When The Dog Gnaws Everything

When The Dog Gnaws Everything


Whatever bones you are going to give your dog, try to find the thickest ones. Bones should not be cracked or spongy. Acquire bones of a larger size than you think are most suitable for feeding your pet. If the bone size is larger than the mouth, then the animal is less likely to catch it and eat shards that are dangerous to health.

Artificial bones

If your pet wants to nibble something, but he does not like what you gave him, you can try rubbing the object with cheese, olive oil, chicken fat or tuna fat, bacon. This will be an additional incentive for the animal to develop the correct behavior in such cases.


If the dog nibbles at mattresses, pillows, furniture legs, or other household items, which was previously uncharacteristic for him, pay attention to whether the reason for such behavior in the animal’s teeth is hidden. Make sure that the gums of the dog do not bleed, there is no unpleasant smell from the mouth, check the condition of the teeth: if there are loose or broken teeth, there is no tartar and abcesses, if there are any food debris stuck in the teeth. If there are medical problems, the first thing is to cure the animal, and then decide the issue with the behavior.

Psychological reasons

Adult dogs may chew on things in a state of boredom, anxiety, anger or frustration. As a rule, animals show signs of anxiety when they do not love being alone. Separation brings them suffering. Most of the time the dog is in the company of his household, and suddenly the owners leave for work, the children go to school or on vacation in the summer camp. New conditions and make the animal worry.

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If an animal shows signs of anxiety due to loneliness, it is best to give it toys that smell like food. Left alone and nervous, the dog especially wants to gnaw something in the first fifteen minutes of loneliness. If you manage to relieve the stress of the animal during this period, there is every chance of getting rid of this problem. Of great importance and the environment. Turn on calm and quiet music or program on television. But not a program from the life of the animal world, but it will drive your animal crazy!

Such actions will gradually increase the time the animal is alone. Alternate long intervals with short ones to make it easier for your dog to deal with your problem.

Animals that necessarily need to nibble something are dangerous for themselves and for their families. It is clear that in especially difficult cases, the owners irresistibly want to lock up their pet somewhere. This may be the only correct option when, despite all your efforts, the dog gnaws wires and other dangerous objects. But even in the most difficult cases, with proper patience, you can accustom your pet to the correct behavior.

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