Which Browser to Install on Android

SMART-TV owners often use only the functionality available on the TV, but sometimes it happens that a failure or other reason forces you to look for a new application with similar capabilities. In this situation, the most logical question is which browser for SMART TV is better, therefore the most optimal programs for the most popular Smart platforms will be presented below. It should be emphasized right away that not all developers offer a large selection of applications of this orientation, so you should not count on the abundance of software.

Which Browser to Install on Android

Browsers for SMART-TV Samsung

Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of TVs. For Smart Tv she created her own operating system Tyzen, which, in addition to TV sets, is adapted for smart watches of the same brand. The distinguishing features of this OS is ease of use and speed, but also a small selection of applications.

  1. By default, the Samsung TV browser is uncomplicatedly called “WebBrowser“. However, practice shows that its functions are quite enough for comfortable use.
  2. If you need an alternative, then you can use Yandex.browser. Its main difference is the availability of widgets that provide quick access to various content. TV channels, weather forecasts and other useful resources. This browser also stands out for its organic interface and a smart search bar. “Turbo” mode will help speed up page loading, and you can synchronize your profile with a laptop, tablet and smartphone through a cloud service.

Due to the fact that the Tyzen operating system is a proprietary development of the Korean company, there is not a large selection of browsers for it, but the available options in most situations fully satisfy user requests.

Browsers for smart TV LG

Another Korean manufacturer and main competitor of Samsung is LG, which also has its own webOS operating system.

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In terms of features and functionality, the WebOS platform is very similar to Tyzen, but differs in interface. The system is perfectly adapted for users and already out of the box it has everything necessary for work, including a browser, which is called “Web browser“.

Browsers for SMART-TV based on Android TV

Google, which created the most popular operating system in the world. Android, adapted it for TVs. Given the fact that the platform has not become less convenient from this, and users have the opportunity to log into their account on several devices and access all applications and services, think about why Android TV has been used by all manufacturers (except for those mentioned above ), it is not necessary. Of course, depending on the brand and even the model within the same company, the interface may change, but in general, Android TV on Japanese Sony Bravia or Ukrainian Kivi remains exactly the same.

By default, the browser for web surfing on TVs Xiaomi, TCL, Hisense and other devices on Android. Google Chrome. At the same time, nothing prevents you from putting it on a TV receiver:

  • Opera TV. is one of the best alternatives for SMART TV on Android, which is appreciated for the economical use of traffic and support for protection from advertising, spam and phishing;
  • Yandex browser;
  • Firefox
  • UC Browser;
  • Dolphin.

The last two browsers, despite their lesser popularity, are not inferior in functionality to programs located at the top positions.

How to install and update software



Android, unlike WebOS and Tyzen, is an open source operating system, so much more applications are written for it. Therefore, changing the browser if the existing one does not work or does not like it is very simple. there is no shortage of options here. The procedure is no different from the actions on a smartphone. you need to enter the Google Play Market, find the desired program in the search bar (you can simply write a “browser” to see all the options), and then it remains only to install the application. If you need to update it, then in the Play Market in the “My Applications and Games” section you can see all the installed software and update it.


Modern smart TVs offer consumers a wide range of options. In general, they are equivalent for different manufacturers. However, those users who like to customize the equipment as much as possible for themselves should choose from TV receivers that work c Android Tv, since there is a lot of software available that can satisfy any request. Those who like the option “bought, got out of the box and use” are better suited devices with WebOS or Tyzen OS, as they already pre-installed everything you need for comfortable use, but at the same time there are much less options for configuration, as well as available software.