Why Dogs Can Not Be Fed Chicken Bones

Most people believe that dogs are mostly bones with small pieces of meat and fed. For this purpose, supposedly the best chicken is suitable – it is cheaper. But they do not know that such a “food” can cause many negative consequences, including the death of a pet. Let’s figure out why you can not feed the dog chicken bones.

Why not feed the dog chicken bones

Tubular chicken bones are quite sharp. When a dog gnaws them, fragments are formed that traumatize the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. They can also get stuck in the gums, causing pain to the animal.

Chickens raised in poultry farms, due to limited movement, often have bone inflammation. The infection can harm the health of the dog. During heat treatment, the microbes will certainly die, but the toxins will remain. Pet may be poisoned.

Why Dogs Can Not Be Fed Chicken Bones

More effective for replenishing calcium to give your pet vitamin complexes, specially designed for dogs

It is also impossible to give boiled bones to the animal: they stick together in the intestine into a tight lump, which is why an organ can become blocked.


Why Dogs Can Not Be Fed Chicken Bones

Dogs often have diarrhea or constipation after eating large amounts of bones.

What threatens the pet, if you constantly give him chicken bones:

  • Injuries to the oral mucosa. This is the mildest of consequences, mucous will be restored in a couple of days. But inflammation (pulpitis) may occur, causing severe pain to the animal, and loss of teeth is also likely.
  • Perforation (damage) of the trachea and pharynx. Severe bleeding may begin. Not possible death from blood loss or suffocation. In this case, the dog should be urgently taken to the veterinary clinic.
  • Perforation of the gastrointestinal tract. Because of her stomach and fecal masses can pour into the abdominal cavity. The dog faces death from sepsis (infection). Only an emergency operation can save the animal.
  • Closure of the colon. In the best case, it will be possible to prevent unpleasant consequences by giving pet petroleum jelly or putting an enema. But too tight a blockage leads to severe intoxication. Need surgery (cut the stomach and intestines), otherwise the animal will die.
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What bones can be given

Bones are still needed for dogs: they are given to chew on puppies when they are teething, and also to adult pets as entertainment.

Raw beef bone with meat and cartilage is best, but the ribs are suitable. But we need only young calf, in the stage of cartilage. The dog can eat them completely.

Chicken can also be included in the pet’s diet, because it contains useful nutrients. But you should cook it properly, for example:

  • Boil the broth, and remove the bones after cooking;
  • Add chicken cartilage to soup or porridge;
  • Turn raw chicken necks for stuffing;
  • Chop chicken heads into pieces, the beak must be cut off, as it is not digested;
  • To pamper a pet with chicken jelly (then it is better to remove them), jelly is very useful for puppies, it can replace industrial chondroprotectors.

Chicken bones are definitely harmful to dogs. It is better to choose a more useful and safe option, without putting the pet’s health at risk.

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