Will Lee Red Iphone X

About prices

1. iPhone X is very expensive

Besides the fact that the iPhone X in general is the most expensive iPhone in history, it also costs more than anywhere else in the world. Unless the Brazilians were less fortunate than ours. The 64-gigabyte version costs 80 thousand rubles, and the 256 GB model costs 92 thousand. You can compare with the “original” prices: in the US, a smartphone is sold for 1,000 and 1,200 (58 and 71 thousand, respectively), except for the sales tax, which is usually low and in some states can be zero.

About the name

2. iPhone X. “iPhone Ten”, not “iPhone X”

By the way, Mac OS X is also Mac Os Ten, not Mac Os X. However, that OS was already renamed to just macOS, and the versions were given personal names: Sierra, or High Sierra. Maybe iPhone will continue to be given beautiful names of animals, reserves and mountain ranges?

About screen

3. For the first time, the iPhone screen is frameless

Not Apple began the trend of reducing the frames around the screen, but many waited for the moment when it joins it. The iPhone X screen is inscribed in the borders of the front panel, neat curves near the corners look especially nice and nice (for this “Ten” even caught respect from our smartphone guru Evgeny Kharitonov). Manufacturers are measured with each other by the percentage of the area occupied by the display, and in such numbers the iPhone X is not a leader. But if you compare it with the iPhone 8 / Plus, then the question arises: “Why ?! Why are these meaningless strips of plastic around the screen, if you can like this ?! ”

4. At the top of the screen is a black notch

The center of the top edge of the iPhone X screen is occupied by the front camera module and face scanner. Users of all kinds of Androids make fun of iPhone buyers: they say, they even cut off a piece of the screen, but they are still satisfied and even praise. On the one hand, the “fringe” looks really strange, and positive assessments may be the result of the Stockholm syndrome or simply acceptance of the inevitable. Well, how else: iPhone X is the best of iPhones. There are no options, which means we will live with this and try to have fun. On the other hand, the top of the screen in iOS is used only for a few indicators, so the loss is really small. Again, the borders of this recess (bangs, monobrow) are neatly rounded. There is still a version that with such a design Apple returns iPhone recognition in the crowd. All smartphones have become similar to each other. A smartphone with a bang is one.

Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone X, Huawei Mate 10 Pro

iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note8

5. The status line has even less (superfluous?) Information

iOS, unlike Android, does not hold a million annoying notification icons in the status bar and generally does not allow third-party applications into this clean zone. There is (was) only a clock, a cellular network indicator and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a headphone charge indicator, the name of the operator and a battery icon. optional, with the remaining charge in percent. Now we subtract the operator, Bluetooth, headphones and battery percentages. To deal with the latter is not easy. To estimate how much iPhone X remains to live, you need to go to the notification center and swipe right, there will be information on the batteries of everything that is connected to the smartphone. It’s not very convenient, but weaning you from clogging your head with these numbers. Still, the battery would run slower if you did not think about it.

6. A large (emphasis is shifted) part of the applications is not ready for the “bang”

How an existing application will work on the iPhone X depends on the diligence of the developer. In all built-in iOS programs, the interface elements are noticeably moved away from the top edge, sometimes it is not very beautiful. Most third-party software looks normal on the iPhone X, some programs have small problems due to sticking buttons at the very top to the edge of the display, it’s hard to get into them so that they work. At first, Telegram looked the most miraculous. it laid its interface right under the clock and the indicator in the “ears”, but soon an update came out. someone found the strength to read Apple’s design recommendations. In general, on my iPhone every day updates of programs fall in which, among the innovations, “Support for iPhone X” is written.

7. The iPhone X screen is made by Samsung, but it is better configured than Samsung smartphones

Samsung is a leading manufacturer of OLED-matrixes, it is not surprising that Apple went to the Koreans for the display for the “Ten”. But if you compare the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, the first wins as a screen setting. In addition, on the “Ten” you can twist the brightness up to 694 nits, and the S8 is capable of this only in automatic mode under very bright light, and for a short while. By the way, the iPhone X uses the “same” Pentile (more precisely, the Diamond Pixel here). a special configuration of subpixels of different colors that make up the dots. People are divided into two types: those who do not see the pentail, and those who think they see.

