Why One Earphone Quieter Another Huawei Freebuds

If your headset began to work quietly, most likely it can return to normal volume. We tell you how to clean your headphones: you don’t even need a tool.

Why One Earphone Quieter Another Huawei Freebuds

One of the main problems of the so-called “plugs” and earbuds is the loss of volume over time. Often one earphone starts playing quieter than the other, as a result, stereo sound is disrupted. But sometimes both barely squeak, although more recently they were serviceable and did not experience any critical impacts (such as rain or shock). What could be the problem?

Quiet sound in the headphones: what’s the matter?

The main problem in such cases is obvious. The speakers in the in-ear headphones (vacuum or in-ear) are covered with a mesh, the openings in which are very small. They are gradually clogged with dirt., including earwax, so the sound is getting weaker and weaker. This is typical for any model of headphones, from Chinese consumer goods to the original Apple AirPods.

Why One Earphone Quieter Another Huawei Freebuds

Depending on the frequency of operation and, sorry, the condition of your ears, problems can arise after six months, and only after a month. To return to normal sound, you need to know how to clean the headphones from sulfur and dirt.

Can I contact the warranty service?

It is possible, but unlikely to help you. For example, Huawei does not provide for repair of FreeBuds in principle. In the service center, you will most likely be offered to try to exchange them at the point of sale where you bought them.

Clean your headphones: 2 easy ways

Since retailers and manufacturers have taken a defensive position, we will try to fix everything ourselves. How to clean vacuum headphones from sulfur? The cleaning method depends on the size of the mesh and the possibility of its extraction. In the same Apple AirPods, the grid is quite large, and in any gags it is small.

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Video: Why One Earphone Quieter Another Huawei Freebuds

Method 1, CIP

You will need a cotton swab and hydrogen peroxide (or alcohol). Wet the stick, wring it well and try to clean the net from the outside. Do not overdo it with the liquid, so as not to accidentally fill it inside the device. You can walk through the holes with a toothpick, just try not to push the dirt in, but to take it out.

Method 2, with disassembly

The first method does not always help: with a stick and a toothpick it is difficult to remove dirt from tiny holes. For example, in our Huawei FreeBuds we could not do this. Then you can take drastic measures: try to take out the net. This requires the thinnest pin possible.

Why One Earphone Quieter Another Huawei Freebuds

We remove the rubber nozzle, take a pin and gently pry the hole closer to the edge of the net. Now we are trying to fold the net out. Here one must be very careful, otherwise the grid can fly out in the direction known only to it, and it is unlikely to be able to find such a tiny object. See how this is done.

Our grid came out easily, because this was not the first take of the shot. you will likely have to make it harder. After the grid is removed, it remains to clean it with a toothpick and the same stick with alcohol.

I took out the net, and there the membrane. what is it?

For models with moisture protection, a membrane may be located on the back of the mesh. It does not affect the sound quality. If you think that you do not need moisture protection, just remove it. But even better, gently flip it with a pin (so as not to damage the shape), clean the grid, and then set it back. For cleaning, you can use a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

Put everything in place

Fortunately, this is much easier than disassembling the headphones. After cleaning, carefully install the net back. As a rule, she holds there securely, but if you pick her up a lot, you can apply a “nano-drop” of glue. Well, of course, it is necessary to check the sound volume before you begin the assembly.

Now you know exactly how to clean the earplugs from the earwax and return the volume to them. But not always the reason for the loss of volume is in a dirty grid. Here are a few more options. check if all of our “hygiene procedures” have not helped. So why can the music in the headphones sound quiet?

The track is recorded with a low sound level. For example, if you downloaded a track (especially from pirated resources), it may turn out that a low volume is embedded in it when recording. Experiment with other songs or turn on to test online radio.

Set the volume level for multimedia. In modern smartphones, the volume level for music, calls and alerts is separately regulated. Perhaps by adjusting the sound, you simply moved the multimedia slider to the minimum position.

In an extreme case, if you didn’t manage to deal with the problem, you can try to increase the volume programmatically. Here again, you can consider two options.

What else is easy to fix with CHIP?

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