Why Can Not Pork Cause Dogs

Nutritional issues are extremely important for every dog ​​owner. From food depends on the development and proper operation of the body of the animal. The diet of their pet, each owner thinks very carefully. Here you need to take into account many factors – the breed, possible diseases, conditions of detention and much more. It is worth paying attention to a variety of small things.

Ready feeds or organic foods?

Ready foods usually contain the right minerals and vitamins. They help food to be assimilated, maintain good pet health. Nevertheless, the owners of dogs do not always use only ready-made options, very often the dog gets "tidbits" from the human table.

Some pet owners use only natural food at all, trying not to feed their dogs with special foods. And here you need to know well that a dog can be given a meal, and from which it is necessary to refrain.

There are several prohibitions in the canine "kitchen". One of them is for pork. But why not pork dogs?

The first and most important negative point is a digestive upset. It is precisely pork that provokes it. The main reason for the harm of pork meat for a dog’s body, of course, is its high fat content. Therefore, pork meat is simply not digested by the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in intestinal upset.

Why dogs can not pork, but you can lamb?

Pork contains more than 60 percent fat, or even more. Scientists estimate that in 100 grams of pork meat protein will be only 17 percent, but fat – all 20! Such meat will be digested in your pet’s stomach for as long as 14 hours. Although normally this process usually takes from 6 to 8 hours. This is one of the reasons why dogs can not pork.

Compare: in beef, if you take 100 grams as a basis again, you will have 20 grams of protein and only 2 grams of fat! As for lamb, it can also be fatty. However, on average, with a slightly lower protein content than in beef, the fat in mutton will be about 6 grams.

What meat is digested the easiest?

Poultry meat and rabbit meat are digested the easiest in the gastrointestinal tract of the dog. Although here, too, you need to be careful not to give your animal chicken skin, also too fat.

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Of course, if you give a dog just a little pork once, nothing bad will happen. But if you constantly feed her pork, health problems begin.

You need to know that the enzymes that can break down pork fat, the dog’s body simply does not produce. Therefore, all this fat is not processed, but partially accumulates in the body and is partially excreted through the intestines, by the way, like potatoes. In other words, the pork fat for dogs does not have the nutritional properties, which is why dogs cannot be pork and potatoes.

What happens if a dog is often fed fatty pork?

When the dog is constantly fed pork, the pork fat enters the gastrointestinal tract and causes:

  1. Intestinal upset An elementary diarrhea can begin in a dog, and in such a situation even the most distrustful owner begins to understand why dogs cannot eat pork.
  2. Liver damage. cholecystitis will begin, followed by pancreatitis, a disease of the pancreas, since these two illnesses are often related. One entails the other.
  3. Diabetes mellitus as a result of severe pancreatitis. The pancreas stops working in normal mode, it is overloaded. In dogs, and so produced a little insulin in the body, and with the defeat of the pancreas and the situation becomes completely critical. The hormone insulin is known to help absorb sugar in the body. As a result of improper feeding in a dog, the sugar level rises in the blood, which can have very serious consequences, even diabetic coma. The answer to the question of why you can not feed a dog with pork, becomes obvious.
  4. Kidney damage is also quite possible if the dog’s body is overloaded with fatty foods. This is usually the result of other negative effects and diseases resulting from malnutrition.
  5. Heart disease is a real serious threat. After all, fat enters the blood, is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, cholesterol plaques appear – everything is just like in humans. Accordingly, the lumen in the vessels becomes thinner, the blood pressure rises, an excessive load on the heart occurs. This is another answer to the question of why pork dogs cannot be.
  6. A metabolic disorder, of course, is the previously mentioned diabetes mellitus and fat penetration into the blood, but not only. Other processes in the body will be blocked, and the proper absorption of nutrients is impaired. As a result, skin diseases may be provoked, hair loss will begin, allergic reactions are possible.
  7. Obesity of the internal organs, such as fatty hepatosis – liver obesity. It can lead to a very rapid death of the animal. However, the same as obesity of the heart. Here is another serious reason why dogs should not be pork.
  8. Behavior change – in obesity, the dog becomes inadequate, it is too passive, does not respond to your call, does not want to get up from its place, it is just hard for it to move. And when it is difficult to move, negative changes in the joints can begin. Also, the dog can become capricious, and sometimes completely uncontrollable. After all, in fact, she is ill, she is given such an unnatural state of the animal, so the psyche of the dog also changes.
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Why Can Not Pork Cause Dogs

Will exercise help with obesity?

Physical activity does not help to compensate for the harm that is done to the dog when she constantly eats fat pork meat. On the contrary, if the pet has already manifested symptoms of obesity, then excessive exercise can only lead to a worsening of the situation. Only a strict diet under the control of a veterinarian is able to bring the animal back to normal.

However, it is impossible to get rid of the negative consequences completely by any means – neither with vitamins nor medicines. The dog will be at risk all his life. And sometimes even a slight change in diet, a little more fatty food than usual, can again cause unpleasant symptoms – diarrhea, vomiting, pain in the liver or pancreas.

Infections and parasites – that’s why pork dogs can’t be

Another danger is infections and parasites that can catch a dog that eats pork, especially raw pork.

What infections and parasites can your dog pick up from pork:

– helminthiasis: echinococcosis, nematodes, alveococcosis, pork tapewort;

The most terrible of all these ailments is Aujeszky’s disease or, as it is also called, pseudo-madness, pork plague. It is called a virus, and both domestic and agricultural animals, including even birds and rodents, are sick.

A dog can become infected with this disease if it lives next to farm animals, eating undercooked or raw meat. The main carriers and distributors of Aujeszky’s disease are pigs. That is why you can not eat pork dogs, especially raw.

This disease develops very quickly, literally in a matter of hours, and is fatal. They have not yet learned how to treat it; it is impossible to diagnose it right away, since laboratory tests are needed. However, while they will be tested, the dog will already die, since the score then goes to the clock.

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Symptoms of this disease – excessive salivation, lack of appetite, the animal does not eat anything. It suffers greatly because it has a terrible itching in the ears, nose, and lips are also affected. Therefore, it behaves inadequately.

Hunters need to be extremely attentive.

Especially careful need to be hunters. After shooting a wild boar, many immediately cut up the carcass, and the insides give to their dogs as a reward for good work. In the wild, animals are also susceptible to all sorts of infections and invasions. Therefore, before giving a piece of prey to a dog or eating game itself, it is imperative that you give the carcass to a sanitary laboratory for research. Moreover, the whole carcass is provided entirely, and not just a part of it. Because infections and worms affect different parts of the animal’s body.

Pork is not a good food for dogs. Although sometimes even in premium feed pork meat is found. However, low-fat and well-cooked, in combination with other types of meat products.

It is better not to risk and eliminate pork from the dog’s diet completely – and the meat itself, and the insides. Why shouldn’t a dog be given pork that you cooked yourself? Because at home it is not always possible to destroy all parasites and infections with the help of cooking.

Can freezing pork kill worms and infections?

Freezing meat in rare cases has a positive effect, and some parasites can be destroyed, but not all species. Infections are so tenacious that the cold does not take them. Remember that viruses, for example, can hibernate for millions of years at low temperatures.

Pork is more than other types of meat prone to all kinds of invasions and infections – that is why pork can not be dogs.

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