Windows 10 Customize Russian Language

Windows 10 Customize Russian Language

After installing or upgrading to Windows 10 1803, many PC users began to wonder about installing the Russian language and Russifying applications. Actually, it is not so difficult to do this in the updated operating system. Just follow the simple instructions.

After upgrading Windows 10 to Spring Creators Update, the section on language settings was moved from the Control Panel to the Settings section of Windows 10. Now, to make the OS interface Russian, you should do the following:

  • Click “Start”, “Settings” and select the section “Time and Language”.
  • Next, select “Region and language” and click “Add language”.

Windows 10 Customize Russian Language

  • Select the desired language. If it is not in the list, then click “Preferred Languages” and click “Options”.
  • A small screen will appear. Need to download the language pack.

After installing it and rebooting the system, Windows 10 will be Russified.

In order to add the Russian language to Windows 10, it’s worth going to the Control Panel, choosing the “Icons” content viewing mode and opening the “Language” item. A small window will appear. Click “Add a language”.

Windows 10 Customize Russian Language

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Another window will open. We look through the entire list of languages ​​and find “Russian”.

Windows 10 Customize Russian Language

The Russian language will appear in the list of input languages. It will not be an interface language yet. Therefore, we return to the previous menu and select “Parameters”. There will already be Russian in the list. Click the link “Download and install language pack” under it.

IMPORTANT! To download a language pack, you will need Administrator rights.

As soon as the Russian language pack is installed, you need to return to the main menu “Languages ​​.” and click “Options” next to the Russian language.

Windows 10 Customize Russian Language

In the “Windows Interface Language” section, an inscription appears that Russian is available. Click “Make this the primary language”.

Windows 10 Customize Russian Language

You will need to reboot. The system will notify you of this. After these manipulations, the Windows 10 interface will become Russian.

If in the settings of the application itself it is not possible to enable the Russian language (meaning standard applications), then you can try changing the interface language as follows:

  • Open the “Control Panel” and select “Language”. We make sure that the Russian language comes first in the list.
  • In the “Control Panel”, go to the “Regional Standards” section and, on the “Location” tab, in the “Primary Location” item, indicate the country “Russia”.

Now, some Windows 10 applications will acquire the Russian interface language. For others, an update may be required. It needs to be downloaded through the Windows Store.

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