Why Not Give Bones To Dogs

Many under-experienced dog breeders are most worried about the following statement: “I feed my dog ​​with the bones”. As a food for a dog, the product, quite frankly, is rather doubtful, however, if your dog eats natural food, solid food must be present in its diet. From the foregoing, the logical question follows: "Can bones be present in the diet of a four-legged pet?" To answer this question, let’s look at everything in order.

Why not give bones to dogs?

The facts that dogs are crazy about bones, and cats from milk or fish are nothing but stereotypes that were imposed on each of us in childhood. Through fairy tales and cartoons, this was laid down in us from early childhood. In this regard, many, already adult, owners of four-legged pets do not even think that regular pet treats with a bone can cause the death of an animal or a significant reduction in its life. Let’s look at the most popular clichés related to this issue:

Why Not Give Bones To Dogs

Bones that are more dangerous for your dog’s life and health.

It is necessary to realize that if the dog is fed incorrectly, sooner or later the health of the dog will start. It is only a matter of time. By adding bones to your dog’s food, you thereby increase the possible danger, because breakaway bone fragments can accumulate for many months in your dog’s stomach and / or intestines. And sometimes it happens that only one bone is enough to lead to the death of your pet.

For your safety and the safety of your pet, we provide a list of bones that cannot be categorically included in your dog’s diet:

  • The tubular bones are crisps. The ban on eating for your pet does not only fall on factory-made poultry, but also applies to the domestic one. Such bones are found in the thighs and wings of this bird.
  • Turkey Bones Turkey itself is a large bird. It is slaughtered at the age of 2 – 3 years, when the bones of this bird managed to become strong.
  • Goose bones. Perhaps this type of bone can be attributed to the most dangerous to the health and life of your dog. In terms of the harm they can cause, they can be compared only with duck bones. Geese and ducks are slaughtered between the first and second year of their lives. It is at this age that the complete formation of the bird’s skeleton occurs. As a result, broken bones have very sharp edges.
  • Rabbit bones. They are very small and sharp at the break. Particularly dangerous are the ribs, hind legs and the spine of this animal. But if you did decide to pamper your four-legged friend with rabbit, give your preference to meat or canned meat, which will contain only meat and fragments of cartilage.
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In conclusion, I want to say one thing: always think about what you feed your pet. After all, his health and life depend on you!

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