Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Measure Pressure

Why is pressure monitoring important?

Whether you are a 50-year-old man weighing 130 kg with hypertension or a slender girl of 25 years old. blood pressure control during physical activity or at rest says a lot about the state of your cardiovascular system. It is important to track both pressure increases and decreases. When the pressure becomes much higher than the “working” or much lower, we feel unwell. It is especially dangerous to take any medicine without measuring the pressure and determining the increase or decrease in the eye.

How to measure pressure?

The most reliable method for measuring blood pressure was invented by the Russian doctor Nikolai Sergeyevich Korotkov. The auscultatory or sound method is known to everyone. they placed the cuff of the pressure gauge on the shoulder, pumped it up, and we listen to the vessels on the elbow bend with a stethoscope. As soon as we heard a pulse. we notice the upper limit on the manometer. Sounds ceased. we notice the bottom. The method is extremely accurate and has been used in medical practice from 1905 to the present day.

Automatic blood pressure monitors use the same principle, but have less accuracy for various reasons. The deviation in measurements can be from 5 to 30 mmHg.

Which way to choose?

But to carry with us even a small automatic tonometer for the wrist, remove it, measure it, clean it. this is not our method. over, for the correct measurement of pressure, you need to be at least 5 minutes at rest, sit on a chair, place your hand with a tonometer on a table at heart level and relax. Only then will the testimony be reliable.

Or you can use a fitness bracelet.

Fitness bracelets do not measure cuff pressure. The software of the gadget is able to calculate systolic and diastolic pressure according to the electrocardiogram, the propagation velocity of the pulse wave and other parameters that the bracelet reads using its sensors. In this case, the position of the arm, body, and the bracelet relative to the heart does not play any role.

This is a very convenient way. a device weighing a couple of tens of grams is always on hand and, in addition to measuring pressure, gives information on the number of steps taken and distance, reminds you of the need for a warm-up, shows notifications of events from a paired smartphone, wakes up, vibrates when you call on phone and monitors the quality of sleep.

Which bracelet functionality to choose?

The market now has hundreds of fitness bracelets with different functionality and price. So which bracelet to choose so as not to regret the money spent?

First of all, we determine the functionality and consumer characteristics, put forward the requirements:

  1. Pressure measurement function (implies a pulse count function).
  2. The presence of a screen (yes, there are devices without a screen).
  3. Water resistance at least from splashes and jets of water (you can take a shower, swim, but do not dive deep).
  4. A battery that does not need to be recharged during the day.

Prices for bracelets start from several hundred rubles. The simplest devices, as a rule, contain only a pedometer, a clock and a Bluetooth module for communication with a smartphone. Such devices are not our choice, they do not know how to measure pressure.

The next price group. we define it as average. devices with a price from one and a half to about 7 thousand rubles. Here the functionality is incomparably richer. Including there are true stars who have the functionality of the next, luxury category.

Video: Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Measure Pressure

So, the average bracelet from the middle category can:

  • Count steps;
  • Count calories for different types of physical activity;
  • Remind you to warm up;
  • Remind about water;
  • Count the pulse;
  • Track phases of sleep;
  • Work at least three days on a full battery charge;
  • Set a few alarms;
  • Show notifications from a smartphone.

An outstanding bracelet from the middle category additionally knows how:

  • measure pressure;
  • take an ECG and analyze it in an application on a smartphone;
  • store measurement data for at least one day in the internal memory and merge them into the phone when connected via Bluetooth.

We will not consider the luxury price category. there the functionality is similar to a normal bracelet from the middle category. Yes, and there are few bracelets, mostly smart watches.

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Revealing Leaders

Take 5 popular models of fitness bracelets and write down their characteristics:

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Pressure Measurement. No

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Measure Pressure

ECG Analysis. No

Measurement memory. Yes

Price (approximately). 2500 rubles

Huami amazfit health

Pressure Measurement. Yes

ECG Analysis. Yes

Measurement memory. Yes

Battery (days). no data

Price (approximately). not for sale in Russia, the price of GearBest is about 10,000 rubles

Huawei Honor Band 3

Pressure Measurement. No

ECG Analysis. No

Measurement memory. Yes

Price (approximately). 3000 rubles

Rooti with me 2

Pressure Measurement. Yes

ECG Analysis. Yes

Measurement memory. Yes

Price (approximately). 15,000 rubles


Pressure Measurement. Yes

ECG Analysis. Yes

Measurement memory. Yes

Price (approximately). 5 900 rubles


So, the new version of the most popular Xiaomi fitness tracker. Mi Band 3, unfortunately, does not have the necessary functionality, although otherwise it has become a trendsetter. an inexpensive, lightweight, functional bracelet. He wouldn’t have a price if he knew how to measure pressure.

Another famous Chinese manufacturer. Huawei. is present on the market with a bracelet that looks similar to the old Xiaomi model. Mi Band 2. It has a microscopic monochrome screen without a sensor, which casts doubt on the practical benefits. do not forget that the bracelet and notifications should show. What was good for 2015 is not suitable for 2018. The device does an excellent job with its work, the autonomy indicators are very good. But the ECG does not relieve and does not measure pressure.

There is another bracelet with the necessary functionality. it builds an electrocardiogram, shows it in the application on the smartphone, analyzes it. Rooti With Me 2. The gadget also has a very small screen, and costs about 15,000 rubles. If he had a screen like the Mi Band 3, there would be a very worthy example.

Leader determined

And finally, the GSMIN WR-11 bracelet. With a very decent screen, it has all the necessary functions, from the definition of which we started the choice:

  • pressure measurement;
  • ECG analysis in the application on a smartphone;
  • storing indicators in the bracelet’s memory and uploading data to the smartphone when connected via Bluetooth;
  • IP67 waterproof (can swim, but not dive).

Naturally, all the other functions of smart bracelets. a pedometer, calorie counter depending on activity, sleep analysis, reminder about the need for warm-up, notification of instant messengers and social networks, remote control of the smartphone’s camera (without viewing the picture) in GSMIN WR-11 are also present.

Good autonomy. up to 14 days in standby mode or 4-6 with active use. And the price that will not bring down the family budget. All things being equal, the choice is obvious.

And the fitness bracelet even looks very decent. a rounded case made of matte plastic, glossy black glass and a silicone strap.

A separate word deserves packaging. The bracelet comes in a round aluminum can, like many expensive watches. Suitable for a gift as a friend or family member, or a colleague or boss. over, completely independent of the gender being bestowed.

As a final touch, we note that the application on the smartphone allows you to monitor not only one bracelet, but also exchange data with similar bracelets of your family members. It will become much easier to monitor the health of your beloved grandmother with such a device, and it will be more convenient for the grandmother to measure the pressure precisely with a fitness bracelet, and not with a gun with a cuff. A critical change in pressure bracelet will show.