When The Computer Turns On The Mouse Does Not Work

When The Computer Turns On The Mouse Does Not Work

  • What to do if the mouse does not work
  • How to fix a mouse wheel
  • What to do if Windows does not see the keyboard

If the mouse is connected to the system unit via the PS / 2 connector (a round socket on the rear panel, next to which there is sometimes a mouse image), it cannot be connected and disconnected in a “hot” way, i.e. when the computer is on. A short circuit may occur to which the PS / 2 ports are very sensitive.

If you see that the cursor does not move and the system does not respond to mouse clicks, turn off the computer using the keyboard. To call the Start menu, press CtrlEsc or Win. Use the Down arrow and Enter keys to select the “Shut Down” command and confirm the shutdown request by pressing OK.

Disconnect the mouse wire from the port and carefully, trying not to bend the pins of the electrodes, reconnect. there may be a problem in the absence of contact. Turn on the computer. If the mouse works, then you did everything right.

USB ports are designed for hot plugging. However, if the mouse connected via USB does not work, still turn off the system unit before changing the connector. rebooting can help.

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If the problem persists, check the mouse on another computer. If the cursor moves and the keys work, the port on your system unit may be malfunctioning or there are software problems.

To identify the source of trouble, alternately connect obviously good-functioning mice to the computer via PS / 2 and USB ports. Usually you do not need to install special drivers. standard Windows utilities are also suitable. If no device is working. most likely a software problem.

Using the Win keys, direction arrows, Tab and Enter, from the "Start" menu, go to the "Control Panel", activate the "System" icon, click "Device Manager" in the "Hardware" tab, then expand the "Mouse and other pointing devices" list. Using the ShiftF10 combination, call the context menu and select the "Delete" command, then reboot. When the system detects a new device, it will reinstall the drivers on it.

If you connected new equipment or installed a new program, the cause may be a hardware conflict. Log into the system in safe mode when it boots in minimal configuration. To do this, restart the computer and press F8 after a short beep. In the boot modes menu, select “Safe Mode”. When prompted by the system to continue working in this mode, answer “Yes”. If the mouse is working properly, remove new hardware and software. Boot in normal mode.

If the “System Restore” option is enabled on your system, try selecting “Download the last successful configuration” in the mode selection menu. The system will offer you several system restore points to boot. Choose the one closest to the time the problems started. If the attempt failed, try a different date.

You can enter system recovery mode differently. When rebooting, select the option "Safe Mode", however, when asked by the program about the continuation of the work, answer "No". After that, you will be prompted to select a recovery point.

Windows OS has a built-in "troubleshooter." To launch it, go to the “Control Panel” using the keyboard and open the “Mouse” icon. Go to the “Hardware” tab using ShiftTab and click “Diagnostics”. To start the diagnosis, use the "Next" button. To select an answer to system questions, press Shift. Perhaps, as a result, it will be possible to find out the cause of the inoperability.

If these methods do not help, check your computer for viruses. Download the free AVZ4 program and deploy it to a USB flash drive. Press WinR and enter the command F: \ AVZ4 \ avz.exe in the "Open" window, where F :. The name of the removable disk in the system. Run a scan.

If the mouse works, but freezes from time to time, right-click on an empty spot on the screen, select the “Properties” option and go to the “Settings” tab. Click Advanced and select the Diagnostics tab. Move the “Hardware Acceleration” slider one division to the left and confirm by pressing OK.