What To Do If Bluetooth Doesn't Turn On

Headphones are a device for personal listening to music. However, they are often used not only for pleasure, but also for work. For example, record companies use them to precisely control recorded music. In addition, in conjunction with a microphone, they serve as a headset. with the help of such a device you can communicate by phone or, say, skype.

If it so happened that your headphones suddenly stopped working, then we will try to help you find the cause of this phenomenon. over, a little lower we will give a list of recommendations for those people who had to deal with such a problem.

What To Do If Bluetooth Doesnt Turn On

Headphones do not work on computer or laptop

  • If the slot that is located on the front panel of the system unit is used as a socket, it may simply not be connected or may not work. In the first case, it can be connected, for example, through the sound manager. In the second, it is unlikely that it will work for you to get it to work, so it’s better to connect the headphones to the jack located in the audio card itself.
  • If you are sure that the headphones are obviously working (for example, checked them on the player), then the thing is most likely that the necessary drivers are not installed on the computer. How to find out what is the matter in them? To do this, you need to get into the task manager, and you can do this in the following way: “Start”. “Control Panel”. “System”. tab “Hardware”. “Device Manager”. Here we open the section “Sound, video and gaming devices” and carefully look to see if there is an entry like “Unknown device” in front of the items. If there is, then this is exactly the device for which you need to install the driver (audio card). You can take them on the disk, which usually comes with the device or just download it on the manufacturer’s website.
  • It is possible that the sound of your system is muted or dimmed. In order to solve this problem, find the volume icon on the desktop (bottom right corner), open the volume control and move the sliders up (mainly in two points: “General” and “Sound”).

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Headphones do not work at all

If you inserted the headphones into the player or phone, but there is no sound or it is in one of the two speakers, then this problem is much more serious.

The causes of the phenomenon are as follows:

  • 1. One of the speakers does not work
  • 2. Broken wire at base of plug
  • 3. Interrupted near the entrance to the building at one of them
  • 4. The wire is physically broken (a violation can occur anywhere and it is usually visible)

If we are talking about the situation from the second paragraph, then this is determined quite easily. you just need to slightly twitch the wire near the connector, usually the sound appears or disappears. In the third, everything is the same, but the wire must be pulled directly at one of the ears.

What can be done? It depends on the reason for the loss of sound. If you are sure that the matter is precisely in the wire, as in paragraphs two or three, then you need to purchase either the 3.5 mm plug itself (paragraph 2) or the wire (paragraph 3) and take the necessary actions with a soldering iron. If you do not know how to handle it, then you better entrust this work to a person who was previously engaged in soldering. However, if the headphones are cheap, then there is simply no point in such a repair.

In order to check the speakers themselves, the headphones must be disassembled and the speaker impedance checked. Remember, it should be the same (16 ohms or 32 ohms). If the parameters are different, then one of the speakers most likely ordered a long life and needs to be changed.

In the end

Remember that you need to handle the headphones very carefully, even if they are very expensive (many people think that the more expensive the device, the longer it will last even with careless use, although this is absolutely not so). Otherwise, you will have to periodically shell out for their repair.