8. iPhone X screen burns out, but you will not wait

OLED matrices have been used in smartphones for many years, and their features have long been known in comparison, for example, with IPS. Yes, OLED screens fade. the brightness of the emitting dots, tiny organic LEDs decreases. over, subpixels of different colors burn out at different speeds, blue dots die faster than others. But the good news is that the speed of this degradation is so slow that your smartphone (iPhone or any other device with OLED) simply dies or ends up in a drawer before its screen fades. If you use a mobile phone 10 hours a day (this is a lot), then the operating time for a year will be 3650 hours. And the decrease in pixel brightness becomes noticeable after tens of thousands hours of work. But in general. yes, OLED matrices burn out. And the IPS matrix burns out the backlight. Nothing is eternal. However, Apple has released the memo “Me and my friend OLED screen” with simple recommendations:

  1. keep your operating system up to date
  2. use auto brightness
  3. do not twist the brightness to the maximum when it is not necessary
  4. do not twist the brightness to the maximum when displaying a static picture

In life, it is not always possible to follow only the last point: if a smartphone is used as a navigator in a car, then a static part of the interface will be displayed on a part of the screen for a long time.

9. The iPhone X is the size of an iPhone 8 and its screen is larger than that of the iPhone 8 Plus

Frameless is not only beautiful, but also compact. A huge screen in a small case. The diagonal of the display of the iPhone X is 5.8 inches, while the iPhone 8 Plus has “only” 5.5". True, the Dozen has a slightly different aspect ratio, and its screen atsame as that of Plus.

10. In the cold, the iPhone X screen is no longer buggy

If you go out into the cold, you’ll probably not succeed in adding a message to the iPhone X. arbitrary areas of the screen stop responding to clicks. Apple initially responded to the claim with a reference to the specifications: “Usage temperature: 0 to 35 degrees”. but then it nevertheless recognized the problem and promised to fix it programmatically. Apple released iOS 11.1.2, in which this bug is fully fixed. In just a week!

Video: Will Lee Red Iphone X

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11. The screen does not flicker

Even at minimum brightness. Even if you look with lateral vision. No, the iPhone X screen does not flicker.

12. At an angle the screen is “blue”

This is true, and this is a feature of OLED matrices. All of them change the hue to a colder angle at a significant angle than if you were looking at the screen at a right angle.

13. In the screenshots there is no “bangs”

If you take a screenshot, it will not have a black notch, this area will be flooded with the same background as the “ears”.

About design

14. There are only two colors, but both are excellent

Will Lee Red Iphone X

iPhone X is available in black and white (if in Russian), or in the colors “space gray” and “silver” (if in Apple). Black is much more noticeable, but in this version the shiny side faces look more harmonious, and in general the device looks more solid. White color is more practical if you carry the phone without a case. And with the case they do not differ at all from each other. the thin frame around the screen on the front side of both versions is black. I really want a red iPhone X PRODUCT (RED). it would be a bomb.

iPhone X. in two colors

15. No more hand size discrimination

There is no iPhone X Plus. there is no big and small iPhone, as was the case with models 6, 6s and 7, when girls (well, or men with short fingers) had to choose: either it fits comfortably in your hand or a cool camera with portrait mode. Now only one iPhone X is in full mincemeat.

About management

16. Instead of the Home button, screen gestures are now

In total, the iPhone X has three buttons left: power, volume up and volume down. To minimize the application, you need to swipe your finger from the bottom edge up. To switch to another program, scroll down the bottom edge. However, just watch the video:

17. Gestures are more convenient than the Home button

Will Lee Red Iphone X

Unexpectedly, but yes. Sometimes they even speed up the work. for example, flipping the screen to another application is very convenient and fast. But to display the “cards” of running programs by double-clicking on Home is faster than pulling your finger from bottom to top and lingering in the middle. I prefer to turn over several times instead.

About iron

18. iPhone X. the fastest smartphone in the world

God knows how Apple does it, but the guys themselves again made the most powerful mobile processor. The A11 Bionic chip is tearing the main competitor. Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. MediaTek decided to leave the upper segment last week, and the recent Huawei / HiSilicon Kirin 970 turned out to be weaker than its competitors (the company justifies this by its attention to artificial intelligence. it supposedly eliminates the lag of the number grinder).

iPhone X in Geekbench 4

19. Supports wireless charging

This is terribly convenient. I don’t understand why the manufacturers of Android smartphones either give the flagships support for charging wirelessly, or refuse it.

20. Supports fast charging by wire, but needs an expensive adapter

Everything is exactly the same as with the iPhone 8. It can be charged very, very quickly with high current and high voltage, but you will need a special charger. from the MacBook, with a USB-C port. For 3590 rubles. Oddly enough, there is no sense in looking for an alternative on Aliexpress.

About Face ID

21. The front camera. more than a camera

With a stretch, we can say that Apple shoved an entire Xbox Kinect into the iPhone X. A set of sensors, including an infrared emitter and a sensor, builds a three-dimensional model of the head from 30 thousand points. Not a flat picture or even a picture in the range invisible to the eye, but a three-dimensional representation.

