What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

Smartphones are becoming more and more complicated every year, and the more functional the mechanism, the more likely it will malfunction. What to do if the phone freezes. This is a question that many users ask, mainly Android. Almost every owner is faced with a freeze of the smartphone, but usually these are periodic lags that are eliminated by themselves. In some cases, the phone, the same applies to tablets, stops turning on completely or does not respond to any actions. We will analyze the causes and solutions to this malfunction.

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

Why does the phone freeze?

If the phone freezes during power-up or during operation, it is worth remembering that there can only be 2 causes of a malfunction:

  1. Mechanical. this is damage to certain phone devices on a physical level. It is likely that the contact has disappeared somewhere or the board element has failed. Most often, this occurs due to the fall or ingress of water on the device. At the same time, external damage is not necessary at all, in some cases the screen is going through well, but internal damage is still present;

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

  1. Systemic. these are failures that are caused by any problems in the system part. If the phone does not even boot, then Android has ceased to be fully functional, but more often there are certain difficulties during operation and the smartphone lags.

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

The second variety is much more common, although mechanical malfunctions are quite possible. Note that with physical damage, the smartphone does not even turn on (most often), sometimes the backlight only lights up. Initially, it is assumed that the outside of the smartphone is the whole and the main reason for the system to freeze. When the solutions are exhausted at the system level, it is worth taking the phone to the workshop.

It is also worth saying that the cause of a hang at the system level can be of two types: insufficient system resources, most likely some programs take up all the memory, system failures when the integrity of Android is in doubt.

Phone screen freezes. lack of RAM, processor load

Modern smartphones are equipped with 2-3 GB of RAM, less often 4-6 GB are installed, but they are not always enough, and when the memory is exhausted, a situation arises that the phone freezes and does not respond or reacts, but very slowly. The problem is a lot of programs that work in the background, so on smartphones from 3 GB of installed RAM, only 1 GB is available, which clogs extremely quickly.

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

The processor may also become clogged and its functionality will be greatly reduced. The CPU is heavily influenced by most programs, from demanding games to video / photo editors. Even modern processors are not always able to withstand heavy loads, and after closing the program, it still hangs in the processes. Some applications always work in the background, for example, an antivirus, while heavily loading the smartphone.

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To free up the phone’s memory and return it to normal operation:

  1. Remove applications that have less benefit than harm;
  2. Disable notifications from applications, especially useless ones;
  3. Deactivate the background work of programs;
  4. Install memory cleaning applications; you can activate them automatically with a certain regularity;

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

  1. Timely clear the program cache, it is better to use utilities;
  2. Remove widgets that are always active on the desktop.

At the same time, the programs themselves can be malfunctioning and overload the smartphone. Alas, application optimization is lame due to the huge number of device models. So you should remove all dubious and useless programs, and also do not install third-party utilities through apk files.

What to do if the phone hangs on the screen saver?

Another niche of problems is when the phone hangs on the logo and no longer has any reactions. Accordingly, the problem is deeper than installing programs or loading on the processor, most likely the OS is out of order.

In such cases, the first thing you can try to reboot the device, maybe a one-time failure. The main catch is that the phone at the start-up phase does not respond to a standard reboot. We’ll have to use a tougher option. hold the power button and lower the volume, there are also distinctive options.

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

If you are not lucky and when you turn it on again, it doesn’t get better, you will have to use a factory reset, that is, roll back all the functions to their original state. This procedure can also be performed on the Android menu if the device was able to start. In our case, you will have to use Hard Reset.

  1. Press the sound reduction button along with the power on and hold for about 10 seconds until actions from the side of the smartphone are noticeable;
  2. In the menu that appears, select “wipe data / factory reset”, navigation is performed using the volume control, and the power button confirms the selection;

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

  1. After confirmation, a restart will occur in the pop-up window, while all data will be deleted from the device, and the procedure itself takes time, you should not worry.

There is another way. flashing the smartphone, it is a little more functional.

Android phone freezes. reinstalling operating system

When the phone freezes and does not turn on, you can use an alternative approach, all data will also be lost here, but its advantage is that you can install a new version of Android.

To perform a flashing, you must:

  1. Download the ZIP archive with firmware and put it in the phone’s memory;
  2. Go to the recovery menu, as in previous cases;
  3. Select "wipe data / factory reset";
  4. Confirm the procedure, and then go back one step;
  5. Select "Install zip";

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

  1. Select "Choose zip from / sdcard" and specify the path to the file, and then agree to continue;
  2. Then click on the “reboot system now” menu and after rebooting there will be a new system.

What to do if Samsung A3 freezes

Ultimately, if no actions already help, you will have to take the device to the workshop, apparently a mechanical problem if the procedures were performed correctly.

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