Wifi stopped working on the phone

Wireless Internet users periodically have to deal with the inability to use the Internet. There may be several reasons why Wi-Fi does not work on the phone: from trivial errors with a password to more global ones, the router settings are incorrect.

You can also often hear user complaints that the speed of wireless Internet leaves much to be desired. How to deal with each of these situations and fully use the Internet from your gadget? In this article, we will talk in detail about why the phone does not work through Wi-Fi and how to fix possible problems yourself.

Wifi stopped working on the phone

Incorrect connection details

One of the most common situations related to the inability to use the Internet is a mistakenly entered password in the gadget settings. In modern mobile devices. tablet PCs and smartphones. There is a wonderful feature. saving your password. This will help to avoid mistakes when entering complex password combinations.

However, such a measure will not be effective if the password for the access point is changed in the router settings. Why did the Wi-Fi stop working on the phone if the connection was correct earlier and the password was saved in the smartphone settings? Most likely, the problem is that the administrator changed the password and did not warn the user about this.

Wifi stopped working on the phone

Viruses infiltrated the gadget’s operating system

Another answer to the question why wi-fi does not work on the phone may be the presence of a virus program. Most often, people using gadgets on the Android platform have to deal with this problem. It is for such devices that a large number of malicious programs have been created. Specialized “cleaning” programs can help cope with the virus; you can download them through the Play Market service.

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We also draw the attention of users that in order not to encounter a similar problem and not to suffer from the question of why Wi-Fi on the phone does not work well or does not work at all, you should install applications only through the standard market of the operating system.

Wifi stopped working on the phone

Failure in date and time settings

Incorrect values ​​in the calendar and on the dial of the gadget is also the reason for the inaccessibility of the wireless access point. A similar situation exists for personal computers. All the user needs to do is adjust the data. After that, Internet access will be carried out as usual.

Router settings

Many of the users who have the router installed do not even suspect that this equipment has a lot of different settings, limiting itself to entering the network name and setting the degree of protection.

However, they often have to wonder why Wi-Fi does not work on the phone. In such a situation, the access point will be present in the list, but when you try to connect to it, a notification will be issued. How to fix it?

First of all, you need to go to the router settings menu. for each device model there is a personal combination of characters that you need to enter into the browser in order to access it. It is recommended that the user manual be updated with specific model information. After the router menu is opened on the computer display, you need to check the following parameters in the section "Wireless Internet Settings":

  • Channel. auto.
  • Mode. elevenbgnMixed.
  • MAC address filter. disconnected.

After adjusting the data, if necessary, save the setting and restart the device.

Wifi stopped working on the phone

Gadget Software Issues

Answer to the question "Why wifi does not work on the phone?" may also be due to the fact that there are some difficulties in the software of the gadget. Similar failures can occur when an intervention is made in the operating system, for example, non-original firmware is installed.

In this case, it makes sense to use the built-in function to return to the factory settings of the smartphone or tablet. This feature is present on all modern models. It is worth considering that a number of data will be deleted from the gadget. applications and files. Therefore, it is recommended that you save important information to third-party media first.

To conduct a test and check whether the problem is really in the software, it is recommended to try connecting to several points of the wireless Internet.

Wifi stopped working on the phone

Reasons for Low Speed ​​Wireless Internet

Why is Wi-Fi on my phone slow? There can also be several reasons for the low speed, here are the most common:

  1. Many people use the Internet at the same time. The load on the network leads to the fact that the speed drops, and in some situations the signal may completely disappear periodically.
  2. A hardware level restriction has been established. This can be used in public places to normalize the load on the network.
  3. Low data link speed. If the speed of the Internet, the distribution of which is carried out by means of a router, is low, then through Wi-Fi, respectively, it will not be possible to use the full Internet.

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