22. Face ID can really be fooled

Apple promises that a random person will be able to unlock your iPhone X with a probability of 1 in a million, but stipulates that the likelihood of an error for relatives and children is higher. We checked the Face ID with two twins. Their parents are not sure that their daughters are identical twins. The girls are very similar, but distinguishing them is not so difficult. We scanned the face of one of the sisters with a smartphone and passed it to the second. the device was unlocked. The reverse experiment also gave a positive result.

And one American boy unlocked his mother’s phone without any problems. Very much like her. Perhaps until the child grows up, it is better to use a digital password. And the experimenters were able to trick Face ID with a mask for 150. In general, the protection is reliable, but there are nuances. You may be reassured that if the iPhone X does not recognize its owner three times in the person watching it, then it will require you to enter a password.

23. Face ID is fast, but you need to look at it

Face recognition is very fast. Lift the smartphone, directing the screen toward you, swipe your finger from the bottom edge up. and at this time the magic has time to start and end, the lock on the display opens right under your finger. But! As an additional protection against unauthorized access, Face ID requires you to look at the screen while unlocking. If you have been kidnapped and want to dig into your iPhone X, just don’t look into it. No need to make faces, just pay attention to the study of the ceiling. Okay, this is unrealistic, fortunately, a scenario. But life, this protection steals a little time, literally a split second. And also it makes you distracted from the road if you are driving. Yes, you can’t use the phone at all while driving, but everyone does it.

24. Face ID works in the dark

I repeat that Face ID does not use a photograph, but a three-dimensional model captured by an infrared scanner. It doesn’t matter how dark the room is and how bright the screen is. iPhone X still sees the face.

25. All applications that worked with Touch ID work with Face ID

When you first launch on iPhone X an application that allows you to log in using your fingerprint via Touch ID, your smartphone will offer you a little trick and switch to Face ID. The program may be old and don’t know anything about face scanning; iOS takes care of everything. Perfect.

26. Safari will not fill in the password field on the site until Face ID works

Previously, browser-stored passwords were automatically entered into the authorization fields on sites. Convenient, but not completely safe. On iPhone X, this substitution of account data from the Keychain occurs on the fly, but only if the smartphone is in the hands of its owner.

27. You can not score two faces for Face ID

It was convenient in Touch ID that several fingers can be written to a smartphone. not only your own, but also, for example, your wife (husband). Or a nose. There was even a life hack: to speed up the unlock, write down one finger several times, so Touch ID works faster. Face ID remembers only one face. This is probably due to the resource-intensive face recognition: the processor can not sort out several faces to compare with the one that looks at the camera.

28. Face ID is more convenient than Touch ID

I used the iPhone X for three weeks, and before two years I put my finger on the button of the iPhone 6s, and I can confidently say: Face ID is more convenient. Face recognition might be a bit slower. But Touch ID worked very poorly with wet or dirty fingers, I had to wipe them on my pants, and still the smartphone often did not recognize the pattern on the pad. And my face is always moderately dry and clean, there are no such problems with it.

29. Applications do not have access to a face image

I’ll hasten to reassure Paranoikov: all this exact face map with detailed information about each wrinkle and facial muscle that can tell so much about you is not available for third-party applications. In general, the Face ID cast is stored in a secure “enclave” (this is the term of Apple itself) and is not even uploaded to the cloud.

About repair

30. Replacing the screen is very expensive

Replacing the screen in the official service center costs 26,700 rubles. Third-party repairmen, who usually have difficulty accessing spare parts for new models, estimate the replacement of the display at about 40 thousand rubles.

31. Replacing the rear window. not

The Moscow authorized service centers we interviewed do not have a paid rear panel replacement service at all. But there is another option.

32. You can replace the smartphone with a new one

It costs 47 thousand rubles. about half the price of a new one. At the same time, you need to remove the “Find iPhone” protection (you can do it from another device tied to the same Apple ID), and the damage should not be (catastrophic). The employee of the service center could not give a full definition of catastrophic damage, but named the sign: the parts should not fall off.

33. not all iPhone Xs are repaired under warranty

The global warranty on the iPhone X has nuances. exactly the same as with previous models. You can repair smartphones purchased in Europe, some countries of the Middle East and Asia for free. model A1901. North American A1865 and Japanese A1902 will have to be repaired for money. By the way, buying an iPhone X has not only a minus in the form of a high price, but also a significant plus: a second year of warranty. The distribution of models for specific countries can be found on the Apple website.

About cameras

34. The main camera is one of the best

DXOMark. one of the most reputable sites about cameras in any form. put the iPhone X in second place after Google Pixel 2, assigning 97 points out of 100. And its camera is even better than the iPhone 8 Plus: also 12 megapixels, also optical and digital stabilization, also two times optical and ten times digital zoom, also recording 4K video at 60 frames per second, but the Dozens have an f / 2.4 aperture versus the f / 2.8 aperture of the Eight.

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