Xiaomi Mi 9 Discharges Fast

Why xiaomi mi 9t began to discharge quickly, after 5 months of operation. Enough for 5-6 hours, then you need to charge, why is this happening?

I restored my Xiaomi, using the help on the Internet. The phone sat down faster every week, did not know what to do. Until he took a cotton wool, wound it on a toothpick, then soaked it in alcohol, and cleaned the nest. It turned out, like in many, oxidation of contacts USB, and clogging. Energy went away, for oxides, dust and dirt, thanks to the Internet.

Help determine the cause of the discharge of Hiaomi mi 9t, the battery lasts 4 hours. This is very small, I tried all the methods to reduce energy consumption. They helped me very little, for about 1 hour.

Xaomi sits very quickly, in an hour of watching a video on 25%. At least I set the brightness, deleted unnecessary programs, and the smartphone also turns off at 10% charge. How can I fix the phone?

Why xiaomi mi 9t began to discharge quickly.

If you notice that your smartphone has become depleted quickly over time. Then you should not immediately go to the service center for the repair of phones. Because in some cases, such a problem can be eliminated independently.

The main malfunctions that are associated with fast battery discharge

If your smartphone Xiaomi mi 9t began to charge quickly, then you should find the cause of such a malfunction. The main reasons that cause a fast discharge of the battery on Xiaomi mi 9t smartphones:

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  • Using a non-original charger.
  • Aftermarket installation Battery.
  • Errors in the software.
  • Mechanical damage.
Xiaomi Mi 9 Discharges Fast

When using a non-original charger. The battery on the smartphone does not charge to the required amount of charge, which affects its operating time. Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi mi 9t. Indicates that the correct use of the device requires the use of an original charger.

Aftermarket battery

Why the xiaomi mi 9t began to discharge quickly, the reason may be the use of a non-original battery. Which does not charge to the required charge volume. It should be noted that the use of non-original Battery or charger. May cause smartphone failure Xiaomi mi 9t.

Software bugs

If your smartphone discharges quickly, then the cause may be incorrect operation BY. In this case, you will need to perform a flashing. In addition, a large number of programs can be enabled on your phone. For which the battery energy is expended. In this case, you will need to clean the device from unnecessary files. And, deactivate the work of applications that you do not use.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Discharges Fast

Mechanical damage

Due to mechanical damage or moisture penetration into the device, contacts may be broken. Which leads to poor and unstable charging of the smartphone battery Xiaomi mi 9t. To eliminate such a malfunction, you should carefully inspect the smartphone for damage.

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