computer to implement a number of programs, let’s say as an external modem, which is very important for me. I installed the latest drivers, but things are still there. Redmi 4 has no such problems. Can someone tell me what to do.

In addition, I will say the following. I do not recommend updating Redmi 4a to versions Global 10.2 and 10.1 there are jambs in a number of modes, including the disabled screen lock mode. For example, it is impossible to activate a SIM card (more precisely, it can be, but very difficult), and answer an incoming call.

The same trouble after the update. Mi max 2 on the PC is determined, but the contents can not be seen.

Solved the problem. In the section for developers there is a subsection “USB configuration”. I entered it and switched between different points of this subsection. As a result, he went to the MTR, as it was. The problem has disappeared!))

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