Xiaomi Mi 5 Screen Problems

Xiaomi Mi 5 Screen Problems

Many reviewers have already confirmed that the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is a really powerful smartphone, which is now sold at a reasonable price. It is difficult to find another such smartphone on the market, with the same powerful processor and 6 GB of RAM. However, performance is not the only plus of Pokofon; users also praise the novelty for the camera and capacious battery.

Problems Xiaomi Pocophone F1

So that the buyer could get the maximum benefits at a reasonable price, the manufacturer had to look for ways to save. Therefore, the case of the standard version is made of plastic. In addition, the camera does not have optical image stabilization and there is no NFC module. Also, the smartphone has a regular IPS LCD display (manufacturer Tianma).

Screen lights

Someone may notice that he has a light at the bottom of the display (Screen Bleed). On other devices, light may appear in arbitrary places. This problem is not a special case, but is not yet global in nature.

As evidence on the forum and in various communities, users use examples of Pocophone F1 photos that show the screen light. The most frequent version was published on the XDA forum.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Screen Problems

Xiaomi Mi 5 Screen Problems

Video: Xiaomi Mi 5 Screen Problems

How to check Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and what to do next?

To check if there is any light on the screen of your Pokofon F1, you need to install gray or dark wallpapers, or a desktop theme.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Screen Problems

The second way: go to the phone’s settings, go to the “About phone” section, tap on the “Kernel version” item several times until the diagnostics tab opens. Then select “Screen” or “Display” (it is located under the number “7”). After that, you will see color pictures with which you can test the screen of the Pocophone F1.

Highlights on the smartphone screen are not always noticeable, so not many users can immediately notice this problem. This defect does not cause any interruptions in the smartphone, but from an aesthetic point of view, the image on the screen loses its appeal.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Screen Problems

At the moment, the company has not officially recognized this problem as a manufacturing defect, although such devices are already not so few. I do not want to justify Xiaomi, since with proper quality control such cases should be less and less encountered in 2018.

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