Xbox Game Bar What You Need

Hi everyone. Let’s talk about the Xbox, I’ll tell you what kind of program it is. I don’t know where you could meet her there, but usually she goes to Windows 10, maybe she also is on an android smartphone. This program allows you to play games that are as if designed for the Xbox. It will be more accurate to say that the Xbox program is support for games in Windows 10 from the Xbox game console.

You probably think, what is the reason for this all? I will answer. Now on a regular computer with Windows 10 (the main thing is that the hardware is powerful) you can play Xbox games that support Xbox Play Anywhere, you know? And you can play the same game on the Xbox. Gameplay, walkthrough, settings, then all this will be synchronized. Having bought the game once you can play on different devices, here is the main feature. Of course, in order for all this to work like a clock, you need to play a little and adjust everything

Cool picture in the topic, see:

Guys, the game is cool, no doubt. I hope that sooner or later I will have enough time to play enough of them already. By the way, I like racing

And here is the Xbox application itself on the computer, well, it’s not very clear, sorry, but still:

Xbox Game Bar What You Need

Cool phones also have an Xbox (hehe):

Xbox Game Bar What You Need

I’m still reading and I should write about this to you, well, just for a note: Windows 10 supports just super duper graphics, because Windows 10 supports DirectX 12, and this is damn cool. The Xbox program in Windows 10 can be deployed to full screen, the program is made convenient here without question:

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Xbox Game Bar What You Need

Video: Xbox Game Bar What You Need

Xbox Game Bar What You Need

But what if you don’t need the Xbox app at all. CAN IT DELETE POSSIBLE OR NOT ?? You can, guys, you can! Clamp the Win R buttons, then in the Run window specify the following command:

A blue window will appear large, well, I have a large one, and so, in this window you can specify the command that should remove the Xbox, if they haven’t done anything there in Windows and the command works. It seems to be IMPOSSIBLE to restore the Xbox, it will be necessary if you install a new Windows, which I warn you. If you are sure that you want to remove Xbox, then write this command:

Xbox: Get-AppxPackage xbox | Remove-AppxPackage

I don’t have Xbox and other similar applications in Windows 10, because I have a version of Windows 10 LTSB, so after this command I will probably have an error, well, I’ll check this now. Yes guys, I have a mistake, as I thought:

And you will have some kind of result, it seems that if there are no errors then there will be nothing at all, this is normal.

If you want to clean the computer as much as possible from the Xbox, well, all of a sudden, then I’ll tell you what this thing can be done. You first need to download and install the Unlocker utility (it’s free) and then uninstall everything related to Xbox. But before that, it is necessary to make a recovery control point, this is very important! To remove the remaining Xbox, then hold down the Win E buttons, then in the search field write the word xbox:

Xbox Game Bar What You Need

That’s it, then wait a little while it will be searched, well, and then delete everything that is found. Just watch carefully what you will delete, what if there is something useful there, in the name of which the word xbox is mentioned? And one more thing, how to delete: right-click, then the Unlocker item will be, select it. If there is a window with processes, then you must first select unlock all, and then delete. Most likely, a complete reset will require a reboot. This is normal. By the way, here’s what I found by the word xbox:

Xbox Game Bar What You Need

But you see at the end is the Elastic Xbox 360.ico file? It does not apply specifically to the Xbox prog, I just brought it to you as an example, watch carefully what you delete

By the way, guys, but I found this command:


That’s all, we will complete the article, good luck in life, success

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