What To Do If Iphone Discharges On Charge

Why is iPhone running out of charge quickly?

What To Do If Iphone Discharges On Charge

The fact that the iPhone holds the battery much longer than the eternal competitors with the Android OS is just a myth. IPhones also usually do not have enough energy to "stay awake" offline for more than a day. over, the percentage of charge of the "apple" gadget can "leak" literally before our eyes. probably, every iPhone user has noticed such a "sin" in their mobile device. If you don’t understand the reason why iPhone is quickly discharged, but really want to fix this problem, the article will definitely be useful to you.

Applications: do I need to close?

The opinion that applications that continue to run in the background after the user forgets to close them is the main charge absorbers is very controversial. The thing is that when you start the program from scratch, a lot of energy is required, so close the application that you use constantly completely not only uncomfortable, but also impractical.

However, for example, Facebook Keeping in the background is not recommended. This mobile program automatically tracks the user’s location. due to geolocation, the battery consumption is very significant. Facebook considered one of the most energy-intensive mobile applications.

IPhone does not hold a charge: reasons and instructions for elimination

Common reasons why the iPhone began to discharge quickly in offline mode include the following:

Activated Location Services. To accurately determine the user’s location, iPhone uses Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth data, as well as geolocation data from cell towers. imagine how much energy it takes! Turn off geolocation, and you will notice that the smartphone will "live" without charging 1.5-2 times longer.

Deactivate geolocation as follows:

Step 1. Follow the path "Settings "-"Privacy "-"Geolocation services ". Here you will find a list of applications that use GPS to track your location:

Step 2. Move the sliders opposite those applications that you do not use to the "Off.". It is recommended to leave it onFind iPhone "And"Cards "(So you can use the navigation). If you’re a selfie lover, leave the slider “Camera "- then your photos will be attached geotags.

Step 3. Scroll down to find the "System services "And enter it.

Step 4 Deactivate all sliders except “Compass calibration "(This is again useful for navigation).

Unfortunately, system services do not bring significant benefits. the same "Traffic jams »Not available. Therefore, you can decisively disconnect services from geolocation.

If you do not use navigation, are not a fan of photos and generally have no idea about geolocation, it is better to turn off geolocation services completely.

To do this, just deactivate the very first slider in the "Geolocation services ":

High brightness display. Absolutely obvious: the brighter the display, the faster the energy is consumed. Adjust the brightness like this:

Step 1. Go to "Settings "Gadget and select the"Wallpaper and brightness ". Here you will see the slider "Brightness "And toggle switch"Auto brightness ".

Step 2 Set the slider toBrightness "About 1/3. this is enough to comfortably use your smartphone.

Step 3 Activate "Auto brightness »- thanks to this function, the backlight will automatically be added depending on the degree of illumination of the room. Slider "Brightness »You set the minimum acceptable backlight level.

Many experts, on the contrary, recommend not including “Auto brightness "Claiming that this will save even more energy. It’s right. however, using the gadget in this case will be uncomfortable.

Content Updates and Automatic Application Download. The function of automatically updating content first appeared on iOS 7. Undoubtedly, this function is convenient, because when you launch the application, you immediately see its latest version, and do not wait until its download is completed. However, each new update requires a connection to Wi-Fi or 3G, so paying for user convenience will be a quick energy consumption. Updating applications, iPhone may be discharged overnight.

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Disable automatic content updates like this:

Step 1. Follow the path "Settings "-"The main "-"Updatecontent ".

Step 2 In chapter "Content Update »Deactivate either the main (same) toggle switch, or the sliders opposite those applications that you do not need to automatically update.

There is a similar, no less energy-consuming function "Automatic downloads ". Its essence lies in the fact that if you have access to 3G or Wi-Fi, it uploads to the gadget everything that was purchased at iTunes and Appstore. even if the purchase was made from another device.

Turn off "Automatic downloads "- this will also positively affect the battery life of the gadget. It is done like this:

Step 1. IN "Settings "Find the section"iTunes Store, App Store "And go into it.

Step 2. Translate the sliders opposite “Music ","Programs "And"Updates "In the block"Automatic downloads "To position"Off.".

Wireless networks. If your gadget is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it needs a 3G signal. disconnect it through "Settings "! Remember the rule: if you have a choice between Wi-Fi and 3G, always choose the first one, since Wi-Fi is not only free, but also takes care of the device’s battery more carefully.

Disable 3G in 2 steps:

Step 1. Go to "Settings "And find the section"cellular ".

Step 2. In chapter "cellular "Move the slider"Enable 3G "To position"Off.".

For information. in large cities with ubiquitous 3G coverage, it is not necessary to turn off the signal. A completely different thing is small settlements, where 3G is constantly changing to EDGE (E ) Switching from one standard to another takes a lot of energy, so if you want your gadget to "live" for a long time, learn how to get by with a slow "E" or change the operator.

If you stay outside the Wi-Fi access zone, take the trouble to turn it off too. Make it easy: call multitasking menu swipe up and down and click on the icon with all the famous Wi-Fi icon. If the icon goes out, then Wi-Fi is off.

Push notifications. Intrusive notifications from applications that the user has long forgotten about, not only drain the battery, but also distract the owner of the gadget during work and rest.

You can disable push notifications as follows:

Step 1. IN "Settings "Find the section"Notification center "And go into it.

Step 2. Scroll down to block "Include ". You will see a list of all the applications that send you push notifications.

