Why Does A Dog Bury Food?

Most likely, the dog buries food, stocking up on "rainy day". She does so, purely instinctively. Not realizing that as far as she is a pet, then such a day most likely will never come to her.

Dogs bury food for several reasons. First, it is the instinct of stockpiling. As you know, dogs. close relatives, and perhaps the descendants of wolves. Wolves predators that hunt in the summer alone, and in the winter. in flocks. Wolves often attack large animals that they cannot eat in one sitting. The remaining meat wolves tear to pieces and bury, and hide from each other in different places. This is the creation of a stock, because during this period it is difficult to eat. The second reason why wolves and dogs bury food. the desire to preserve its quality. In the land, food is less susceptible to rain, insects, and birds. And finally, the third reason. the desire to reduce the impact of food odor on the predator’s sensitive nose. Burying food dogs reduce the likelihood of its location by other dogs and themselves are less distracted by the smell.

I have my own opinion on this. When I was little, we had a dog who lived with us for almost 15 years. He often buried food (mostly bones), next to his doghouse, and very often I saw him dig up them. Mother often stood up for the day, and for a long time I was at school from Monday to Saturday (classes plus extracurricular). First of all, the dog has an instinct that helped him survive in the wild and if the dog is fed irregularly and often has to be hungry. she, in case of food in abundance, will hide a bone or other food in the ground. Of course, much can depend on the breed of dog, but my pets do not do this: we had a girl (shepherd mix). a very clever dog, lived with us for 14 years, did not hold chains, freely moved throughout the area of ​​the land near the house. for all the time I never hid food in the ground; Now we have a dog (a mixture of shepherd). an unusually stupid and aggressive dog, also not on a chain, but I restricted his freedom of movement (one third of the plot). for 4 years I never hid food in the ground. In both cases, often all did not leave (food remained). It may not be true, but I think this: if the dog experienced hunger too much in its life. she will bury a bone or other food in the ground; if it was not and it is fed normally and on time. she will not bury anything in the ground.

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To bury food in the ground dog forces instinct. And regardless of whether it is well fed or poorly. There are, of course, exceptions. Some dogs do not bury food. But they are exceptions. Previously, the dog was a wild animal, the excess food had to be hidden so that you could find them later when there was no food. In addition, the meat is better preserved in the ground than on the surface: others will not find it and it will be fresh longer. We had a dog in the apartment. He, to our indignation, tried to bury his bones in our things, toys. Although fed him regularly.

Bury food dogs forces instinct, I think so. We had a dog, a German shepherd dog, he was constantly hiding food somewhere in the apartment, but then he forgot about it. Although he was always fed, he did not go hungry. When we were in the country, he begged for bread and buried it. Then he came and asked again. I think that in animals it is such a way to stock up for a rainy day.

Why Does A Dog Bury Food?

I myself saw how the yard dog was burying a big mosul near the fence. She very quickly and actively dug a fossa with her front paws, threw in a mosul, which she had previously held in her teeth, and also dug in as quickly. I stood, looked around and trotted about his business. I saw this picture from the balcony, and I had no doubt about it. It is clear that she was hiding "in reserve". Here it is just not known whether she will remember where she was hiding.

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Well, why is this? And suddenly the day will come when the owners will give nothing, and then the treasured bone will come in handy. One tremendous "BUT" in this story is present, dogs usually forget where they are and what they buried. Therefore, all these stocks are a waste of their time and energy. It’s just that I noticed on my dogs. They bury something and dig it up, but never dig it out, and if they dig something, it is completely different.

This is common in dogs. Moreover, bulldogs even eat land. Probably, in those places where adult bulldogs teach puppies to do this. It is believed that they need clay and dirt for digestion. Food was buried earlier. With this

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