Why Does A Dog Need A Muzzle

Why does your dog need a muzzle?

With the word " Muzzle »Many of my clients look at me in bewilderment or look away.

One does not like this word, it causes negative experiences. Others do not understand – why do you need to pull this terrible thing, some kind of thing, on their kind, loving all people, cheerful pet? Muzzle. I agree, the word is not very good, if not more – clumsy. But we will have to accept, the other has not yet been invented.

Some dog owners understand the importance of teaching a dog to wear a muzzle and put muzzles on them, but, all as one claim that their dog "does not like a muzzle."

Well, and who would like it when they put such an uncomfortable thing on him without asking?

I affirm that all my dogs wore muzzles without resistance and did not try to take them off! And this is only because I never muzzle the dog forcibly, besides her will!

Instead, she needs Train/To educate process putting on and wearing muzzle!

Why Does A Dog Need A Muzzle

I will cover these questions later, but first I will talk about why the dog should be taught to wear a muzzle:

  • In order not to humiliate, not to frighten and not to rebuild against themselves other people who may never keep dogs, not love them and even be afraid!

I know a lot of people who are afraid of dogs, but they are ashamed to admit it. A dog running toward a child may so frighten him that he will remain a stutterer for the rest of his life. Other people just don’t like being sniffed by dogs. And it does not depend on the size of your pet! Respect people who do not keep dogs, do not multiply the number of haters breeders!

  • To avoid accidentally attacking people
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You can break the leash (or jump out of your hand), break the carbine and the dog can attack the frightened person. The muzzle will protect him from dog bites.

  • To protect the veterinarian against the bite of a dog during preventive vaccinations, hygiene, inspection of the dog or surgical operations

Even if your dog does not “bite” (does it have teeth pulled out? – the famous Švejk said in that case), putting a muzzle on the dog when visiting the veterinarian, you show respect for his hard and sometimes dangerous work!

  1. A muzzled dog "understands" the limitations of its ability to fight and behaves more obediently, in a new / unfamiliar / stressful environment
  2. Schooling a dog to wear a muzzle allows, in some cases, to prevent damage to home furnishings, owners personal belongings

I know several cases when it helped to prevent the dog from forming the habit of gnawing at home, and the owners of the dogs thought of it on their own!

  1. In crowded places, when transported by public transport, the rules require the dog to wear a muzzle!
  2. Aggressive a dog accustomed to wearing a leash can be trained without fear of being attacked due to an accidental stress situation
  3. The final check of the protective work of the dog in a muzzle allows the helper to the helper of a helper

It seems to me that the presented reasons are enough to realize the importance of teaching a dog to a muzzle.

Of course, after proper training, the dog will stop reacting to strangers, dogs, cats, birds; will not run to "meet" them.

Why Does A Dog Need A Muzzle

But it still will not be a sufficient reason not to train the dog to wear a muzzle and not to wear it when necessary!

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Now, we can proceed to review muzzle types for dogs and choose the one that is best for dog training / training putting on and wearing a muzzle.

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