Why You Should Not Give The Dog Chicken Bones And How To Replace Them

Pet owners who care about the welfare of their pets need to know if they can give the dog chicken bones. The fact is that this food, which was once considered extremely useful for dogs, is now regarded as the most dangerous. After all, it can lead to damage to internal organs and even the death of a pet.

Tubular bones are considered especially dangerous for black-legged friends. When they are crushed, large sharp fragments are formed that can damage the internal organs of the pet. For this reason, it is recommended to completely exclude them from the diet and make sure that none of your friends give them to your pet as a treat. If a dog accidentally eats something like that, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Is there any benefit from chicken bones for dogs?

Why You Should Not Give The Dog Chicken Bones And How To Replace Them

Previously presented product was considered useful and recommended by dog ​​breeders for animals of various breeds. It was believed that the food presented contained a lot of calcium, magnesium and other minerals needed for pets. Similar food was used to strengthen the teeth. However, now the opinion of specialists on these things has changed. Veterinarians warn the modern owners of animals that dogs can not chicken bones. There are several reasons for this:

  • Such products can injure the internal organs of the pet.
  • They are harmful to teeth, provoke grinding of enamel with regular consumption.
  • Products released by large poultry farms can be a source of infection for dogs. The fact is that broilers in such farms lead a sedentary lifestyle. Often they develop inflammatory processes affecting bone tissue. A person is not threatened, because he does not eat such products. With animals, the situation is different. If the dog has gorged on the chicken bones containing the infection, it can become infected with germs and become sick. Especially dangerous in this regard, raw paws, wings, legs of broilers.
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What chicken bones can I give to dogs?

Why You Should Not Give The Dog Chicken Bones And How To Replace Them

In the menu you can enter the following products:

  • Chicken necks – raw or boiled (they can be given to puppies from two months).
  • Paws without bones and claws.
  • Offal (excluding bird heads).
  • Large chicken cartilage (they can be mixed with porridge and given to a pet as a complex feed).

Also, instead of bones, you can offer your pet dried lungs, liver, and stomachs. They are completely safe.

How to give bones to pets?

In order not to harm your dog, you need to follow these recommendations for the introduction of solid products in their diet:

  1. Chicken necks before serving the pet should be boiled or doused with boiling water. Animals under one year are recommended to grind such a product into mincemeat. Such a treat can be used as a breakfast or dinner for a dog no more than twice a week.
  2. It is recommended to boil cartilage, then grind and mix in porridge. First make sure that there are no bone fragments left in them, and then you can give it to your pet.
  3. Offal need to scald with boiling water. If chicken livers, hearts, and stomachs have an unpleasant odor, they can be soaked in water for several hours, and only then boiled in clean, unsalted water.

You can also use broth in which your bones were boiled to feed your pets. On it you can cook porridge for your pet. This food contains many nutrients, it is nutritious and suitable for both puppies and adults.

Possible complications with this diet

Dog breeders need not only to understand why animals can not tubular bones, but also to know what harm they can cause. Among the most dangerous complications caused by such a diet include:

  • Damage to teeth, stabular injuries of the oral cavity, pulpitis. They provoke acute pain syndrome. May cause soft tissue infection. Frequent jaw injuries can lead to tooth loss.
  • Breaks, puncture wounds of the trachea and pharynx. Large pieces of bone can cause perforation of internal organs, bleeding, death from asphyxiation. Anxiety symptoms in such pathologies occur immediately. Therefore, it is so important for dog owners to watch them while eating. Otherwise, they simply do not have time to provide emergency assistance to pets.
  • Gap walls of the intestine, stomach. Accompanied by bleeding and penetration of feces into the peritoneum. Against the background of these processes develops sepsis, due to which the animal may die.
  • Corking in the rectum. It provokes intoxication, flatulence, excessive bleeding. It can also be fatal. A similar cork is formed not only after ingestion of large bones, but also after feeding the animal with many small cartilages. This is the only pathology that can be treated in a conservative manner. To eliminate it, it is enough to make a pet oil enema. In all other cases, the therapy provided will be ineffective and may even aggravate the condition of the dog.
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Do such pathologies always arise if a dog eats chicken bone? No, there are exceptions. In young individuals, they can be digested in the stomach. However, this does not mean that the owner of the animal can turn a blind eye to the attempts of the pet to steal the delicacy from the table. After all, the food that once did not harm the pet, another time can lead to his death. And in such a situation, the chances of saving the animal will directly depend on how quickly its owner can navigate the situation and provide assistance.

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It’s not hard to figure out what to do if a dog ate tubular bone. Do as follows:

  1. Watch your pet for a few hours. If the beast becomes sluggish, will begin to whine – just go with him to the vet. If there is no change in the pet’s behavior, do not worry. In this case, you do not need to go to the clinic.
  2. If anxious symptoms appear, immediately pour 2-3 tablespoons of linseed oil into your pet’s mouth. It protects the walls of internal organs from bone fragments and will contribute to the rapid removal of harmful food from the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Inspect the pet’s mucous membranes. If they turn bluish or gray, then the dog has blood loss. In this case, it is necessary to quickly deliver it to the x-ray and conduct an emergency operation. An urgent need to consult a veterinarian is also indicated by bleeding from the anus, increased peritoneal tone, diarrhea with blood, vomiting, low body temperature.
  4. When the pet is examined by a veterinarian, be sure to inform him that the dog has become ill after eating chicken bones. Check how long the beast swallowed them when he had disturbing symptoms.
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In case of violation of the integrity of the trachea, stomach, intestines, an emergency operation will be performed for the dog After it, the dog will be prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antiseptics. If you manage to take the animal to the doctor in a timely manner, the consequences of eating chicken bones will be minimal. If you go to him late, your pet may not be saved. Lethal cases are possible with sepsis, blood loss, significant ruptures of internal organs. Remember these risks and carefully monitor the diet of your pet so that he does not get into trouble.

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