Why Does A Dog Need A Muzzle

Why Does A Dog Need A Muzzle

The article describes why the dog needs muzzles and which muzzles exist.

Perhaps every owner of a dog ever wondered: to be or not to be muzzled? Personally, until recently, I was not very good at muzzling: well, could my little shepherd shepherd bite someone? No, you do, I know her since childhood!

The problem is that most of the dog lovers think so. But after all, they are not telepaths and animal sign language is hardly understood. How will the dog react to an odor, sudden movement or a sudden sound? I do not think that in different situations the animal will behave equally calmly.

So, What does a dog need a muzzle for?
In principle, it performs two important functions:
1. Does not allow a dog to lift from the ground any “kaku”.
2. Insures others from bites.

Today the second function is particularly important, because the cases of domestic dog bites are not uncommon. In this way, it is possible to protect others from injuries and from stress as a result of a collision with these same people around. A muzzle is needed when transporting an animal in transport, when visiting a veterinarian, in the presence of small children and strangers, with a large gathering of people, during dog training and when the dog is released from the leash.

But there is a downside. Often the owners can not find the right muzzle to your favorite. Because of this, there are all sorts of inconveniences: the dog is trying to tear off the unknown structure from the muzzle, because it simply crushes it.
Muzzles are divided into several categories, but mainly metal and leather.

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Deaf (or dense) muzzles are designed for aggressive dogs or for training. They are the hardest and very durable, because they are made of leather that does not bend. In such a muzzle a dog has no chance to bite anyone. It is important that the muzzle does not rub under the eyes, do not press on the nose and did not reach the nose of the dog. If your pet can open the mouth in it, then the muzzle is chosen correctly. But the dog should not be in it for a long time: the dogs are sweating with their tongues, and there is no ventilation in it, so heatstroke is possible.

There are also leather nets: they are made of individual leather strips, fastened with rivets. Such muzzles are suitable for calm dogs. They provide good ventilation so that your pet can breathe calmly and even drink water. But this type of muzzle does not completely exclude the possibility that a dog will bite someone.

Wearing metal muzzle, the dog has no chance to bite someone, but at the same time he can breathe and drink water. But the choice of this muzzle must be approached very carefully: if the animal is not comfortable in it, your Barbosa or Chernysh will not want to wear it anymore. If the dog hits someone with such a muzzle, it will not find it enough. Also, it is not recommended to wear it in winter; There are special iron grids with a rubberized coating for cold pores.

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Why Does A Dog Need A Muzzle

To wear a dog a muzzle or not, and for what it is needed – you decide. In any case, you should think about the comfort of not only your dog, but also the safety of others.

What does a dog need a muzzle for?

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