Why Do Dogs Bury Objects

Dogs love to bury things. And therefore sometimes we find a toy or a stone under a pile of fresh earth in the yard. Sometimes the remote control is found in the basket under the laundry, and sometimes we can not understand how the phone was under the chair cushion.
Although these cases are different, they all have a common feature – the dog’s natural instinct makes you put things in a safe place, although in reality they are yours. Why do dogs do this?
The answer is simple – in nature, this was their survival instinct.
Wild dogs and buried treasures
Many generations ago, when dogs roamed wild flocks, they hunted for prey. Often, a lot of time and energy was spent on this, and as soon as the victim was captured, other animals immediately appeared, wishing to eat from someone else’s table. Sometimes the caught prey exceeded the gastronomic needs of the dog – it simply could not eat everything at once. What was the solution in these cases? Bury the food.
Breeding bones, dogs created natural refrigerators for them. Other animals could not smell the food, the earth provided a cool and protected from the sun, and also marinated food, giving it a taste of the earth. Om-Nom-nom.
Why do domestic dogs bury objects?
Of course, your pet should not worry that he will remain hungry. So why should he bury food? Here are some reasons:
Despite the fact that the dog is hungry, it is unlikely to remain, since you have been feeding it every day for several years now, this does not lull the natural instinct to stockpile and bury food.
Food too much
One of the reasons for burying food is its surplus or protection from other predators, which is in no way connected with the fear of remaining hungry. If you are very generous in treats or toys, burying them, the dog thinks something like “Great! I will postpone until better times. ” Sometimes an animal hides food, because it believes that it is too good to be eaten in one sitting. The dog will serve up a tidbit for later, in time to have a tasty meal again.
A game
If the dog is bored, lonely or needs attention, it can easily hide something in the form of a game, hoping that the owners will play with it. Often such a prey can be a shiny object, such as jewelry or watches, or things that are dear to you – shoes, remote control.
The best way to curb the need to bury things is to limit the pet’s access to the things they want to hide, and often change toys for a change. If you are unable to wean the dog from burying the objects, consult your veterinarian. What for? Chemicals that we sometimes use in the backyard can be dangerous for our pet and cause diarrhea or indigestion.
What is the strangest thing your dog has buried? Tell us in the comments below.

Why Do Dogs Bury Objects

Why dogs bury things.

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Why Do Dogs Bury Objects

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I have two dogs, not relatives, both rescued at different times, rather large ones — Bela was sterilized for 5 years, Rex was a year and a half, very active. They live not on a leash, it is a pity to tie, the cottage is fenced. Each has its own insulated booth. Rex constantly, except for toys and large bones, which he doesn’t gnaw at all (the large ones stopped giving), buries the litter at any time of the year not only from his booth, but also from Bela’s booth, all the time in different places. And in the booths remains bare floor. He himself is shaggy, like a bear, and Bela is a smooth-haired, in winter a problem. It is necessary to look for secluded places every day, not always successfully. Is he going to do this all his life? Maybe Rex can also be sterilized, will it be less active?

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