Xiaomi Redmi 3s Can’t See Sd Card

Most modern smartphones have a memory card slot. Xiaomi is no exception. The presence of this function allows you to save important information on the device (music, photos, documents, notes), expand its capabilities, functionality, and also use the mobile device as an external drive. When Xiaomi does not see the memory card, owners encounter some difficulties, especially if the phone was a way to store data for study or work.

What you need to do first

If you decide to immediately format the card or carry the gadget for repair, do not rush to do it. To get started, insert the SD into another device (tablet or computer) and check its operation. These simple steps will help you understand if the problem is in the phone or in the removable drive. Only then can you choose a solution.

If possible, test another memory card with your smartphone, it is possible that both devices are functioning properly.

What could be the cause of the breakdown

Sometimes the violation can be directly in the smartphone. To restore the functionality of the flash drive, copy the information to a computer or other device, follow these steps (as appropriate):

  1. Smartphone software crashes. Remove and insert the flash drive back, reload the gadget. The system will recover.
  2. Xiaomi does not support working with SD from some manufacturers or, due to its limited capabilities, cannot work with large-capacity drives. Learn the technical parameters of the gadget, perhaps it is not possible for a card with a memory capacity of more than 8 GB, but you offer it 32 GB. It is worth noting that sometimes proper operation is not possible due to the type of file system.
  3. Broken contacts in the slot. When Xiaomi does not see the cumulative sd card for this reason, remove the card and insert it back. If the problem recurs repeatedly, it is worth taking the gadget to repair. Correcting a breakdown takes several minutes and is relatively inexpensive.

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How to restore functionality

When the sd card fails, the following reasons can be noted:

  1. Flash memory is full. Remove it from the phone and open it on the computer, deleting the extra files or saving them on the computer. Having freed up space on the drive, you will restore the functionality of the device;
  2. Virus infection or incorrect file system format. It is necessary to carry out formatting on the phone or computer. With this method of solving the problem, the data on the device will be lost.

To format using a smartphone, follow the following algorithm:

  • go to the Menu and select the “Memory” section;
  • select the function “Remove memory card” or “Clear memory card” and wait until the process starts;
  • after formatting is completed, the “Connect SD card” function will appear.

Xiaomi Redmi 3s Can't See Sd Card

Depending on the Xiaomi model, the name or order of functions may change.

To format using a computer, you should adhere to the following algorithm:

  • connect the card to the computer using a card reader;
  • on the computer, open the “My Computer” section (the icon is on the Start menu or on the desktop), select SD, which is usually displayed as a flash drive (or removable disk);
  • by right-clicking on the USB flash drive, a menu appears where you need to select the “Format” function;
  • press the start button and wait until the formatting is completed;
  • ready, the memory card should restore its functionality.

Xiaomi Redmi 3s Can't See Sd Card

A smartphone may not see SD for various reasons, and this is not always a serious problem. However, if no methods help you, perhaps the best solution would be to contact a qualified repair technician. Do not disassemble the gadget yourself and try to repair it.

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