Xiaomi Redmi 4x Heats Up When Charging

Many owners of Xiaomi smartphones at least once wondered why the phone is warming up and what the consequences may be due to this heating. Most often, such experiences have no serious reason. during operation and during charging, the temperature of individual parts of any equipment rises, from the computer to the refrigerator.

However, sometimes the hot Xiaomi case is a sign of a serious and requiring an immediate solution to the problem.

Danger of overheating

Mobile device manufacturers, including Xiaomi Corporation, allow their products to heat up during use. Almost always, the phone heats up during charging, using wireless networks or launching resource-demanding applications (primarily games). Although, if the situation becomes critical, pay special attention to the problem, since its consequences can be quite serious.

An overheating device can fail at any time. An even more dangerous situation is when the battery is overheated and swollen. sometimes this even leads to an explosion. And, even if the battery remains intact, the phone heats up and because of this it quickly discharges. after a year the gadget’s autonomy decreases by 1.5-2 times.

Causes of Overheating

Among the main reasons that Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x and any other model of the brand are basking are most often called:

Xiaomi Redmi 4x Heats Up When Charging
  • problems with the operating system;
  • improper user settings for the display;
  • increased load on the central processor;
  • wireless communication (2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth);
  • problems with charging, due to which the battery and case are heated;
  • the influence of viruses;
  • use of the wrong case;
  • long telephone conversations.

The cause of overheating can be any of these problems. regardless of make and model. Owners of the phone Samsung, HTC or Meizu also encounter them. Often, a gadget is affected by several factors. To determine the cause and get rid of it, the user will have to pay attention to the features of heating. in which situations and in what parts of the smartphone the temperature rises.

Operating system issues

An increase in temperature may also be evidence of problems in the operation of the operating system. On Android models, this problem is more common compared to iOS smartphones. It is believed that the Google platform is less optimized than Apple software, and over time it accumulates residual files that slow down the system.

To fix the problem, you should try updating the system to the most current version. With the removal of unnecessary data from memory and from the drive, utilities such as CCleaner will help. If all else fails, it is recommended that you perform a system reset, returning it to “factory settings.”

Screen options

The reasons why the smartphone is warming up include improperly adjusted screen brightness. An image that is too bright is more noticeable in sunlight, however, it consumes battery power faster and increases the temperature of the hardware. This is especially noticeable on phones with a large screen. such as the Note 4 phablet.

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The problem is solved by setting the automatic brightness adjustment. If such characteristics do not suit the owner of the phone, you can change them manually when watching a video or turning on the game. Having finished viewing or playing, the brightness is returned back to a low level.

High CPU utilization

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The use of modern software solutions in games leads to an increase in the load on the hardware. Because of this, the processor will heat up for several minutes after the start of the game. The phone warms up even more if the requirements of the game are too high for its characteristics. for example, on older Redmi models it will no longer be possible to run either a modern 3D shooter or an online simulator on normal settings.

On an overheated smartphone, the battery runs out quickly and applications open more slowly, it slows down, which makes it harder to work and play. The problem is solved by setting a lower resolution and frame rate. Because of this, playing is not so comfortable, but the temperature drops. It is worth taking breaks between work and, especially, games.

Wireless networks

Phones often heat up when you turn on the Internet, and when using Bluetooth. Heating is noticeable even if wireless networks are not used. Affects the temperature of the hardware and the working GPS module, and mobile communications 3G or 4G.

Disabling all devices that are not currently in use will help to cope with the problem. It is not recommended that you constantly keep Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or data transfer over a mobile network turned on.

Improper charging

All phones warm up when charging, but some have a higher temperature. Sometimes this is due to the use of an improper charger, in some cases, a short circuit in the power controller and a faulty battery. The problem is solved by replacing the battery and using branded chargers.

The battery often heats up when charging the phone if a video or game is running on it. Therefore, neither playing, nor launching multimedia files, nor doing Internet surfing at this time is recommended. This leads to tangible heating, and to reduce battery life.

Viruses and mining

If the phone warms up in standby mode even without connecting to a charger, the cause may be a virus infection. A malicious code, whose task is usually to steal and transmit confidential information to third parties, constantly uses the resources of the gadget and causes it to overheat. The problem is solved by installing a fairly effective antivirus (even free versions of well-known programs will do) and scanning the operating system.

The main reasons for heating the phone include attempts to use the gadget for mining. In the process of mining cryptocurrencies, the temperature of the processor and battery rises significantly, and the result may be their premature failure. Therefore, mining on phones is not worth it, especially since the payback of mining is almost zero. With the existing difficulty in obtaining and virtual currency rates, even the modern flagship will not work more than 3-5 per month.

Unsuitable covers

To protect your smartphone from scratches when falling or in contact with hard and sharp objects, it is advisable to wear a special cover on it. However, this accessory should not only prevent mechanical damage, but also not interfere with cooling. So, when using leather cases that have good decorative and protective characteristics, the gadget heats up too quickly and does not have time to cool.

Xiaomi Redmi 4x Heats Up When Charging

The best options are “bumpers” that leave the top part open and protect the smartphone only on the sides and bottom. Cooling when using such an accessory is more efficient. However, do not forget that because of this, the protection of the phone is noticeably reduced.

Talking heat

Sometimes users pay attention to the phone case that has warmed up during a conversation. The cause of the temperature increase can be one and a half to two hours of almost continuous communication. Long-term use causes the phone’s battery to heat up. this is considered a normal situation and does not require special measures. In most cases, the case cools quickly after a call is completed.

The problem can be called constantly elevated temperature. even if communication has long been completed. A careful inspection of the case and the battery will help determine the cause, which they pull out and inspect for the presence of blisters and signs of corrosion. Owners of Xiaomi Redmi 4x and other models with a non-removable battery may need to contact the service.

Temperature control and cooling of an overheated smartphone

When deciding what to do if the smartphone is warming up, it is worth using the help of special utilities. for example, the CPU-Z application. By running it, you can find out the temperature of the processor and compare it with a normal value. If the indicator does not exceed 50 degrees, there is nothing to worry about, in other cases it is recommended to turn on flight mode and close all running programs. or turn off the phone for 15-30 minutes. It helps to solve the problem by cleaning the system from unnecessary files and periodically checking the system with antivirus.

After all measures have been taken, the temperature should drop. However, if Xiaomi is very hot, regardless of the user’s actions, it is worth contacting the service. After solving the problem by qualified specialists, using a smartphone will become both more convenient and safer.

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