When You Can Start Walking With A Puppy

When is it better to start introducing your beloved fluffy baby to the outside world? Before the first vaccination or after vaccination? How long will the abstinence from walking affect the health and process of raising a pet?

These are the most common questions regarding this topic, which are asked to veterinarians and dog specialists.

The first walking relative to age and vaccination

Many leading experts insist that the first walk should occur in the near future after the puppy has appeared in a foster family. His age is of little importance. After all, it is so important that walking with a new owner occurred at the time of the puppy’s appearance in the house. If the fluff is just a crumb, you can do it by carrying it on your hands for at least half an hour.

Most often for the first time a dog is vaccinated at the age of up to two months, and then after another couple of weeks. More information about vaccinations and quarantine, when to start and how much time you can walk with a puppy on the street, tell the vet.

Correct walking relative to pet breed

Next, we consider the most popular breeds of domestic dogs today and how to walk them correctly, based on the specific nature of the dog’s relative to its breed:

  1. Husky This breed is very susceptible to the diseases of urban pets, because its nature was formed and intended for completely different conditions of life. Because of their “purity,” the Huskies are a kind of tasty bait for various parasites — fleas, lashes, ticks, and so on. Therefore, the owner must thoroughly prepare a small pet for the first walk, especially within the city limits. This breed is more resistant to viral and infectious diseases.
  2. Chihuahua The first walking with a puppy of this breed should take place no earlier than the pet will be 5-6 months old. Despite their supposed fragility, chihuahuas have strong immunity and are immune to ailments, adapting to any climate. Do not be mistaken, taking a walk with this miniature pet, carrying it in your arms or especially in a bag. This is a living and very mobile creature, which also needs to warm up. Naturally, the first steps in the fresh air, the pet is better to do away from the roads and outsiders, especially dogs. Best suited glade in the park with low grass.
  3. Dachshunds. Begin to walk pets of this breed only after a full range of necessary vaccinations. By age, this is approximately obtained in the region of 3 months. A dachshund will have a little stress during the first walk because of the fear of the unknown, therefore it is better to hold this event without letting it go long. If the puppy is very mobile, you can let him run, but with a minimum number of strangers. If the dog is frightened of something, do not try to immediately grab her in his arms – stroke it, calm it down with an even tone of voice, call it by name. You quickly get used to all the good things – and dogs are no exception. If you always carry your pet on your hands, he will refuse to run on his own. In no case can you use the now-roulette leash when walking a dachshund. Due to the characteristics of the physiology of this breed, it will cause some physical pathology in the animal.
  4. Yorkshire Terrier. Many choose their own small dogs, hoping that it is not necessary to take them to the fresh air for a walk, and they can shit at home, having become accustomed to the tray. But this is absolutely wrong. Yorkshire terrier must be walked in the same way as other dogs. Imagine for a second that you were locked in an apartment and not released. The retreat will be reflected in depression in the animal, it will simply “fade away”, despite the best conditions and nutrition. Not everyone knows that by its nature, this breed belongs to the hunting, which were specially bred in old England for catching rodents. Therefore, after the standard first pet vaccinations, you can safely take a walk.
  5. Jack Russell Terrier. The duration and number of walks with a puppy is completely dependent on his age. After quarantine, it is better to take the dog out on short visits. In wet weather, it is better to shorten the length of the walking period to the maximum, since this breed is very susceptible to respiratory diseases. It would not be superfluous to warm a pet with a cowboy cloth. Do not completely cancel the walk, it will badly affect the mood of the dog.
  6. French Bulldog. Quarantine after the first mandatory vaccinations for the French bulldog lasts about a week. Walking preferred after each meal to develop the necessary reflex and mode. Such walks should not be long, but rather become a kind of "potty" exit. It is necessary to understand that the first walks will have to wear a lot of a pet on your hands, as puppies of this breed are contraindicated for moving up the steps. If the owner does not know this, his dog’s spine deforms over time, the size of its paws changes, and a hernia may appear.
When You Can Start Walking With A Puppy

You are responsible for those who have tamed. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all puppy owners first familiarize themselves with the characteristics of their breed and life in the jungle of steel, glass and concrete.

When You Can Start Walking With A Puppy
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