Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Have Lee Blood Pressure Monitor

Xiaomi thoroughly worked on the fourth version of the folk bracelet. Taught him how to control a smartphone, painted the display, shoveled the menu and. slightly raised the price. We spent a day with the gadget: we tested the screen, switched music, measured the pulse and, of course, compared with its predecessor.

Appearance and screen

The main thing in watches and bracelets is whether they are comfortable to wear and whether they sit securely on your wrist. On both counts, Mi Band 4 is in full order. The material of the strap is pleasant, soft touch reminds to the touch. The lock is fastened tightly and by itself obviously does not open. The capsule of the tracker in the bracelet also sits as it should. The straps for Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4 are interchangeable.

The display in the new version has become a little more than 0.95 inches versus 0.78 for Mi Band 3. However, visually it is almost imperceptible. On the front panel instead of a convex plastic coating. flat glass. Fingerprints remain, but they are easy to erase. However, you most likely will not have to touch the screen often. it can turn on automatically when you raise your hand with a bracelet to your eyes.

In the default settings, the average brightness of the display is set. under the midday sun it is not enough. Therefore, on a summer day, this figure is better to unscrew to the maximum. But indoors or outdoors in the shade, the average level is quite comfortable. To reduce battery consumption, in the Mi Fit application you can specify the time when the brightness will automatically decrease. For example, from evening to morning.

A little upset that you can not increase the time after which the screen turns off. From the moment you press a button or raise your hand to your face, the display glows for four seconds. Sometimes this is not enough.

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Video: Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Have Lee Blood Pressure Monitor


The new Xiaomi Mi Band 4 knows everything that a fitness bracelet should be able to do, and even more. The gadget shows the time, weather, notifications from the applications you specify. Counts steps and calories, reminds you to stay too long and it’s time to warm up. Measures heart rate and monitors sleep quality. And, of course, helps in sports. The novelty allows you to choose six types of exercises instead of two in the third version. There are jogging, walking, a treadmill, a bicycle, weight training and swimming. Yes, you can swim in the bracelet, it is waterproof and can withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres.

One of the most anticipated solutions in the gadget is the management of music and video, and in just one swipe. Swipe to the right on the main screen and see “start / stop”, switching tracks and the volume indicator. The buttons are small, but even with a very large finger they are pressed accurately and accurately. Checked with Yandex.Radio and YouTube. it works without question.

On the left is Xiaomi Mi Band 3, on the right is the new Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Have Lee Blood Pressure Monitor

Updated menu

The Mi Band 4 menu has remained vertical, as in the previous version of the bracelet. Scrolls up or down with a swipe, tap on the screen. select items, press the sub-screen button. return to a higher level. The color OLED display makes the menu more visual and informative. It has become easier to distinguish notifications from different applications. they are indicated by the corresponding icons. Orientation is facilitated by animations and different colors of elements: for example, activated options in the settings are indicated in green, and cancel buttons in red.

Management has become both simpler and more complex at the same time. On the one hand, swipes to the left and right are almost never used in the new bracelet. No need to memorize complex sequences of movements. On the other hand, without side swipes, I had to increase the nesting of the menu. As a result, some items are hidden too deeply. To start, for example, a timer, you need to make three swipe and three clicks. Too much.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Have Lee Blood Pressure Monitor

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