Why Samsung Does Not Connect To Computer

Why Samsung Does Not Connect To Computer

As a rule, if the computer does not see the Android phone connected to it, the problem is as follows: the charging process is displayed on the smartphone screen, but there is no access to the files on it and to the device itself. In this article, you will learn why the computer does not see the Samsung phone via USB.

The reasons may be the following:

USB cable damage

Cable faults cannot always be seen immediately. Very often, the charging wire can fail without obvious external signs. The reason for this is the poor-quality devices that the market is teeming with.

To test the functionality of the USB cable, just connect it to another computer, and for greater reliability, and to another phone. If these actions do not give a result, then a wire replacement is necessary.

USB port damage

Repairing the port without the help of a specialist will not work, but you can check it elementarily. If the computer does not recognize the smartphone, then you need to connect through another USB port. It helped. it means the reason is found, no. we move on.

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Phone system issues

Sometimes the problem of the lack of connection is solved very simply: turning off the smartphone, removing the battery from it for a few seconds, returning it to its place and turning on the device. Simple and effective.

Phone jack breakage

If the phone is damaged by water, or its connector for the connection was subjected to mechanical damage, then perhaps this is the problem. Alas, if cleaning the socket does not work, then only replacing the damaged part will help.

Incorrect connection settings

In the device settings, you need to find the menu for USB connection to the computer. In many Samsung models, it is located at “Memory” > “Properties”. If the default checkmark is next to using USB as a modem, remove it, find the “Media device” item and activate it.

Driver issues

They are solved by installing drivers from the "native" disk, or by downloading them from the official website of the manufacturer.

Also, the problem may be turning off the power of some ports on the computer. You can check this by going to the “Control Panel”, finding in it the item “Hardware and Sound” > “Power Supply” > "Nutrition". Next, open the appropriate settings and click on change additional parameters. In the menu that opens, open the USB parameters, and then the parameters for temporarily disabling the USB port. Change its value to “Forbidden” and activate the “Apply” button.

Device Driver Problems

In the “Device Manager”, the item “Portable devices” should be without any warning signs. You should also check the operability of the device through the “Properties”. If it is not there, then you must reinstall the appropriate driver.

Another solution will be updating the smartphone drivers. On Samsung Galaxy A5, as on other models of the brand, this can be done using Samsung Kies software.

Android OS crash or viruses

In this case, cleaning the phone with the help of an antivirus, resetting it to the factory settings, or completely flashing it can help.

As you can see, there may be a ton of options for why the connected Samsung phone is not located on the computer, so patience is needed to find a solution. We hope you succeed!

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