Which Tablet to Choose for Games

Tablet buyers have different goals. Someone buys a tablet for the Internet, someone for games, someone just as a stylish gadget to show to friends. In this article we will talk about how to choose a tablet for games.

Mobile games are developing at a tremendous speed. A few years ago they were very simple and resembled computer games of the early 90s. But the situation is changing rapidly. Every year, the performance of smartphones and tablets increases several times. This allows you to run using increasingly complex and demanding graphics. Now even some full-fledged PC games are being transferred to mobile platforms.

Choosing a tablet for games

If you choose a tablet for games, then you need the most powerful device. For you, it is the performance of the tablet that will be its main characteristic. While the diagonal of the screen, case materials and other characteristics are fading into the background.

Which Tablet to Choose for Games

Gaming Tablet Performance

The performance of the tablet depends on such components as: processor, graphics accelerator and RAM. Consider these components in more detail.

  • CPU. If you choose a tablet for games, then you should not buy a device built on an unknown Chinese processor. It is better to give preference to processors from well-known manufacturers. Such processors are: Samsung Exynos, Nvidia Tegra and Qualcomm Snapdragon. A lot of important characteristics are the number of cores and clock speeds. Here the principle works, the more the better.
  • Graphics Accelerator. In order for your tablet to have no problems launching games, you need to make sure that your processor is equipped with a sufficiently powerful graphics accelerator. The most popular graphics accelerators are Adreno and Mali. At the moment, accelerators such as: Adreno 225, Adreno 3xx, Mali 4xx, Mali 6xx are relevant.
  • RAM. Everything is pretty simple here. The minimum amount of RAM can be considered 1 GB. If possible, it is better to choose models with two gigabytes of memory.

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Gaming tablet screen

Another pretty important component of a gaming tablet is the screen.

  • The screen size of modern tablets ranges from 7 to 10 inches. It is difficult to give any recommendations on the diagonal of the tablet. It all depends on your preferences and the budget allocated for the purchase of the tablet. After all, 10 inch tablets cost one and a half or two times more expensive than similar devices with a 7 inch screen.
  • Resolution. Do not chase too high a resolution. Higher resolution tablets are significantly more expensive and may work more slowly. A large screen resolution requires the use of significant system resources, which can adversely affect the tablet performance in games.

The amount of permanent memory of the gaming tablet

Mobile games weigh quite a lot. Therefore, to store a large number of installed games on your tablet, it must be equipped with a sufficient amount of permanent memory. The minimum amount of memory for these purposes can be considered 16 GB.

Gaming tablet operating system

As for the performance of the iPad, then everything is very simple. The Apple iPad 4 is equipped with the most powerful Apple A6X processor. Therefore, if you are looking for a tablet for games, then among the “iPads” iPad 4 is the best option.