Step 3 Open the submenu of the application from which you no longer want to receive notifications. You will see something like the following:

Step 4. Scroll down, find the toggle switch "Notification Center "(In the block"Reminders ") And turn it off.

Do the last two operations with all the applications that bother you with notifications, but allcontract do not disconnect. leave at least “Telephone "And"Messages ".

The phone is charging, but still discharged. what’s the matter?

Such an unpleasant situation is possible if iPhone hands out Wi-Fi. in terms of energy consumption, the distribution of the wireless signal is far ahead of all other operations. If the gadget "gives out" a signal and at the same time is charging, then you can observe that the percentage of charges arrive very slowly. After the smartphone also decently warms up, it is possible that the outflow of energy will exceed the influx.

Turn off Wi-Fi distribution:

Step 2. In chapter "Modem mode »Switch the toggle switch of the same name to the inactive position.

If "Modem mode "And so disconnected, most likely, the matter is a malfunction of the battery or power controller. it is worth contacting the SC for diagnostics. No other operation is able to consume a charge so quickly with a working battery.


Probably, the iPhone developers wanted to boast about how multifaceted the device they created. which is why most of the gadget’s features are activated by default. Disabling useless (from the point of view of individual user requests) functions falls on the shoulders of the user himself. if he responsibly approaches this work and listens to the recommendations given in the article, he will be able to extend the battery life of his gadget to 2 days.

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What to do if the iPhone 5 / 5s charges, but does not turn on

Although Apple gadgets are famous for their quality, even they sometimes fail, confusing their owners. There are cases when the iPhone 5s is discharged and does not turn on, even connected through a charger to a wall outlet. What to do in such a situation? The main thing is not to panic and sort it out.

The iPhone is discharged and does not turn on when charging

A black screen and lack of response to button presses are a common problem. In this situation, the main thing is not to panic and not to spin the device yourself. As a rule, the problem is a deep discharge of the phone or a hang of iOS. Try the following:

1 Energy charge can quickly discharge at low temperature. If you came from a cold and found a black screen, warm the device. 2 Leave it for 20 minutes connected to charging. iPhone should turn on by itself. This will not happen if the smartphone is fully discharged. 3 In this case, hold down the “power” and “home” keys for 10 seconds. For the 7th iPhone, press the “power” and “volume down” keys. When the logo appears, stop holding the buttons down. Expect a full iOS download. 4 If this procedure did not help, then turn it on and off the silent switch before executing it. And follow step 3 again.

If after all of the above has not given a result, we can conclude about a possible malfunction: iPhone, the “charging” cord, the “charging” head is not working, the charger’s bandwidth is low.

iPhone 5 charging but not turning on

When the smartphone is charging, but at the same time, the device itself does not respond to the power-on command, this may be due to problems with the battery. This gadget has a non-removable battery, and you can’t remove it for testing. In such a situation, there may be a deep discharge, and to check this, you need to leave the phone connected to the charger for six hours or all night. After that, check for "inclusion".

In such a situation, replenishment of a deep charge loss will be replenished by a long contact with the power supply and switching on will occur. All Apple phones have a built-in battery, even an iPhone 4 and 4 es. If the battery is removed in your smartphone, then you are the owner of a fake.

The second problem may be the low current flow in the charger. The current is not enough and the phone cannot take the desired charge to turn it on. Next, you need to check the health of the "charge" on another smartphone. Or apply a known working order in order to leave the phone charged for 6 hours. Then check the device for "inclusion". If the smartphone is successful, observe how long the charge of energy lasts.

If the battery charge runs out faster than usual, it is worth contacting a service center for diagnostics. Maybe it’s time to replace the battery. Such problems are often encountered when using non-original charging devices. To avoid such situations, purchase accessories of original origin.

Another option in this situation will be an attempt to restore the iPhone through DFU mode. Plug in your phone overnight to charge the battery. Install the updated version of iTunes on your PC and run it. It connects the phone via a USB cable and simultaneously hold down the “Power” and “Home” keys for 15 seconds. We press the “Power” button without releasing “Home” for another 10 seconds.

After the notification about the definition of the device and its readiness for recovery comes out, click on "restore". After completing the processes, try turning on the smartphone. It should turn on normally.

If you encounter a problem when the phone does not charge or recharge, but does not turn on, contact a service center. Before contacting, check the health of the smartphone with another charger. Maybe it’s not about him. It is not recommended to try to fix the phone yourself. And even more so to open it. Violation of integrity will result in loss of warranty service.

If a fully charged iPhone discharges quickly without your active involvement, this is a cause for concern. He may have a problem with the built-in battery. If you find a problem with the iPhone, and you couldn’t fix it yourself, then contact an authorized service center for help, entrust the work to qualified specialists.

Posted: 02 August 2015, 16:17

Sega86rus wrote: Hi guys, I have such a glitch with iphone 4s, I charge it it fully charges up to 100%, then after a while it starts to discharge, and discharges faster than without a charger, if I blink when it is fully charged will have to walk with half discharged. Maybe someone came across? iPhone 4s MD235D / A, iOS 8.4, no JB

Most likely, the problem is in the battery itself.

Posted on: 02 August 2015, 22:57

Sega86rus wrote: Hi guys, I have such a glitch with iphone 4s, I charge it it fully charges up to 100%, then after a while it starts to discharge, and discharges faster than without a charger, if I blink when it is fully charged will have to walk with half discharged. Maybe someone came across? iPhone 4s MD235D / A, iOS 8.4, no JB

Most likely, the problem is in the battery itself.

I put a new one 2 weeks ago, they said the original.