When you turn on the computer, it writes an energy-saving mode

Quick boot system

When you turn on the computer, it writes an energy-saving mode

The monitor goes out and goes into energy-saving mode

Good day!
I have the following problem:
After a certain time, the monitor goes blank stupidly (goes into power saving mode).
At the same time, the following is interesting:
– The monitor was changing (previously there was an old 17-inch non-LCD, now a 23-inch LCD)
– Video cards have changed since initially thought that overheating (Geforce 8800 GT, Geforcr 240 GT)
– It all started with reinstalling Windows from Vista to Win7, right now. I encounter similar in Vista.

What to prepare to change? Maternal, BP, or something else?

P.S. I repeat, the problem arose with both monitors, video cards.

Well, what ideas. test, watch, change everything you can.

mhdd, memtest. the first thing I do when I touch a buggy computer, but I think this is not your case.

Visually, the mother will look at the presence of swollen condors or black dots on the south bridge (unless of course he is without a radiator) and other chips (although after the appearance of these, the computer usually does not work at all, or some of its functions do not work).

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Are the fans all spinning?

If the previous options do not give results, then I would replace the PSU. Poor nutrition. the cause of many troubles in the computer, after the dust of course
Katati, tell me what kind of PSU you have installed.

the appearance of the problem together with the change of Windows. this is most likely a coincidence. (although if the hard is faulty, but mhdd will tell you about this)

People often think "logically". Monitor went out: Aw! a problem with the monitor, vidyuhi, firewood vidyuhi, etc. And the fact that the computer at the same time hung or there the electricity in the outlet ended, so it is, along the way or nothing to do with it. Logics!

In fact, everything works in the opposite direction: if the computer is hung, it is not surprising that the monitor has stopped showing. And you need to dig not towards the monitor, but towards the hang of the computer. Most often, a bad power supply (it does not pull vidyuha powerful for example or an initially bad model with a tendency to early dystrophy), a dying motherboard or severe overheating of the processor.

So, the XP550, like its predecessor, also does not match the power declared for it. In fact, this is a 300-watt HEC unit of ATX12V 1.3 standard, reinforced by a second fan. in connection with which the maximum operating power for it can be determined in the region of 330 watts, but nothing more. With a power of 380 W, the unit simply burns out due to overheating of the transistor in the key.

Again, summarizing the testing results of the W0070 can be divided into two parts. On the one hand, as a budget 300-watt power supply, it is quite good. neat assembly, good parameters, quite quiet operation.

Thermaltake, on the other hand, wanted to stick a label on it. "430 watts", to which the unit does not correspond from any point of view, it is simply not capable of working with such power for more than one or two minutes. What is most sad, the Thermaltake unit does not determine the cost from the real power, but from the power indicated on the label. and at the moment it is from 45 and higher (unlike the XP480, the XP550 is sold separately from the cases). In my opinion, such an amount, absolutely not distinguished by a 300-watt block of an obsolete standard, cannot be justified in any way.

And this is the article of 2006, where the requirements for power supply were lower than in conditions of using modern iron!

If anyone is confused by the difference in a pair of letters and colors, then here is a comment by the author of the article in the description of the completely identical http://www.fcenter.ru/products.shtml. oper = 70894.

I often took Thermalteiki at one time and advised others, until I ran into the same remarked shit and all the charms associated with it.

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