Which Smartphone Shoots Better Video

&# 128242; Camera battle. Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro. which camera is better and which smartphone shoots better.

So, the moment has come when you can compare the photo capabilities of the very best cameras on smartphones, which are on the market in September 2019. The first of them is the representative of the apple side, this is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the second is the representative of the Android OS represented by Huawei Mate 30 Pro. If anyone does not know, just recently, Huawei showed at the presentation its new flagship, information about which I already wrote in a superficial review of the Mate 30 Pro. over, when he fell into my hands, I recorded a more detailed review of the Mate 30 Pro, I advise you to read.

The Mate 30 Pro has high expectations for a Quad-camera.

If everything is clear with the iPhone 11, I did a review on it, and also did a test of the cameras of the iPhone 11, but with the Mate 30 it’s still not very clear. It is stated that the cameras are significantly improved and that this is the best camera phone for today. Let’s check.

The iPhone 11 Pro is recognized as the leader of the end of 2019 in terms of cameras.

I forgot to say that the settings on both phones are twisted to the maximum quality, artificial intelligence is turned on. Everything photos are clickable and increase by clicking.

Photo camera test

We begin the comparison with general photos in daylight, then in portrait mode and then macro.

This photo may seem to you a pure portraiture, but it is not. Artificial intelligence can determine the background without using portrait mode, clickable:

The same photo in crop:

If without cropping everything seems to be the same, but in cropping we see that iPhone 11 has sucked tuna. You look at the excellent detail on the Mate 30 Pro and the soap on the iPhone 11. And this is on Huawei’s raw test firmware. Color rendering, background processing, all this is good in both flagships, but it’s worth increasing on you too. And this despite the fact that the iPhone 11 Pro / Max is the best camera phone at the moment.

Photo two, on the street in good sunny light:

The color rendition seems to be the same, everything seems to be good for both gadgets, except that the iPhone slightly darkens the picture, this can be seen on the bicycle path. But this is not so critical that I will miss.

And it’s worth enlarging the photo:

As the apple merged again, giving out a blurred blurry picture. And Matte 30 doesn’t have any oversharp here, the oversharp is different, here the device just showed good sharpness and extended the scene by 5 points.

Green, like white, is a sore subject for many flagships, let’s see how things are here:

No comments, perfect photo, perfect color rendering, excellent green color, only iPhone slightly darkened the sky, but it’s all nitpicking.

And this is the same photo in crop:

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Here the scene is such that the 11th simply could not merge it, this scene is very simple in terms of detail, and yet he merged it. Anyway, at Mat 30 the picture is sharper and clearer, take a look. There are no comments on color rendering at all.

Photo 4 is not macro, the distance is greater than for macro:

The background is blurred AI perfectly, the focus is determined perfectly. Let me remind you that these are simple photos not in portrait mode. In general, equivalent shots.

We increase, and. we see all the same:

Guys, the just released iPhone 11 Pro does not show detail at the Android level of a smartphone of the highest price segment. As regrettable as it sounds for Apple fans, the result is before my eyes. Perhaps this will fix everything in the firmware, I’m even sure that they will fix it, but so far.

Video: Which Smartphone Shoots Better Video

Let’s move on to portrait mode, scene 1:

The background is blurred so that damn you can’t understand what was behind. Well done, I’m completely pleased with the work of portrait mode and AI in both smartphones. The photo again is all the same, color, sharpness, surface topography, both pictures are at a height. Apple again slightly darkened the photo, but it doesn’t matter here.

Scene 2 and all the same:

Which Smartphone Shoots Better Video

Slowly begin to move towards shooting in low light conditions. Next will be two shots, the first will be in not very natural light.

Along the way, we came to the strength of the iPhone 11. to pictures with poor lighting. I like the color rendering more precisely with him, as well as the sharpness of the frame. The wall got a more natural texture than the Mate 30.

Let’s look at the crop:

Well, no, there are no options, the Mate 30 Pro is in flight. What can I say, and so everything is visible.

And another shot indoors in daylight:

And lo and behold, again the Mate 30 Pro punished the iPhone, in good lighting conditions it clearly dominates. Even without increasing it, the best quality of the coat is visible in cats, nose, muzzle, in general, the whole cat looks clearly, cool, legible precisely in Mate 30.

Well, an increase to clear conscience:

Any words still needed?

And now it’s going to be a macro in shitty lighting, Apple fans will be happy:

And immediately in the increase:

Mate 30 could not draw out the light, this time he screwed up already, I had high hopes for an improved aperture of the new cameras (f / 1.8), but no. Artificial intelligence on both smartphones took this macro shot differently. Mate 30 leaked and screwed up, why pull the rubber. The statue’s hair smells like a re-sharpen on the iPhone, but better than playing the whole scene.

Well, move on to low-light shots and night shots. The first photo, the sun goes to sunset, this is not quite sunset, but not as bright lighting as during the day. If I am not mistaken, the tree is backlit, it seems this is what it is called:

It seems that both pictures are very good, and there’s nothing to complain about. But no, the Mate 30 Pro again turned out to be worse, as soon as the lighting becomes weaker than the bright daylight, the difference between smartphones becomes visible.

If everything is gorgeous in color, then in sharpness, Mayt 30 lost. The picture on the apple phone is more natural.

Now it’s night, night mode is on:

Again, there seems to be no difference, if you look at the general plan, then I do not see any criticisms and shortcomings. All I see is the overshoot of the Mat 30 Pro, if you look closely, the signage lighting was better for Apple, you can even read what is written there. Yes, the light sources are clearly overexposed so that you can not make out the letters.

And if you increase it, then the ads illuminated from the inside are better on the head of the Mate 30.iPhone not only blurred this plan, but also went into blue tones. This round sign was, as it were, out of focus, and here Huawei pulled this place, well done.

Concluding the review of smartphone camera capabilities, the last night frame, night mode is on:

You know, I like both shots, even though Huawei showed more light from Christmas tree lighting. Apple’s image is more natural, sharper. The Mate 30 AI overdid it, the photo is somehow not the same, in comparison, of course, looking at individual pictures you will never see any difference.

Both well done, but at night Apple takes off better. This will most likely be corrected in Huawei firmware updates, but so far we have what we have.

Video camera test

Video shot at 1080p at 30 fps on both smartphones:

I don’t know about you, but I like the way the Mate 30 Pro focuses and how it blurs the background in scenes with the subject in focus. Yes, and the shaking is less for the Mate 30, take a closer look, the video is smoother, Apple shakes more, also smoothly, but with some jerks.

You do not need to throw rotten tomatoes, in some ways it’s better than the Mate 30, but in some ways it drains the iPhone 11. And this is the same one with three cameras, and not the base one for 2 sensors. I can say one thing, the firmware on both competitors is raw, smartphones have just come out, you need to wait a couple of months and test again.

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