Which Iphone Is Better X Or Xr

Which Iphone Is Better X Or Xr

This is not such a crazy idea, as it might seem at first glance.

iPhone XR is the most affordable among the smartphones of the current generation, but the filling is not much different from the iPhone XS and XS Max. The differences lie in the LCD-display, single camera and aluminum case, otherwise it is the same flagship as its older versions.

It may seem crazy to switch to the iPhone XR from the most technologically advanced iPhone X until last night, but in fact there are several good reasons. There are at least five of them.

1. Powerful modern processor

As in older versions, the iPhone XR uses the most productive chip to date among Apple smartphones. A12 Bionic is significantly superior to the previous generation, which runs last year’s iPhone X.

This is the first chip on the market based on a 7-nanometer process technology. It combines a six-core processor and a four-core graphics accelerator, which is 50% faster than the iPhone X. In addition, the A12 Bionic works in conjunction with the new generation Neural Engine system.

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An improved neural network is capable of performing 5 trillion operations per second. Compare with the 600 billion operations per second of the iPhone X, it is very, very much. Such power may seem redundant and unclaimed, but in new applications involving massive computing, it will be just the way.

2. Excellent camera

The iPhone XR has the same 12-megapixel camera as the iPhone X. The front camera is similar. Supports Face ID, but it works more efficiently and faster thanks to software optimization.

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The only drawback of the iPhone XR is the single rather than the dual module of the main camera. But, fortunately, Apple did not stint and installed the same camera in its most affordable smartphone as in the iPhone XS. over, if previously a dual camera was necessary for portrait photo mode, now it is successfully working on a single module.

3. High-quality display, albeit LCD

Before scolding the iPhone XR, remember that it has a 6.1-inch display! And this, for a moment, is not only last year’s iPhone X, but also the brand new iPhone XS.

Yes, it is made using LCD technology and has a density of only 326 pixels per inch, but this is exactly the same as in the iPhone 8, on which the photos and applications looked beautiful. At the same time, the iPhone XR supports True Tone and boasts a resolution of 1,792 × 828 pixels.

The disadvantages of the display include the lack of 3D Touch. Although when you consider that not everyone uses it, then this is not such a big loss. In addition, as Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, said the company did not remove the technology, but replaced it with a Haptic touch system, which is similar to the one used in the MacBook Pro trackpads.

4. Many colors of the case

Since the days of the iPhone 5C, Apple has not really spoiled us with various colors of cases and, as a rule, was limited to standard silver, gray and gold. iPhone X was completely available in only two shades.

After six different colors of the iPhone XR, including red, which usually appeared a few months later, this is a real celebration. In addition to the standard white and black, blue, yellow, coral and the same exclusive red were added.

5. Extended battery

At the presentation, we were told that the autonomy of the iPhone XR increased by as much as an hour and a half compared with the iPhone 8 Plus. This is a very worthy result, because the latter was the longest-running smartphone in the Apple line. iPhone 8 Plus could boast of autonomy at 14 hours compared to 12, which provided the iPhone X. Given this, we can expect that the iPhone XR can easily last 15, or even 16 hours.