Wireless Headphones Flashing Blue And Red

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Stereo Wireless Headphones and I7S TWS Portable Charger
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Wireless Headphones Flashing Blue And Red

Wireless Bluetooth headset provides the ability to listen to music, answer calls while driving, walking, playing sports. It is equipped with a multi-function button with which you can receive / end calls, play / pause the audio / video player without using the phone directly. Model with an index "S" It comes with a docking station with a built-in battery that allows you to recharge your headphones on the go.

Before use, read the operating instructions and save them in case of questions about the maintenance of the I7S TWS headphones. This product is equipped with comfortable headphones made of high quality material that provide excellent sound. This guide provides a brief description of the features or controls of the headset. Read this manual carefully before using it.


1. Do not disassemble the device by yourself, as this may cause it to malfunction.

2. In case of a malfunction, contact a specialized service center.

3. Do not leave stereo headphones and accessories unattended. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets. Small parts may cause choking.

4. The device is designed for use in normal climatic conditions. Extreme climatic conditions (temperatures below 0 ° C or above 45 ° C, extremely high humidity) can cause malfunctions and damage the electronic components of the device.

5. Protect the I7S TWS from moisture, do not touch with wet hands.

6. Do not use headphones in a thunderstorm.

7. Listening to music at maximum volume may damage your hearing.


The dock battery must be fully charged before first use!

1. Connect the charger plug to the connector

2. Plug the charger into a power outlet

3. During charging, the indicator flashes red. When the battery is fully charged, the red indicator will stop blinking.

4. Disconnect the plug from the wireless charger and unplug the charger from the wall outlet.

5. Use only original chargers

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The dock battery must be fully charged before first use!

1. Place the headphones in the box of the wireless dock

2. Close the cradle of the dock to securely fix the headphones in the grooves. Earphone charging starts automatically. Wait until the blue light indicates that charging is complete

3. If necessary, connect the dock charger to a wall outlet.

4. During charging, the indicator lights up in red. When the battery is fully charged, the indicator will turn blue

5. Unplug the charger from the power outlet.

Quick charge in case

The kit includes a case with a built-in battery for storing and recharging headphones. Its charge is enough for the whole day. It is enough to put the headphones in the case, and they will automatically start charging. The average charging time for headphones in the case is 15-20 minutes. Headphones can be recharged from the case about 3-4 times. The charging case is connected to power via a USB cable and charges for about 1 hour.


1. To turn on the headphones, hold the call accept / end button for 3 seconds until the blue indicator flashes

2. To turn off the headphones, hold the button for 6 seconds until the indicator goes out either:
put both earphones in a case and press 2 times on the case button.


1. Turn on Bluetooth on the headphones

2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone to search for devices

3. Select I7S Headphones from the list of proposed devices and pair

4. Headphones that have already been synchronized with your mobile device will connect automatically when turned on. It is enough to pair with bluetooth once

5. If the connection is successful, the blue indicator will flash slowly, which means that the headphones are in standby mode and you can make and receive calls with them.

6. If the headphones did not synchronize or only one of them was synchronized, turn off both devices by pressing and holding the buttons for about 5 seconds, after which the indicators will turn off.
Turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device.
Press and hold the multi-function buttons of both headphones at the same time until the LED indicator flashes alternately in red and blue.
Double-click the button on one of the headphones to enter pairing mode. After pairing successfully, the main earphone continues to flash red and blue alternately, and the other earphone flashes blue every 5 seconds.
Turn on Bluetooth on your device and select I7S TWS to connect.
When the LEDs of both headphones are slowly flashing blue, the headphones are connected to your device successfully. Headphones will be automatically paired after a successful first pairing.


The first method: Simultaneously select the left and right earphones, which will automatically put the device into pairing mode. When the indicator starts flashing red and blue, double-click on the left or right earphone to select it as the main device (switching between the main and auxiliary device is automatic).

Second method: Turn on the left or right earphone to designate it as the main device

1. After pairing successfully, you can use the headphones in normal mode.

2. Turn off Bluetooth to disconnect the headphones from the phone


1. In pairing mode, briefly press the key. To control music playback, you can use the button on any of the headphones. a short press pauses, and a double press switches to the next track.


1. After successfully pairing with the phone, turn off Bluetooth and connect to the second phone, a signal will follow.

2. You can set any function as the “default” function.

3. When an incoming call is made on a mobile phone, the Bluetooth headphones turn on automatically.


With an incoming call, press the answer button once


Hold the key for 2 seconds to listen to the voice prompt


Press the button once during a conversation


Press the button once during a conversation


After connecting to a mobile phone, double-click on the main device and select the last contact in the call list.


1. Do not forget to fold the headphones

2. Operating temperature range: From 10 ° C (14 ° F) to 60 ° C (134 ° F)

3. Do not expose the headphones to liquids or use in the rain.

4. This manual is provided for reference purposes only and may contain inaccuracies!