Why Laptop Doesn’t See Meizu M5s

Re-entry does not help!

When you see such a message on the screen, the proposed action is useless. On the manufacturer’s forum, I immediately advise you to restart the device, remove the WiFi access point, add it again, etc. But there is no result!

Why is there a network error in the App Store? Click to retry to Maize? ApStor Meizu is not a separate directory, but takes content from Google Play. That is, he constantly scans the Play Market for new programs / games, and then adds them to himself.

And here it is extremely important to communicate with Google’s servers, which is carried out through the Google services installed on the phone. If they are not installed or there are other problems with them, then it is unlikely to see the list of utilities. And sometimes you have to wait a few minutes for the directory to load.

Often after a long wait, nothing good happens, and instead of the desired result, the App Store displays "Network error. Click to repeat":

Most often, this happens after a complete reset to the factory settings. And it seems that before that everything worked correctly, but suddenly stopped.

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Not all owners of mobile gadgets to Meizu know that in mid-July 2019, Google revoked the certificates issued to the Chinese manufacturer due to non-payment of mandatory fees.

As a result, the connection with Google services was broken, users often claimed to receive messages of the type "Your phone is not certified".

Video: Why Laptop Doesn’t See Meizu M5s

How to eliminate "Network error. Click to repeat" on the App Store Meizu M5s and other models

  • First of all, go to the date / time settings and check whether the relevant information is indicated there. It would seem that such a trifle, but it greatly affects the establishment of communication with Google servers:
  • If you don’t get to download applications from ApStor, then there are alternative options. Download APK files from trusted resources (for example, MyMeizu);
  • Using the Google installer utility, you can get the necessary software. But sometimes this software does not work correctly, you have to close it, restart it. Unfortunately, you have to endure such things:
  • Also, many noticed that a network error appears only in some CIS countries, but in Europe everything is clear and beautiful. Therefore, we are trying to use a VPN to spoof the real location and download through proxy servers.

Here is a video review of one of the best to date:

Why Laptop Doesn't See Meizu M5s

If you don’t take your time and are at least a little oriented in English (or Chinese), then we recommend that you contact Meizu’s customer service department. Send your letters with a detailed description of the problem to e-mail:

Links to " FAQ " and the official forum.

With the causes of the network error (click to retry) in the AppStore Maize, we figured out in the first part of the article. Possible correction methods considered. We hope you succeed! If you know other ways, then please share them in the comments. We will be very grateful.

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