Which Bowl Is Better For A Dog?

What should be a good dog bowl?

Pledge of comfortable feeding

Which Bowl Is Better For A Dog?

A dog bowl must necessarily provide comfort of use, both by the owner and the dog. It consists of several factors:

  • Material
  • Forms,
  • Additional features.

Let us dwell on each of these aspects in more detail.

Features of materials

Which Bowl Is Better For A Dog?

  1. Plastic. These are the cheapest and most varied models. They easily blows and are easily washed off the remnants of food, but too light, which will cause them to slide on the floor while eating. Plastic products – a good option for adult, calm dogs; for puppies who love to gnaw and play all in a row, they fit poorly. And one more important note: the cheapest bowls can be made from non-food plastic and have a balm, which is dangerous for an animal. However, brand models (even inexpensive ones) are free from these drawbacks.
  2. Ceramics. Good ceramic bowls for dogs are massive enough not to slide on the floor, and not interesting to play, so you can use them for puppies. In addition, they are easy to clean and do not smell. The main disadvantage is that they should be handled with care, as the cracks that appear will quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, and one, even a small, cleaver will be enough to cut. Well, their prices are among the highest, while it is almost impossible to find ceramic bowls for dogs of large breeds.
  3. Steel. Metal bowls cost less than ceramic, but they are almost as good as their characteristics. These are rather heavy, odorless models that are practically not afraid of mechanical damage and are very undemanding in care and handling. In fact, there are no downsides to such products, that is, it is just such a bowl that can be recommended for purchase in most cases.
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The form

Which Bowl Is Better For A Dog?

Additional features

Here we will look at various non-standard options, which, however, often may well be the best bowl for your dog.

Sometimes you can find silicone bowls for sale. They are not intended for everyday use, but due to impact resistance and folding design are the best option for pets traveling with their owners.

For hyperactive dogs, swallowing food, almost without chewing, special trough feeders are best suited. They are used exclusively for dry food, and due to the form they do not allow all the granules to be swallowed too quickly and to get digestive problems.

Which Bowl Is Better For A Dog?

Large breed dogs are advised to purchase bowls on stands with stands. The plates themselves in them, in fact, are the usual metal models, but the stand, adjustable in height, allows you to arrange them so that the dog does not need to bend down his head to the floor. Their use contributes to proper digestion and reduces the risk of joint diseases.

And, finally, for the owners, forced to work long hours, there are special automatic feeders that give out portions of dry food at a predetermined time. They do not allow the dog to overeat and allow you to distribute food for the whole day.


Which Bowl Is Better For A Dog?

So, we looked at all the basic aspects of a good dog bowl. Now, having familiarized with them, you can independently choose the best option for your pet.

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