Xiaomi Mi Does Not See Pc

Xiaomi Mi Play does not see the computer, when connecting the cord, the display shows that there is a charge. Although it should show a PC connection icon, what can I do?

Xiaomi Mi Does Not See Pc

I recently connected my Hiaomi Mi Play to a computer, and dropped music. Everything connected and took off, but today I connected the phone to the computer. It does not show an additional drive or phone. Why the smartphone is not displayed in the main menu?

Connected Xiaomi to the computer, on it, shows the connection and immediately resets. In the processes I looked that there is a name for my device, help determine the cause.

After updating Windows, Xaomi on the PC stopped being detected. You need to drop a video on it, but it doesn’t work, help solve the problem.

Xiaomi Mi Play does not see the computer.

Many smartphone users Xiaomi Mi Play talk about the problem. Which is due to the fact that the device does not see the computer when connected. In this case, you need to know that the cause is not always the malfunction of the device.

The main reasons why the smartphone does not see the computer

If you have a problem and your smartphone model Xiaomi Mi Play does not see the computer. Then initially, it is recommended to check the cable and connectors. When users use custom cables. Often, they do not allow you to connect your smartphone to a personal computer because of its features. You can check the cables by using others, if they work, then the old one should be replaced. It should be said that you must use the original cables from the manufacturer of the smartphone. To avoid problems with connecting devices.

Video: Xiaomi Mi Does Not See Pc

Reinstalling drivers

Very often, a smartphone Xiaomi Mi Play connects to a personal computer. But, PC does not display notifications to the user. In this case, you will need to reinstall the phone driver.

Xiaomi Mi Does Not See Pc

Using Debug Mode

If you have problems connecting your smartphone Xiaomi Mi Play to PC and previous recommendations did not help. You can use the debugging mode, which is a specialized service. Which provide extended rights to devices connected to PC. To use this mode, you need to enable “For developers“. After that, we perform certain actions:

Open the tab “About phone“. Click 7 times onMIUI Version“.

When the actions are completed, a special mode will be activated to debug the operation of the device. We search for the item “USB debugging“. After debugging, usually the model’s smartphone Xiaomi Mi Play connect to a personal computer quickly and without complexity. It is necessary to note such an important point that when all the above actions are completed. But the debugging mode did not turn on, then deactivate the antivirus BY, which works on the phone.

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