Write SMS Via Internet To Phone

Write SMS Via Internet To Phone

Tele2 allows users to send messages to a mobile phone through a computer. Newsletter is possible on free terms only if the subscriber uses the number of the same carrier. The official site is used for sending or a special application is installed. After starting, you need to specify the recipient data, and then write the text SMS. During the transfer, the company uses the network channel, but the amount will not be debited from the subscriber’s account. It is worth telling in more detail how to send SMS on Tele2 for free via the Internet.

Shipping methods

There are several options that can be used to send SMS to Tele2 without paying for sending. Through a computer, this is done in the following ways:

  • visiting the official website;
  • Using third-party applications and resources;
  • turning to the services of other mobile operators.

It is best to write SMS online through the official website. Here, the client receives secure software that is reliably protected. Forwarding a text message in this way is not difficult. This requires registration in the system and filling in the data. The system asks you to specify only the text of the SMS, as well as the number to send. Next, you will need to enter the number or word from the picture to confirm your action. Then you can click on the “Send” item and the operation will be carried out.

Terms of Service

If the client wants to ship via the official website, you will have to fulfill some conditions. For example, the sender must be a customer of the carrier, as well as the recipient. You can also note the following nuances:

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  • to confirm identity, the site may request access to social networks such as VKontakte or Facebook;
  • if the client sends MMS, then the size should not be more than 1024 Kbit when sending to Tele2 and not more than 500 Kbit when sending to other operators;
  • the message will arrive on the device whose number was indicated in the form for sending;
  • to prevent fraudulent activities, the system can register the IP address of the user from his laptop or computer while sending SMS;
  • the site provides only 5 MMS per day for free, then a fee of 0.5 rubles will be charged for the transfer;
  • You can send SMS to Tele2 for free from a computer to a mobile phone only in 35 regions of the country.

How to send a text message

Tele2 subscribers are provided with the service of sending messages from a computer to a mobile phone for free. To do this, access to the Internet is required. This function is useful when the balance is zero, and you need to contact the subscriber urgently. To send SMS, you must follow the algorithm of actions:

  1. The subscriber goes to the official website page, for this a computer, tablet or laptop is used.
  2. Next, you need to make a transition to the services section.
  3. Here the client will be provided with a list, the item "SMS and MMS" is selected from it.
  4. A transition is made to the category with sending a message through the site.
  5. A window for authorization will open for the client, the form can be filled in with data or register through social networks. Access to "Facebook", "Mail.ru" and "Vkontakte" is used. The user selects a convenient option. These conditions are necessary to increase security and stop spam attempts.
  6. When authorization is completed, the page will display the form that you need to fill out to send SMS.
  7. To transfer text to another Tele2 subscriber, you need to fill out the form with data.
  8. The client must indicate the contact phone number on which the content will be transferred, as well as the text and code from the picture.
  9. The operation ends after pressing the "Send" key.
  • Interesting information
  • In the field where you want to specify the text, you can enter no more than 140 characters.

SMS will arrive at the indicated number within 1-5 minutes. To avoid spam, the user’s IP address is attached to the text. Free text will come to your phone called “Internet SMS”.


If you try to write SMS on Tele2 for free, it will end up like this:

  • the message will arrive on the specified mobile within 1-2 minutes;
  • in the column "From" will be written "Internet SMS".

We can conclude that the transfer is completely safe, the subscriber does not need to register, just log in to your account using a social network.

  • note
  • The text will be anonymous, so you should put a signature on whom the content was sent. Otherwise, the recipient will not understand where the SMS came from.

If the text message has not arrived

Sometimes users complain that it is not possible to translate content, because after sending it does not reach the addressee. If you send SMS to Tele2 number for free via the Internet, it turns out, but the text did not come, there may be several reasons:

  • the user to whom the content was sent has a defective SIM or device;
  • messages do not come after forwarding due to a service failure; in this case, it is recommended to call the Tele2 support service;
  • rarely there are cases when the text does not arrive on the smartphone, since a new program is installed on it.

To contact technical support, the company will need to go to your personal account. At the bottom of the page, the user will see the "Write" section. A form will be displayed on the page where you want to indicate the problem. After a few minutes, the client will receive an answer to their question.

Third Party Resources

Sending SMS to Tele2 through a computer can be done using third-party resources. On the Internet you can find various software that provides such a service. Such sites have limited functionality. But it is worth considering the fact that the specified number can be entered in the spam database. It is better to abandon third-party services and go to the Tele2 website.

Sending messages through the site is simple and free. The text reaches the recipient in 1-5 minutes. The company provides protection against spam and guarantees the security of personal data. You can also send MMS here.