Which Bowl To Choose For The Dog

Which Bowl To Choose For The Dog

When acquiring a four-legged friend, future owners should take care to have everything they need. In addition to other personal items, the pet will first need its own dishes. Careful owners should approach her choice very responsibly.

It is worth noting that an incorrectly chosen bowl will not only cause discomfort to the dog, but may also have a bad effect on his health. Therefore, when searching for suitable cookware, it is necessary to take into account its variety, as well as the quality of the material from which it is made. For its creation usually use: plastic, metal and ceramics. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plastic ware is the most economical option. But we all know that this material is particularly prone to chipping and cracking, which can later harm the pet. However, fragility is not the only drawback of plastic. From such dishes can emanate a chemical smell because of the paint, which is part of it. This even scares some dogs, but more importantly, the food intake from such a bowl can adversely affect the health of a family pet.
  • Ceramic bowls have a rather aesthetic appearance. Moreover, many owners prefer just such a dish, since they can heat food for their pet right in it, safely putting it in the microwave. Also, these bowls are quite weighty, which will not allow the dog to turn them over with ease. However, it is worth considering that ceramics is a breakable material and due to the carelessness of such dishes you can immediately lose it.
  • Metal bowls will last much longer than the previous ones. They are the most durable and comfortable to use. Moreover, their purity is completely easy to follow. However, this material is not intended for use in microwave ovens.
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In addition, this dish is very good on the floor, especially when the dog eats from it. And this can cause inconvenience not only to the animal itself, but also to its owners, because then they will constantly have to endure the deafening roar that accompanies their pet’s food intake. In this case, the owners better to buy bowls with a rubberized base, not allowing them to move from their seats.

Bowl types for animals:

Which Bowl To Choose For The Dog

  • Double. Most often, it is preferred by owners, in whose houses several pets live. Then both dogs will be able to eat at the same time each from their department.
  • Single. This bowl is convenient to use as a separate container for drinking water pet. So it will stay clean longer because food will not get into it from the neighboring compartment.

Automatic. This adaptation is indispensable for many busy owners. It consists of several tanks. They are filled with food and water. A built-in timer allows you to adjust the volume of portions, which at a given time will be issued to the dog.

More expensive models are equipped with a heating system that allows you to keep food warm. Moreover, some of them contain a device capable of recording the host command. Subsequently, such a beep will promptly inform the pet of the delivery of the finished meal.

  • Bowl. This device is perfect for not very neat dogs. The water inside it enters the tank in portions. Even if you touch such a bowl, the contents will not spill and remain in it. It is especially relevant for dogs with drooping ears and long hair on the beard. Using this device, they will keep their wool dry.
  • Road. It is a container that is filled with water. When she is upside down, the dog can get plenty of drink from it, without soaking the wool. It is convenient to use while on the road or on vacation.
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    Which Bowl To Choose For The Dog

    In addition, caring owners should know that the main criteria when choosing dishes for their four-legged friend are his individual characteristics, such as: the age of the dog, its size and muzzle, and the shape of the bowls themselves.

    It is noteworthy that not all dishes will be equally convenient for both large and miniature breeds. But in order to ensure maximum comfort, your pet needs to choose exactly the option that suits him.

    Nevertheless, there is a single requirement for all breeds – the bowl should be at the level of the pet’s chest. It is important that the dog does not have to lean over the dishes during the meal, otherwise it would damage his posture.

    For large dogs this can turn out to be more tragic, since breeds such as the Neapolitan and Malosty mastiffs, the pointer and the Hungarian kuvas are especially predisposed to dysplasia of the elbow and hip joints. Therefore, for them it is best to buy bowls that are mounted on a metal tripod. Their height can be adjusted as the puppy grows. Large pets need trapezoid bowls, narrowed up. The contents will not get enough of them when the dog is eating.

    For small dogs – Chihuahua, terriers and Yorkies – there are coasters and tables on which dishes are placed for them. Such designs are placed on the floor or attached to the wall, depending on the height of the growth of the dog. They should have shallow bowls, especially for dogs with flattened faces, such as Pekingese. Then, while eating, they will not get very dirty.

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