What to do if the computer turns on for a long time

Does the computer take a long time to boot? Windows 7 or another operating system is installed. no matter, this is a fairly common problem among modern users. Let’s try to figure out with you what to do in such a situation. It is also worth noting which factors are "moderators" a computer.

Keep track of the system

What to do if the computer turns on for a long time

So, the first option, in which the computer takes a long time to load (Windows 7). this, of course, is a banal non-compliance with all the rules for "care" for OSes. So, over time, it begins to become clogged and cluttered with old programs, games and other applications. As a result, your computer starts to slow down, Windows 7 boots up for a long time. What to do. you do not know. Then try to get rid of everything that you don’t need, but, nevertheless, is installed in the system. Old games and applications, programs. all that you do not plan to run is best removed with "Control panels". When you complete the task, you will notice that the system began to work faster. But that is not all. The reasons that the computer takes a long time to load (Windows 7) are many. Let’s see what else can contribute to this behavior.


Well, if you notice that your operating system has been loading for too long, then think about how long you did the so-called disk defragmentation. This process is preferably performed once a month to ensure the normal operation of the system. If you have never done this process at all, and then suddenly your computer boots up for a long time, Windows 7 refuses to obey, then you should not be surprised at this.

Have to do defragmentation. This is a standard feature. "Windows"so you can find it in the tab "Standard". Click "Office"and then find there "Disk Defragmenter". Click on this menu item and check all the partitions of the hard disk for defragmentation. When the process is completed, the system will start to work several times faster. And then it will start "to fly". But that is not all. It is worth looking at a couple more reasons that the computer takes a long time to load. Windows 7 is not the only OS that is prone to such a problem.

What to do if the computer turns on for a long time

A lot of everything

Well, another reason for the slow operation of the system is the banal clutter of the system, or rather, its "overload" diverse, constantly functioning programs. If you are used to running 100 graphics processing programs, another 100. for working with music, several dozen utilities for the Internet, and all that. at the same time, you should not be surprised that you have moments "reverie".

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In this situation, only the total extermination of the constant launch of many programs is suitable. In other words, you have to moderate your ardor and not launch 200 applications at the same time. Try not to load the computer processor very hard. Otherwise, your problem with the speed of work will not work out. Instead, you will think about the topic: "The computer boots up for a long time (Windows 7). What to do?" Limit your desires, or simply buy a more powerful computer. It will allow you to use more applications at the same time.

What to do if the computer turns on for a long time


If your computer takes a very long time to boot, Windows 7 is losing its speed in front of your eyes. perhaps the system is infected with some kind of computer infection. Simply put. You picked up a virus that is now loading your computer. Modern Trojans and spam can quietly register in autorun, as well as launch their copies and "multiply". All this makes the computer a very long time. "to think".

What to do in this situation? Probably the most logical way would be to get rid of viruses. How to do it? There are a huge variety of various methods of dealing with this infection. You could even say that each trojan has its own authority. The main thing is to start by scanning the operating system for malicious software. After that, clean the registry a bit, and only then see how to specifically defeat yours. "infection". After the system is cured, the speed of work will be restored. But there are also reasons for this behavior. Now we will finally figure out what else can serve as an impetus for poor work.


Sometimes the reason that the computer boots up for a long time (Windows 7) is "iron", from which "comp" composed as a whole. Here the problem is divided into several categories. However, the outcome will be the same. huge "the brakes" in operation, or even severe failures, leading to data loss. Let us see what can serve as an impetus for such phenomena.

What to do if the computer turns on for a long time

So, the most pleasant outcome. You have installed too powerful an operating system for your computer. In other words, he simply doesn’t "pulls"not suitable for minimum system requirements "operating system". In this situation, you can either reinstall the system to a suitable one, or change the computer hardware.

The second scenario. it’s a computer breakdown "glands". Usually. before this, the system informs the user about it. Very often we get messages with error codes (or even with plain text), where the reason is displayed "much thought" before action. What to do in this situation? Take the computer to a service center. there you will definitely be helped to find out the cause and fix it. Or, if you know exactly what exactly you have broken, you can try to replace the part yourself.

System, good bye

Well, if the computer boots up for a long time (Windows 7), a black screen appears instead of the welcome window, then, of course, this can only mean one thing. your system "fell". Simply put, it broke. For what reasons. only you and your computer know. It. the most unpleasant moment that appears after the user ignores several times messages with critical errors. What to do in this case?

What to do if the computer turns on for a long time

To get started, you can take the Windows 7 installation disc and try to restore the system using the recovery tool. If you manage to bring the computer back to life. scan it immediately, clean it, and best of all, call the wizard in general, which will help you keep the system in working condition.

The second scenario. this is a complete loss of the system, along with all the data. Only a complete reinstallation with formatting the hard drive will help here. So, be careful, pay attention to all error messages and crashes. then you can recognize the problem in time and solve it.

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