Where’s The Samsung A20 Screenshot

Today we’ll talk about how to turn off voice guidance on your Samsung brand TV. Electronics manufacturers are trying to make home appliances and appliances convenient to use. But sometimes it turns out exactly the opposite. Some built-in functions not only interfere, are redundant, but also annoying.

A way to turn off the voice reading options on a Samsung TV

Those who purchased a Samsung plasma display often ask on forums how to turn off a woman’s monotonous voice. She comments on all our actions all the time: channel switching, volume up, timer on and more. This voice bothers you very quickly.

Where's The Samsung A20 Screenshot

Voice over TV

over, there is no need for scoring. there is two ways remove the voice acting of your actions on the TV.

Consider the quick way:

  1. Take the Samsung remote control in your hands;
  2. Press and hold the volume button;

Where's The Samsung A20 Screenshot

Press and hold the volume button

Where's The Samsung A20 Screenshot

Voice instructions on a Samsung TV

After that, click on the “Close” button. If the checkbox is on the other items “Video Description”, “Subtitles”. remove them as well. For different Samsung TVs, the remote control buttons and their functions may vary. For example, holding the volume button for a long time does not happen. In this case, consider the instruction to turn off voice tracking through the settings.

Disabling voice guidance through the settings on Samsung

Settings can be opened using the remote control and buttons on the TV.

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If you cannot turn off the prompts on the TV through the volume button on the remote control:

  1. Press the menu button on the remote control;
  2. Then find and select “General”;

Where's The Samsung A20 Screenshot

Video: Where’s The Samsung A20 Screenshot

Select General

Where's The Samsung A20 Screenshot

TV Special Features

In this window there are also voice tone settings on Samsung and playback speed.

What to do if there is no sound on the Samsung TV

Users who have just started to get acquainted with Samsung TV can face various problems. If you connected the device, but there is no sound on it, try turning it off completely. Wait 5-10 minutes, and then turn it on again. Often, such actions help eliminate some problems with sound on the TV and not only.

If they started after you turned off voice guidance on TV, try sound test:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on the remote control on the TV panel;
  2. Select the “Support” button on the left;

Select “Support”

Select “Self Diagnostics”

Click Run Test

A small sign will appear where the request will be: “Change the speakerphone. TV “. You need to confirm it and click “Yes.” Next, another window will appear where the current volume level will be displayed. You need to make sure that the volume matches the level of the indicator on Samsung.

Where's The Samsung A20 Screenshot

Samsung TV sound test

If there is no sound, check again if you connected the wires correctly. Users confuse connectors (RCA), which we also often call “bells” or “tulips”. In the event that everything is connected correctly, but there is no sound, contact the Samsung support service. Or try resetting your factory settings yourself.

Is it possible to reset factory settings on Samsung TV

On many TV models, resetting is done in the same way as disabling voice prompts. For this you need a control panel

We pick it up and carry out the following recommendations:

  1. Press in turn the buttons: INFO, MENU, MUTE, POWER The last button is power on / off;
  2. A small menu will appear on the left screen where you need to select the “Option” item;
  3. In the next window on Samsung, select “Factory Reset”.

Where's The Samsung A20 Screenshot

Press a few buttons on the remote control in sequence

The TV will turn off for a while. Then it will turn on again. Now you need to check if the sound has appeared. Also log in to your Samsung account. Resetting the settings will delete all your previously made settings and the set parameters in the device. If you downloaded applications to the TV, they will also be deleted. If these actions did not lead to the expected result, as well as deactivating voice prompts, you need to contact support. And ask for help.

Contact Samsung Technical Support

The official Samsung product support page is located at https://www.samsung.com/support/. Here you can get advice or tips on how to use this or that device. Contact a consultant directly and ask a question that worries you.

Choose any suitable method for this:

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