Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Setting

Xiaomi this year heard fans and introduced the second generation of Mi Band 2 fitness bracelets with a display. Read more about all the features, design, price and features of the new Mi Band 2 in our review.


Contents of delivery

Mi Band 2 comes in a box of recycled cardboard, like the Mi Band 1S. On the back face next to Chinese characters is a number "2", which helps us to distinguish the new Mi Band 2 from the first generation of Mi fitness bracelets.

Inside is the tracker itself, a black complete silicone strap, instructions and a charger. Everything is the same as with previous versions of the bracelet.


Mi Band 2 is similar to the first generation in general terms, but if you look closely at the bracelets, they are different in details. In addition to having an OLED display, the Mi Band 2 is equipped with a larger body than the first Mi Band, and the bracelet received an updated silicone strap.

In addition to the display, there is also a disk-shaped touch key on the front of the device, it is responsible for controlling the Mi Band 2. The optical heart rate sensor and two contacts for charging the tracker remain in the same places. The new Mi Band 2 weighs only 7 grams.

Display Mi Band 2

The main innovation in Mi Band 2 is of course the integrated screen for displaying data. It uses an OLED display with a diagonal of 0.42" inches. It has one glow color (turquoise) and a standard brightness level that cannot be changed in any way. However, the manufacturer has set such an optimal level of brightness that the data from the Mi Band 2 display is clearly visible in the sun, while viewing statistics in the dark does not cause discomfort.

The following indicators can be displayed on the Mi Band 2 screen:

  • current time
  • user heart rate
  • steps taken
  • battery level
  • calories burned
  • distance traveled

All these indicators can be adjusted using the Mi Fit application in the section "Mi Band Display Settings". By ticking the points. you can select the most necessary indicators for yourself.

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How to manage Mi Band?

Mi Band 2 is controlled by a disk-shaped touch key on the screen. The display in combination with the key is very convenient, since previously it was necessary to constantly launch Mi Fit to view data.

Initially, the Mi Band 2 screen is not active, it can be launched in two ways: by pressing the touch key or making a hand gesture "see time" like with the first Mi Band. After that, the screen lights up and shows the current time (it does not need to be set, it synchronizes with the time on your smartphone). To select a different indicator, just press the key once: Mi Band 2 will show a small animation on the screen (heart, steps, or battery) and then display your progress on the steps taken, calories burned or the state of battery charge.

Heart Rate Measurement with Mi Band 2

If earlier, in order to measure the pulse with a bracelet, you had to open the Mi Fit application, synchronize with the tracker and manually start the process, then Mi Band 2 does it all by itself, without the participation of a smartphone.

To measure the pulse, you just need to put on the bracelet and activate the optical heart rate sensor using the touch key (just select the Pulse mode). Mi Band 2 will carry out the calculations and notify the end of the process by vibration. the user’s pulse will be displayed directly on the screen of the fitness tracker.

Video: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Setting

The convenience of use

At the presentation of Mi Band 2, the Chinese company Xiaomi said that the bracelet will have a new recycled strap made of special silicone, which does not cause allergies. Xiaomi also claims that the strap now prevents the device from accidental loss.

In practice, this is all true: the bracelet really does not allow Mi Band 2 to fall out while wearing, the capsule goes through the back of the strap, which is usually pressed to the hand. The strap itself received a thinner clip and during the fastening you can hear a characteristic click as confirmation.

The bracelet sits confidently on the hand, and when you bend the brush. Mi Band 2 is not squeezed out of the strap, as it was with the first Mi Band. Xiaomi tried their best, now users will not have problems with the loss of a fitness tracker.

Work with Mi Fit and set up Mi Band 2

As before, Mi Band 2 connects to the Xiaomi Mi branded application, with it you can watch more detailed statistics of your progress, as well as choose which notifications the bracelet will respond to:

  • notify about the receipt of SMS and from what number she came;
  • You can configure alerts from instant messengers;
  • vibration who is calling (if the contact is written in Cyrillic in the phone book, it will not be displayed, only the phone number; if the contact is saved in Latin, then the name will be displayed).

From the innovations there was a notification calling to start activity, when the user sits in place for a long time, the bracelet will notify you when it’s time to get up, walk and stretch.

With Mi Fit, you can set several smart alarms on Mi Band 2, as before, the tracker wakes the user with a light and unobtrusive vibration. You can also set notifications from third-party applications in Mi Fit, such as instant messengers and social networks, though for the Mi Band 2 function to work, it must be constantly connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Unlocking the Mi smartphone is also feasible using Mi Band 2.

Mi Fit also has a useful DND mode or "Do not disturb", it is logical to activate it at night so that the bracelet does not wake you. When DND is active, the Mi Band 2 tracker does not emit any signals, but does not stop tracking sleep phases.

The menu has the ability to manually set what data will be displayed on the display of the fitness bracelet. According to personal feelings, the bracelet began to connect and synchronize faster with Mi Fit.


Xiaomi promises about 20 days of Mi Band 2 operation on a single battery charge, using the bracelet to the maximum for this review, we managed to land about 10% of the battery per day. In the usual gentle mode, the consumption is about 3-5% per day. We can say with confidence that Mi Band 2 will work for 20 days without problems.

By the way, this is excellent autonomy, because the declared time the first Mi Band and Mi Band Pulse work is 30 days. Agree, minus 10 days of work is worth having a display and displaying progress right in your hand.

All tracker features

  • progress you can now look at the OLED display with a diagonal of 0.42" inch
  • the presence of a touch control key
  • recycled filling
  • new step counting algorithm
  • ADI sensor for more accurate heart rate measurement
  • notifications that you are sitting for a long time and a call to start moving
  • new accurate algorithm for phase and sleep quality analysis
  • displaying time with a gesture of raising a hand (can also show steps)
  • new more reliable strap not allowing Mi Band 2 to get lost
  • the strap is made of medical silicone, it is safe for the skin
  • inconspicuous weight. only 7 grams
  • unlock Mi smartphone with a bracelet
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • vibration alerts for calls and SMS
  • protection IP67
  • 20 days of autonomy
  • display of various data after pressing a button
  • new app Mi Fit 2.0
  • strap colors: black, blue, light green and orange

Accessories for Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Setting

While Xiaomi offers several colors of the original straps for Mi Band 2. black, orange, green and blue (turquoise), see all accessories. Perhaps in the future there will be metal and leather straps for Mi Band 2. Charging and bracelets from the first Mi Band / 1S (Pulse) are not suitable for Mi Band 2.


Xiaomi succeeded in updating, moreover, the company managed to create a truly convenient and simple fitness bracelet that can compete in functionality with other solutions on the market. And for the price, Mi Band 2 leaves competitors far behind.