Which Iphone Doesn't Turn Off In Frost

IPhone users often complain that their smartphone turns off in the cold. This problem is typical for all iPhone models, but iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, and 7 owners are faced with this especially often.

Typically, such complaints appear in the midst of winter frost, when the temperature outside reaches 20 or below. In this article, we will explain why the iPhone turns off in the cold and what can be done to prevent this from happening.

Why iPhone turns off in the cold

If you expose the iPhone to the influence of negative temperatures, then a variety of “glitches” and malfunctions may appear. For example, the iPhone may stop working, the screen sensor may stop working. But, the most typical problem when using the iPhone in the cold is the fast discharge of the battery. As a result of this accelerated discharge of the battery, the iPhone may turn off completely. How quickly the iPhone turns off depends on the ambient temperature, the state of the battery and the load on the iPhone.

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Which Iphone Doesnt Turn Off In Frost

A quick discharge of the battery and subsequent shutdown of the iPhone occurs because the battery is simply not designed to work in cold weather. According to the official website of Apple, for the full operation of the iPhone, the ambient temperature should be in the range from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. At the same time, it is noted on the website that a temperature of 20 to 45 degrees Celsius is suitable for keeping the iPhone off.

But, do not worry too much about this. Not only iPhone batteries are afraid of frost, but all batteries and batteries in general. This is their common feature. Even a car battery may not start the engine if it is very cold outside, and the battery is not the first freshness.

What to do if iPhone turns off in the cold

If you live in a region with a harsh climate and regularly encounter iPhone shutdown in the cold, then it makes sense to take some measures to solve this problem.

  • Firstly, try to keep the iPhone as close to your body as possible so that its temperature does not drop too low. Ideal, inside jacket pocket or front jeans pocket. If you keep the iPhone in your bag, then you definitely will not be able to avoid shutdowns in the cold.
  • It makes sense for the winter to pick up some thick case for the iPhone. The fact is that the metal and glass, which are used to manufacture the iPhone case, conduct heat very well. Therefore, being in the cold iPhone quickly gives off heat to the environment and its temperature drops below zero. The result is fast battery discharge and shutdown. But, if the iPhone is in a thick case, then it will cool much more slowly.
  • In addition, you can arm yourself with an external battery or the so-called Power Bank. Of course, the external battery also does not like frost, but usually it is in a plastic case and its capacity is much higher than that of the iPhone battery. Therefore, in most cases, the external battery continues to work even when the iPhone and other gadgets have long been turned off. By connecting your iPhone to such a battery, you can recharge it in the field and make a couple of calls. However, you should not abuse this method, since recharging the battery in cold weather can shorten its service life.
  • As a last resort, consider replacing the battery on an iPhone as a solution. But, resorting to this option is worth it only if your iPhone turns off immediately after being in the cold and refuses to work even for some time.

What to do if iPhone does not turn on after frost

Do not panic if your iPhone turned off in the cold and refuses to turn on after falling into a warm room. Give the device some time so that it is completely warmed up to room temperature. Usually it takes about 15-20 minutes.

After the temperature of the iPhone has aligned with the room temperature, you can try turning it on again. Most likely, he will turn on without problems. If this does not happen, then the iPhone needs to be put on charge and left it alone for a while.