When the cheaper Honor 20 Pro

The Honor 8 model released last year from the Chinese company Huawei has gained recognition from consumers and is still in enviable demand. The gadget combines both an attractive appearance and a decent “stuffing”, along with a more than affordable price tag for existing features.

When the cheaper Honor 20 Pro

For a couple of months now, on the mobile device market, a brand new model from the same manufacturer, “Honor 9”, has firmly established itself in the top sales. At first glance, the device is not much different from its predecessor, but upon closer examination, the difference is still visible.

So, let’s try to figure out which is better. “Honor 8” or “Honor 9” by putting these two gadgets, as they say, face to face. Consider the main characteristics of the models, as well as the feasibility of buying the first or second option.


Comparison of Honor 8 and Honor 9 showed that the company adheres to the apple principles, that is, if the design appeals to users, it is better not to touch anything and leave it as it is. Here we see a similar design and similar elements. At Apple, such a “trick” is fed up with the order, but at Huawei, it rolls with a bang, because the appearance of the Honor 8 or Honor 9 models is one of the clearly positive aspects.

Both gadgets have a glass back panel and a frame around the perimeter of metal. One of the remarkable moments is more than 15 layers under glass, moreover, from different materials. This special design allows you to diffuse the light and create a semblance of the effect of radiance, which looks very nice.

If we compare the Huawei Honor 8 and 9 versions in terms of dimensions, then we also will not see a significant difference: the eighth model is 147 x 71 x 8 mm with a weight of 155 grams, and the ninth model is 146 x 71 x 7.5 mm at 153 grams. So visually or tactilely to determine the difference, holding both phones in the palm of your hand, is not possible.

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The only critical structural difference between the Honor 8 and Honor 9 smartphones is the presence of a fingerprint sensor under the screen in the latter, and the first one is located on the rear panel. The scanner itself also received some changes: in the ninth model, it is oblong, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7, and in the eighth it is round.

In addition, a comparison of Honor 8 and Honor 9 showed that the latest generation of models received a wider variety of color schemes. Shades of gray and black colors were added, which, by the way, look very decent and even solid.

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Comparing which model is better. “Huawei Honor 8” or “Honor 9”, you see that the first gadget has a 5.2-inch screen, and the second, surprisingly, is only 5-inch. But, despite this difference, visually it is almost imperceptible.

As for the layout, there are also no differences here. 1920 by 1080 pixels. The only thing is that the number of dots per inch floated a little. 428 ppi for Honor 9 and 423 ppi for Honor 8. Visible differences are felt in the matrix: in the latest generation, the maximum levels of contrast and brightness are noticeably greater, and automatic level adjustment works a little better.


Many users will be able to choose between Honor 8 or Honor 9 with a performance section. The eighth model is equipped with a HiSilicon Kirin 950 processor on eight cores and 4 GB of RAM. The available characteristics are enough to perform everyday tasks and launch modern toys. In the latter, however, sometimes you have to reset the graphics settings to an average level.

The ninth model received an improved set of chipsets. Kirin 960 and 6 GB of RAM. Therefore, there are no problems launching any applications. In total, choosing between “Honor 8” or “Honor 9”, we see that the performance increase was about 18%.

The platform also did not undergo drastic changes, with the only difference being that the latest generation of Honors is supported by the proprietary add-on Emotion UI 5.1, which is responsible for the distribution of resources in the system, and everything else is painfully familiar.

Offline work

The latest model received a more capacious battery at 3200 mAh versus 3000 mAh at Honor 8. In practical terms, this is hardly noticeable. For example, if the smartphone’s charge lasted for 6-7 hours of intensive work in the latter case, then the new gadget will gain an increase in battery life by a maximum of 30 minutes with a similar load.

The Android platform has always been gluttonous, so a clear difference in the duration of work can be traced only if we compare 3000 mAh and 5000 mAh, but here we are talking about minutes.


After the release of the new generation of Honors, the eighth model has fallen in price and costs about 20 thousand rubles. A brand new gadget of the ninth series will cost you 26 thousand rubles in the maximum configuration. The difference of five to six thousand rubles for the domestic consumer is very significant.

Despite some updates to Honor 9, the previous generation is still relevant and deserves attention. over, the eighth series has a large number of both branded (stock) and amateur add-ons, which to a large extent expand the functionality and usability of the device.


The obvious differences between the new generation of Honorov and the new are performance, characteristics of the display matrix and cameras, the location of the fingerprint sensor and, of course, the price. As expected, Honor 9 bypasses its predecessor in all these respects.

The cost of the latest generation of Honors is slightly higher on average in the segment, but the same advantages, in comparison with competing counterparts, are larger. If you are not a fan of playing “heavy” toys and you are not confused by the location of the fingerprint scanner, then Honor 8 is more than a decent option. Well, for fans of the most modern and high-performance ones, we can recommend Honor 9 with a clear conscience.

It will also be worthwhile to note that smartphones, and even more so the news of the mobile market, always cost 15-20% more than their real cost. Experts and experienced users recommend waiting a month or two, and after the fall of hype, as well as prices, calmly take a brand new model for a couple, or even three thousand cheaper. over, within a year after the start of sales, brands, including Huawei, issue prices and offer distribution points and other offers that are enviable for consumers. So hurry in this case is not worth it.