Windows 7 Firewall Service Recovery

Hello! Glad to be with you again. For almost a week he didn’t write anything, because he got involved in an adventure called “Spanish money: For Freedom!” Who knows, he will understand me &# 128578; Today I want to tell you about disabling the firewall in Windows 7/10. First, according to tradition, a little educational program.

What is a firewall and why disable it?

A firewall, aka firewall (firewall), it is a firewall (hereinafter these words will be used as synonyms) protects our computer from intrusions from outside and from information leakage into the network. In general, the word firewall in English means “wall from fire”, and the firewall is the same, only in German, if I’m not mistaken.

In normal, it should be a separate software product, a powerful program! For example, Outpost Firewall, Comodo Firewall, or Norton Internet Security. But third-party programs, as a rule, are bulky, consuming a lot of system resources and require a lot of knowledge and nerves to configure. Therefore, most users are satisfied with the built-in Windows firewall. I must say right away that disassembling these programs is not included in the topic of the article, in order to receive more information subscribe to blog updates.

However, almost all popular antiviruses have a built-in firewall. So, if you installed such an antivirus, then you may have a legitimate desire to disable the built-in firewall in Windows. Also, for various problems with access to programs on the Internet, or vice versa. with access from the Internet to a computer, you can try to turn off the firewall to check if there is anything wrong with it. In some cases, a firewall can affect the speed of your Internet connection.

Disabling the Windows 7/8/10 Firewall

I must say right away that in comparison with the Windows XP firewall, the seven have reliable protection, and you should turn it off only if you know exactly what it has been exchanged for and what will happen to you.

If you still decide to turn off the Windows firewall, then I will show you how to do it simply in steps:

  • To enter the firewall on / off window, go to the Windows 7/10 control panel and start the firewall configuration. We go to the “Start.> Control Panel ”, and further, depending on the type of control panel presentation, the placement of the firewall icon will vary slightly. For the classic view, click on the firewall icon:
    For categories, click on “System and Security”, and then on the “Firewall”
  • In the settings window, we need to go to “Turning Windows Firewall On or Off”
    Windows 7 Firewall Service Recovery
  • And here we already directly disable the firewall in the selected types of networks
    Windows 7 Firewall Service Recovery

Video: Windows 7 Firewall Service Recovery

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A small digression is required here. The fact is that Windows 7-10 distinguishes between Home (Work) networks and Social networks. It’s easy to guess that home and work networks are local networks under your control, and public networks are the Internet. For home networks, they usually do not include a firewall, even if there is no alternative, just to not have access problems. For example, if you have a computer or media player connected to your home network, it is better to disable the firewall for home networks so that there are no problems with accessing the computer’s resources.

If you installed another program or antivirus with a built-in firewall, then disable the Windows 7 firewall for all networks! This is necessary because two firewalls should not work on a computer at the same time, just as two antiviruses should not be installed. Otherwise, they will conflict with each other, which can lead to severe braking of the computer or even freeze. It’s like letting a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law in the same kitchen &# 128578;

However, most programs with a built-in firewall replace the Windows firewall and the window will say “These settings are controlled by the application of the ESET Internet Security provider”, i.e. indicates the program that is installed with you.

In this case, you can’t disable anything from the control panel, for this you need to open the program settings. For example, I have NOD32, and to disable protection you just need to right-click on the application icon in the system tray and select “Suspend the firewall (allow all traffic)”

Windows 7 Firewall Service Recovery

Most other antiviruses do the same.

But how to simply turn off the service?

In principle, after the actions taken, the protection no longer works. But some simply turn off a service on Windows called the Firewall. At the same time, all functions of the firewall are disabled regardless of its settings. To disable a service:

  • Go to Start.> Control Panel.> System and safety.> Administration.> Services ”and look for“ Windows Firewall ”in the list.
  • Right click on it and select “Stop”
  • To prevent the firewall from turning on after rebooting, right-click again and select “Properties”, and there, change the startup type to “Disabled”

Now the firewall is turned off and will not turn on at the next boot. Accordingly, to enable the Windows 7,8,10 firewall, perform all actions in the reverse order &# 128578;

Remember! That disabling the firewall for good, having no other alternative, you put your computer and all the data on it at risk!

If there are any access problems that disappear after disabling the firewall, then it is better to figure out and configure the service once, than to disable it permanently.

In this article, you learned what the Windows 7 firewall is, how to disable it correctly, why it is needed at all, and what could be fraught with it. You can enable the firewall in the reverse order. Share the article with your friends, they will thank you!

And this is a dessert for today, doggie Norman learned to ride a bicycle!

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