Xiaomi Mi4 Router Setup

Wi-Fi Signal Amplifiers

Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier: Features

Amplifier Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier helps to increase the strength and coverage area of ​​the Wi-Fi zone. The Internet will be available in any part of the house, apartment or household territory.

Advantages of Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier for connecting to a router:

  • Wi-Fi signal covers the living area and balcony;
  • easy connection and setup;
  • light weight and compact size;
  • Detecting an available connection without disconnecting your Internet connection.

Benefits & Features

The modern Mi WiFi Amplifier model is powered by Plug and Play technology. It quickly detects and manages available devices on a personal computer.

Users can access simple and fast synchronization with a smartphone. Mi Amplifier has the following specifications:

  1. Stable signal strength and good speed. You can watch movies in high quality, listen to music on the network without braking.
  2. You can connect in any convenient place with a weak signal and unstable data transmission.
  3. The USB connector rotates up to 180 degrees.
  4. The Wi-Fi Amplifier is easy to use and configure.
  5. Hold in automatic mode.
  6. Diagnosing network problems.
  7. Xiaomi Wi-Fi Signal Amplifier will independently determine the quality of the connection and automatically update the firmware.

Video: Xiaomi Mi4 Router Setup

Xiaomi Mi4 Router Setup

Smartphone setup

To configure the reception and signal amplifier, you need to turn it on and press the center button that distributes Wi-Fi. After that, you need to go into the wireless settings on your smartphone and find the default network in the available connections. Users are redirected to the login page for initial settings. In the windows, the login and password are entered, which are indicated in the user manual or on the back of the repeater.

Setting the amplifier signal through a computer

Mi Amplifier parameters are set via the installation disk or the web interface. often, users use the second option. When there is no smartphone at hand, you can connect the repeater to a personal computer through a cable. Next, go to Control Panel. Networks and the Internet. Network and Sharing Center. Change adapter settings. After saving, you can go to the web panel and enter the data for authorization. An assistant is available in the administrative panel to help you make the correct settings for the router and the Mi Amplifier. At the end, you need to restart Wi-Fi to increase the range of the wireless signal.

Many users bought the Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier and appreciated its capabilities. On the main panel there are LED indicators that indicate an available signal from the router. This function allows you to track the optimal location of the device. It is recommended to install the device in places where three indicators will light on the panel. This helps to strengthen the signal to use the Internet in any convenient place and even on the street. For the Mi WiFi Amplifier, a special Tether mobile application for managing settings and functions has been developed.

Xiaomi Mi4 Router Setup

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