Windows 10 Activation By Phone

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Windows 10. a popular operating system from Microsoft. after installation requires the user to be activated, and it’s rather complicated and multi-step in comparison with most proprietary programs. In particular, activation can be done through a phone call. Consider how to do this.

Windows 10 Activation By Phone

How to find out the activation key

First of all, to activate the system, we need an activation key. As a rule, it is recorded on the back of the system disc or sent to you in a letter during installation. If you don’t know him, it is recommended to use a simple program that analyzes the system and gives the user a “wired” key into it, for example, using the ShowKeyPlus utility. How to use it? Nothing complicated! Just run. and the utility itself will find all the data that you need. ShowKeyPlus is free and open source. You can download it here.

However, since the system is not activated, it means that you may not have a key at all. In this case, you must first obtain it from Microsoft and only then continue the activation.

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Video: where to find the key

Activating windows 10 by phone. step by step instructions

Once you know the key, you can proceed to the main part of the work. activation. To do this, you need to have a telephone, a console, administrator rights and, preferably, a piece of paper with a pen in order to successfully record the number dictated by the robot.

    First you need to go to the console. This is done in several different ways: you can click “Run” (Win R) and enter cmd in the window that opens, you can right-click on the “Start” button and select “Command Prompt (Administrator)” in the menu that opens.

Video: Windows 10 Activation By Phone

Is this method safe

In short, yes, safe. No more dangerous than any other type of activation. Of course, it is advisable to follow a simple safety precaution: do not show anyone the key or confirmation code, do not activate in crowded places, do not record calls or delete the record immediately after activation. But objectively the worst that can happen is your activation code is leaking to the Internet and will be used to activate pirated versions of the system. With prolonged use, this is fraught with blocking the code and the need to retrieve it again. the procedure is not the easiest. But no access to personal data or files on the computer through the activation code can be obtained.

And if you follow the simple rules described above, the likelihood of code leakage into the network drops to such a small extent that it can be neglected. So phone activation is safe and in a way simpler than standard.

When it is not possible to activate the OS

The most common reason why it is not possible to activate by phone is the message of the robot: “The code is not recognized.” What could happen?

  • You entered the code incorrectly. There are no questions here. you just need to call and enter the code again, this time without errors;
  • your activation key is not suitable for the version of Windows that you want to activate (for example, you are trying to activate Pro through the key for Home). In this case, you first need to get a new key suitable for your system;
  • Your activation key has already been leaked to the Internet, and with it enough people have registered to let Microsoft block it. The solution is the same. write to Microsoft and get a new key;
  • there is a chance that the problem is in the activation ID of the computer. This number consists of the characteristics of various components of the computer, and to change it, you need to disable several of them in the device manager. Most often, temporarily disabling network adapters and a sound card helps. After activation, they can be turned on again;
    1. In the same context menu through which we went to the console, you need to select “Device Manager”.

    Video: obtaining a Windows license key by phone

    So, the activation of Windows 10 over the phone is completed, and you can safely enjoy the system without restrictions and annoying labels. If you need to activate the system again, the experience gained will definitely be useful.